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1000g in X-Blades in Under 5 Hours

Ok, so I've been testing a few things in this game and have figured out a method to get the full 1000g for X-Blades in under 5 hours. First off, it does involve using the cheat codes found here. Lonesquiff gives a vague idea of how to get everything, but this is a full guide for the full 1000g. Second, by doing this, you will miss large sections of the game, which may not appeal to everyone. So, if you avoid the level skip on your first playthrough, add 5 hours or more to the completion.

These are the cheatcodes you will be using (thanks to FR3SH JIV3):

All skills + Money + All Upgrades: - - - - - - -

Skip Level: - - - - - - -

About the codes: After talking with a few people who had a few little issues with the guide based on using this as the sole source of information, there are a few other things that you should know. First, the All skills/money/upgrades code will disable a few achievements. Because you are instantly getting all upgrades, you will not get the achievements that come from picking up the collectables. And since it gives you all skills including the dark spells, it will prevent you from getting the good ending. As a result, you should never use this code while going for the good ending. You can also use the code multiple times to get more money (1 million per use), which will help you get the soul based achievements and the money to help you buy the max rages that you may need to get through the final boss fight.

The level skip code is not actually a level skip code. It takes you to a new level each time you use it, and it will only take you to that level once. Once it has taken you to every level, it will stop working. As a result, even though it says you are at the Finale, you can still use the code to go to a new level.

1st playthrough (30-45 minutes): Use the unlock everything cheat, then the level skip cheat, making sure that you play the following levels: Underground Hall, Deadly Passage (regular and evening), Blades of Death (Regular and evening), Fork in the Road and Finale. For the first 5, save before starting, then make sure you complete each level without taking damage (not difficult since the only enemy you will see is a boss that cannot reach you), making sure you get the level complete message before skipping, since you get credit for finishing the level without taking damage before you actually get the stats screen. To be safe, though, you may want to finish the level by going through to the next area. The level skip takes you to the same level regardless of what level you use it on. On Fork in the Road, you are going to try to finish the level without taking damage as well, but you will be doing it while trying for a 150 hit combo. When you get to Finale, pass the boss and unlock pro difficulty. If you are finding it too difficult to get through Fork in the Road without getting hit, try the Light Form/spam Ray of Light technique on the Finale. This will also get you the achievement for using Magic only, though you will likely need to purchase several Max Rage items to pull the level off without being hit.

2nd playthrough (20-45 minutes): Play on Pro and DO NOT TOUCH the unlock everything cheat since you are going for the good ending. Play through the first level until you unlock fireball, lock it to a button, then skip ahead. Keep skipping levels until you get to a level called the Two Towers where you see a yellow crystal in front. It is important to get that before you skip that level since it will get you enough souls to buy what you need later (you will need at least 450,000 souls, Entrance to the Castle also gives you a lot of souls). When you get to the level Dark Temple, kill the boss there and get the only story based achievement aside from beating the game and purchase Light Form, Light Blade and Ray of Light (they won't be available until you purchase the previous one). Skip ahead to Finale and use the Lightform/Ray of Light method to kill the final boss and unlock the achievements for beating the game and the achievements for the good endings. Killing the Dark Temple boss is actually the hardest thing to do in this method, but fireball will help, as will wearing the regen suit. A few tips, though. The biggest issue is the slow moving energy ball that he will fire at you. You can't out run it, but you can shoot it and destroy it. Because you have the regen suit, you can basically out wait the boss by hiding behind a pillar and waiting for your health to come back.

3rd playthrough (30-45 minutes): You can do this as part of the 2nd playthrough if you save before the Dark Temple boss (there are not enough artifacts before Finale to get both at the same time). Basically, use a guide for the artifact pieces (this one works well) and just keep skipping levels until you get to a level that has a piece that you need. Pick up the piece, then skip to the next level. Repeat until you have unlocked all of the Mastery achievements. Important that on the level Underground Hall, you do not move forward, since it will unlock the 3rd level shooting mastery and prevent you from getting that achievement. When you see the words "Underground Hall," just use the level skip code and move on to the next level.

Final playthrough (2-3 hours): By now you should have just the 10,000 kills left. Start a game on Easy, use the unlock everything cheat and skip ahead to Entrance to the Castle. When you get there just use the spell Lightning Range and kill the endlessly spawning ghosts. Each ghost gives you ~5,000 souls, so that should allow you to track how many kills you are getting. I got 6,000 kills in about 90 minutes, but your mileage may vary depending on the rhythm you get into. It would help to have the regen suit and regen 3

So, after testing everything, you can get the completion in 4-5 hours starting from scratch.
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