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Nei Debrusc
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I used a full battalion of Reds against the Boulder Beasts, Zombies, Hulking Toads, and both kinds of trolls. Just put a guard marker for easier control and moved them close enough to attack, pulled back when/if the enemy survived long enough to get close, and let them fire again. Didn't lose a single one against any of those guys.

I tried using them for the Slugs and Rock Giants, too. The giants tore them a new one, but they worked pretty well against the Slugs. I lost about half of them, but I was able to guide them with the guard marker and weave them through the slugs. The slugs have a pretty big windup before their attack hits, so it wasn't too hard. Again, lost about half of them, but I beat it without too much trouble.

I should note that this was on my Full Corruption playthrough, so I chose Velvet and got to upgrade my Reds' equipment. I'm not sure how much that helped, but I tore through pretty much everything I sent them against. They're also immune to the Dwarf Flamers' attacks, so I just put them in the middle and snuck around taking them out.

Against the Succubi, I picked 50 greens. I couldn't control the browns well enough against 5 Succubi, so I just put all 50 greens on a marker and left them there. They jumped on the succubi who flew in to carry one off, usually before the succubi could knock them down, and took off a big chunk of health. I lost about 10 or 15, but going around hitting the succubi and not worrying about the minions was a lot easier than manually controlling 50 browns.
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