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Deadlight Collectibles Guide

About Collectibles:

There are only a few in each scene. Press in a level to help keep track of them. There are 10 Diary Pages, 60 hidden secrets (15 of them are stranger's IDs), and 3 handhelds. You must see a saving icon for the collectibles to count. If you exit before seeing one, then you will have to get it again. I normally suggest just completing the scene to make sure 100% that it will save to your stats. I have also including all of the achievements in the game here, therefore you don't technically have to follow the achievement guide unless you missed something.

Hidden Secret
ID Card (counts as secret)
Handheld, Health Expander, Stamina Expander



Photo (Secret 1/3)

This is automatic when you start the level.

Karla (Secret 2/3)

As soon as you start the scene, examine the dead body on the ground with .

Diary Page 1

You'll climb a later and move left past a radio. You'll open a door and you should see the 4 lockers. Examine them for the diary and the achievement associated with getting 1 diary.

Achievement: Whats On Your Mind

You will obtain this after collecting the diary.

R.T. Chase ID (Secret 3/3)

Right after the diary, jump the gap that is left. Climb over the heavy object and examine the body in the top left corner.

Achievement: Lay Your Hands on Me

You will get outside and you will see a ladder to climb up on the left. If you around a little bit, enemies will come out. Stay there and when they try to grab you, tap to escape. The achievement will unlock after.

Achievement: Jump

Once you climb up the ladders from above and jump to the next area to the left, you will be high up. There is a ladder that goes down. Instead, go to the rail and press . Now press and hold . You will roll without taking damage and the achievement will unlock. You can reload your checkpoint if you messed up.

Achievement: I Ran (So Far Away)

The game will tell you how to taunt enemies. After they die, leap over the electricity on the ground. Press the button and start climbing. The achievement will unlock.

Achievement: Knockin' on Heaven's Door

This is pretty much the next thing you do after escaping the warehouse area. There is a door that is blocked with planks. Run at it, as the tutorial directs, to continue on and gain the achievement.


Handheld (Raven Thunder's Rock Legend)

You'll get to a ladder that you must climb down. The game tutorial tells you how to slide down faster. As you climb down, you should see a big circular opening in the wall on your left. Jump to it and head through. You will find a body to examine.

Achievement: Let There Be Rock!

After collecting the first handheld device, you can play it after collecting it within the game. If you have moved on, you can access it in the main menu under Randall's Memories in "Handhelds" section. It is the first game on the left. Just press on each of the notes when they are in front of the little character.

Poem (Secret 1/1)

Right after climbing the ladder from above, continue in the tunnel. You will see the words "The Inferno Begins Here" on the wall. You should also see a dead body to the right of it stuck in some spikes in the pipe. Examine the body for the poem.

Achievement: Flirtin with Diaster

You can technically gain this in many spots. At the end of the tunnel when you are approaching the exit door, you will see some enemies starting to move towards you. You can run towards them and tackle one to gain the achievement. You will likely die since there are multiple, however. You can gain this where you want.


ID: Arthur L. Allen (Secret 1/3)

As soon as this scene starts, hop over the electricity. Instead of jumping across the next gap, fall into it and examine the dead body.

Pamphlet (Secret 2/3)

As you run through the first area of the scene, you will see a big sign that is torn and waving in the wind. To the right is an pole that is damaged. On this poll is the pamphlet.

The Seattle Reporter (Secret 3/3)

As your progress shortly after the above collectible, an enemy will burst through a door. Lead him to the left to fall in the gap. Now go back to where he burst out of and inside is a shopping cart that you can examine. This is right before you exit the area.


Achievement: Go Back to Hell

During the scene, you will be forced to pick up an axe to continue on. The game will tell you how to finish enemies when they are down. When you get to the next enemy, hit it with to knock it over. Now hold nearby to execute.

Achievement: Another One Bites the Dust

As you are fighting and executing, you will likely pull a combo off without trying. After learning to execute, on the second enemy you can try a combo. Press and then quickly after, press it again.

Air Freshener (Secret 1/3)

Once you climb up into a window and into a garage area, you will have to fight 3 enemies. on the ground level. To the very left is a body against the wall. Examine it for the secret.

Diary Page 2

You will be running outside in the storm. Once you get into the next building, examine the lockers on the right before heading down the ladder.

One Hundred Dollar Bill (Secret 2/3)

After crossing a bride of platforms that fall, you'll come to a fence with barbed wire that you must leap over onto a car with an alarm. Before you do so, fall into the gap and examine the body.

Achievement: Welcome to the Jungle

This is for reaching the junkyard. You will obtain is at soon as you jump the gap to the car that has an alarm.

J.W. Gacy ID (Secret 3/3)

As you run from all the enemies since there are "too many of them", you will start sliding down a hill. Jump to the ledge and let the enemy walk off of it. Now enter the building and examine the body.

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