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Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
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Lara Croft
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Some tips for Golfin' Greatness

Gettting 27 on 9 holes can be tough, here are some hints I hope will be useful. I ended up with a 21, would have had a better score but i blew hole #8 which is my least favorite.

Some general advice;

- Like TakeEgypt's guide said, make sure you turn off the bonus holes in the mini golf options if you have bought them in the duty free shop
- Some of the holes are par 4s, but you're aiming to get 3 strokes or better (to give you a bit of error room on the more difficult holes)
- You can press down on the analog stick to chip the ball up in the air (the aiming arrow will turn yellow when you do this). This is really useful for finding a lot of shortcuts
- You don't have to use much power at all to sink a put that's 3 feet away or less. 5-10% on the power bar will do it. The ball and green physics in this game are very simple and don't have much drag like real putting. It's like you're playing on cement and not grass or astroturf.

Hole 1: Aim it so you will chip the ball up in the air as high as you can and smack it with full power. This will shoot the ball inside the cauldron, which will spit you out close to the hole for an easy 2. (THANKS WOLFVELOCITY!!!)

Hole 2: Aim left and chip the ball as high as you can with a little less than half power. This will put you on the lower section were the hole is. With luck the ball will not roll over the hill and you'll be looking at an easy 3 at the very least.

Hole 3: There is a seperate achievement here (Easy There Tiger) for getting a hole-in-one without touching the ground. To do this aim the ball right at the hole, chip it up as high as you can and hit at about two-thirds power. If you do it right, it will look like you hit the ball too hard at first but it will land in the back of the cup. It's a difficult ace to make, but at least you'll be looking at an easy 2 even if you miss.

Hole 4: Hit the ball straight ahead at about 50% power. Hopefully you won't fall in one of the holes. If you do there's a drain in each halfway up the lip of the holes that will spit you out by the hole. You will have to hit a bit harder than usual for a short putt to get in the drain. It's not too hard to get a 2 or a 3 on this one with a bit of practice.

Hole 5: You can waste a lot of strokes on this one since there's so many obstacles that will bounce the ball around. The best thing to do is to do like what you did on Hole 1, aim the ball straight ahead with max height and power. Time it so you will miss the blade that goes up and down. Sometimes the ball will take a weird hop down the middle ramp after the blade and fall out of bounds. If you're lucky enough to avoid this it's an easy 2 or 3.

Hole 6: Aim to the left at full power right after the 1st "foozball" obstacle moves out of the way. This should get you past all 3 moving obstacles and down the hill near the hole for an easy deuce.

Hole 7: Aim straight ahead with full power and full height when the 3rd vulture thingie has his head down. Your ball pass over the 1st two obstacles and will land near the third and pass it and the fourth obstacle alright and roll towards the long ramp towards the hole picking up speed. Easiest hole to get an ace on.

Hole 8: Hate this one. Aim right at about 50% power. This will set you in front of the 2nd center obstacle if you get a lucky bank. On your second shot aim left and at full height to get over the 2nd center obstacle to end up not far from the hole. Don't worry if you get a 4 or 5 on this hole, you should have a few extra shots from doing well so far and getting lots of birdies.

Hole 9: Easy hole for the last one! Aim right for the 45 degree angle on the corner at full power. This will put you very close to the hole for a gimmie birdie.

Hope this helps!

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x N a q u ii
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Awesome post .. i got 20 shots at finish could have gotten a 17 or something only because of the stupid hole 8 Grr ..
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very nice post. good work lara

hole 2 aim to the right of hole pitch all the way up and about 50%. either u should get hole in one right away or it will roll back off hill and in.

hole 4 ever so slightly right. hit about 60-70% ( bottom of orange). should be hole in one. im for sure about this one.

hole 5 i think u can aim a little right just in case u miss blade.

hole 7 u want to start your aim when the 3rd bird starts to go goes in.

hole 8 aim at the left gap near the end. then a little more to left. kind of bounced off bumbper. pitch was all the way. then hit at 100%. not positive, but it seemed to work when i finally got it very close to a hole in one.

hole 9 aim at hole, little right and pitch up all the way then go down some. about the shadow of rock in front. hit at 75%. about same as hole 2. hole in one.

my score is 18 because i messed up on hole 7 with birds.

dont quote me on it.

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This post helped immensely, thanks!
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please tell me how to turn off the bonus levels..i wish i never bought them.. i got 26 on the first 9...grr
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never mind i found out how to do it. its under the mini-golf options lol
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