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Risen 2: Dark Waters
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Achievement Guide and Roadmap

Hi all, this is my first guide. I know there's another one posted, but it's full of grammatical errors, and the author hasn't updated it in over a week. So, without any further ado:


Est. Achievement Difficulty: 4/10
Offline: 50 (1000G)
Online: None
DLC: 6 (100G) (2 DLCs with 3 achievements each at 50G per DLC pack)

Approximate amount of time to 1000G: 50-100 hours (an actual playthrough should be about 30-50 hours)

Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 and a partial second

Number of missable achievements: Anything not marked “Story-related” is missable; however, most of these should be easily acquired during normal gameplay. The exceptions are Pirate With Muskets and Voodoo Pirate, which are mutually exclusive. Also, All-Rounder requires more than one playthrough.

Glitched achievements: None. However, there are a few issues with Exterminator from the Air Temple DLC that may prevent quest completion (and thus, getting the achievement) if you aren’t careful. See the achievement info for further details. Some people may also encounter problems with The Cunning Captain in the main storyline that prevent quest completion; see the achievement info for details and workarounds.

Do Cheats Disable Achievements?
There are no cheats.

Risen 2 is an underrated pirate-themed RPG, the sequel to Risen. People who are only after achievements might want to avoid it, however, since two achievements (Big Game Hunter and All-Rounder) require lots of grinding and will make getting 1000G a long slog. Anyone who likes RPGs or fantasy, however, will likely enjoy the game.

Step 1
Start a playthrough, and get up to the point where you have to choose between siding with the Inquisition (in which you get muskets) and the Natives (in which you get Voodoo). Make a new save before you choose, since maxing out both the Firearms skills and Voodoo skills in one playthrough is impossible, as the two are mutually exclusive. In addition, Pirate With Muskets and Voodoo Pirate are also mutually exclusive, but can be easily obtained by reloading a save from before you choose, and simply picking the opposite faction from the one you went with initially.

Step 2
From here, just play through the game. However, try to spend as little glory (xp) and gold as possible, as you will need 61,000 of the former and around 17,000 of the latter in order to get all the skill achievements. See All-Rounder and Voodoo Wizard for details.

Step 3
Once you've played through the game and beaten it, assuming you followed the guide (or were simply thorough, and did every quest you could) you should have every achievement except for the last 3. To get these, reload your save from before you made your faction choice, and choose the opposite one and do the quest you're immediately given. That will get you 1 achievement (Pirate With Muskets or Voodoo Pirate); for the others, you will have to max out whichever skill is associated with that faction (see All-Rounder for details), as well as grind out your remaining monster kills for Big Game Hunter.


Just a little tipple... 10 Drank first rum

Pretty self-explanatory. Just acquire a rum through any means and drink it.

Big Game Hunter 50 Killed 2000 monsters

This, along with All-Rounder, is one of the two big time-consuming, grinding achievements. You have to kill 2000 monsters across all playthroughs; note you do not have to save the game, as all kills will stack. If you really want to grind this out in one location, a good place to do it is at the entrance to the Water Temple, as there are at least half a dozen enemies at the entrance, and you have your entire crew to help. Another good spot to do this is at the end boss, as she will periodically spawn anywhere from 3-10 enemies. Just don't kill her and wait for her to spawn her henchmen, then kill them.

To give you an idea of how long it will take, I had around 800 kills after doing all the other achievements through 1 1/2 playthroughs. Took about 8-12 hours to grind the rest out.

Bane of the Beasts 30 Killed 500 monsters

See: Big Game Hunter for details. You should get this in one playthrough, assuming you don't rush through it.

Pet Cemetery 10 Killed 20 ambient animals

Easy enough. Whenever you see any animals (non-hostile monkeys, turkeys, rats, and tame warthogs), just kill them. Alternatively you could find one, save your game, kill it, and load without saving, then rinse and repeat.

However, do note that there have been reports that the re-loading trick may not work for this achievement. Even if it doesn't, it shouldn't present any real problem in the long run, as there are more than enough animals in the game to get the achievement naturally.

Deep Sea Fisherman 10 Killed 50 sea monsters

Again, pretty self-explanatory. Simply kill 50 crabs, sand-devils, Sunken Ones, or Leviathans. As with any of the “kill x number of this” achievements, you could simply reload one section over and over again, though you shouldn’t need to.

Crab Catcher 10 Killed 10 giant crabs

Same as the other “kill x number of this” achievements, only kill 10 giant crabs. To kill them easily, you should have learned the “kick” skill from a skill trainer; then, when the crabs come at you, simply hold LT and press Y to kick them. You’ll flip them for several seconds, during which they are extremely vulnerable.

Alternatively, you could also have Patty in your party (as she has the kick skill), or Venturo (since he can just shoot them with his musket). You could also shoot them with a musket yourself, if you’re following the Inquisition path.
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