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Old 08-30-2012, 09:03 PM   #1
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Still have to be careful of the glitch or is it patched now?

Achievement guide says:

Depot Demolition 25
Destroy the Lance Depot (20) 
After you complete the quest "Bridge the Gap" you will enter Road's End and receive the quest "Armory Assault." Your goal here is to kill General Knoxx, enter the code to the Armory (Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Orange) and blow up the Armory. The only difficult part of this for some may be killing General Knoxx. The easiest way to defeat him is to use a highly corrosive weapon on him. Also, be sure to kill any medics that appear right away. They love to drop their healing turrets which heal Knoxx very quickly. After Knoxx is dead, the rest of the mission is self explanatory.

GLITCH WARNING: In order to avoid your game glitching and making the Armory permanently closed, you must do the following:
- Do not quit out of the game once you enter the elevator shaft. Wait until the Armory explodes and the credits are done to quit out.
- Don't have the quests "Super Marcus Sweep" or "It's Like Christmas" in your quest log.

This still a problem? By not having the missions in the quest log, does it mean they have to be finished, or you just can't have started them at all?

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I did the DLC a few months ago and I don't know why it says don't have the those quests in your quest log because it's impossible you have to finish each quest that allows you into the armory before you can get the next one.
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Originally Posted by The Duke of Darkness View Post
I did the DLC a few months ago and I don't know why it says don't have the those quests in your quest log because it's impossible you have to finish each quest that allows you into the armory before you can get the next one.
So I don't have to worry about quests? had me worried.... (I was assuming those two quests where follow up side quests from Marcus after getting the power cores...)

EDIT: Found this in a search

If a player has not yet completed Loot Larceny and enters the game of another player who has activated Super-Marcus Sweep and/or It's Like Christmas, these missions will be added to the player's mission log. Upon completion of Loot Larceny, the "Steal loot" condition will be checked off for all activated missions that involve looting the armory. As such, if the player attempts to complete the Marcus missions, they will find that Knoxx is already dead and the door to the armory just inside the color-coded door will not open. The only fix for this is to have another, un-glitched player complete each Marcus mission up to the point of opening the armory door and then, before stepping onto the elevator that lowers the player into the armory, invite the glitched player into the game. The glitched player then can enter the armory, start the countdown and escape correcting the glitch. It is also possible to circumvent the glitch on PC by using Willow Tree to delete the mission from your save file, thus allowing you to restart the mission as if you never accepted it.
I guess as long as you don't play with someone who has those quests active (and wait out the credits) your good
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