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Alien Breed 3: Descent
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Achievement Guide & Road Map.

This Guide is a WORK IN PROGRESS.

This is my second Guide for the trilogy. It's mainly a start from fresh guide but there are some parts Using Re-Edited tips and info by and giving credit to: FedderTheGun (Meat Grinder)
"Others to be added to the Guide".


-There are 12 achievements with a total of 200.
-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
-Offline: 9(140)
-Online: 3(60)
-Approximate amount of time to 200: about 8-10h
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: 2 (Logs & Secret collectibles)
-Glitched achievements: 1(MORE SPEED LESS HASTE)
-Do cheat codes disable achievements: No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes
-Unobtainable achievements: No
-Extra equipment needed: No

Welcome to Alien Breed 3: Descent
This is the third and final episode of the Trilogy(available from XBLMP/Trilogy disk).
This is a shooter played with duel analog sticks with an angled overhead third person view.

Step#1: Elite/Rookie Playthrough
First thing you want to do is choosing whether to play on Rookie and get "Battle-Hardened" or fight your way through Elite to get "Elite Unit".
Either way you will receive most of the singleplayer achievements, just be careful with collecting the Logs and secrets as some are missable and you have to start the level over if you miss one a log or play on freeplay if you miss a secret.

Step#2: Multiplayer Co-op
There are 2 Achievement to get in co-op "Seasoned Squaddie & Meat Grinder",
so find yourself a good buddy with whom you already played co-op in AB1,AB2 and/or other games or you can look in the "looking for Co-op thread".
Take your time and decide who loots and who shoots as you can't trade items.
If you want to practice your skill in working together, either start a co-op mission or practice you skills in co-op survivor(note that you can't unlock the "Survivor" achievement in co-op).
Mission 1 is quite easy, but you could try to get "Rapid Deployment" on mission 3 during your first try.
Even if one of you goes down, you get to know the level and do better next time.

Step#3 Survivor Missions
These can be tough to do but with some patience and timing of ammo collection between waves.
For the multiplayer you will need to do the mission twice as only the host can get this achievement.

Step#4: Mop up
At this point you either have to replay single player on Elite to get "Elite Unit" or try to get "Hidden Tresure" in Free play if you missed one.
If you missed logs, you have to replay the campaign as you can't collect them in free play, however you don't have to collect all of them again.
You need only the ones you missed before.
Secrets however are collectable in Free play, but you can only get one to count.

If you have any skill in duel stick shooters this will be quite an easy 200 to achieve especially if you've completed AB1/AB2 or played Zombie Apocalypse and the like.
Avatar Awards
Game has 2 Avatar Awards Space Helmet & Suit!

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The Achievements

Battle-hardened 25
Complete all single player levels 1-5

See Elite Unit for details

Elite Unit 25
Complete Single player 1-5 on Elite difficulty

You can play Elite right from the start, but it is recommended you play on Elite on a second playthrough as the other Achievements are easier to earn on a lower difficulty setting.

Some tips:

Use the Blaster whenever you can, especially on the Larvals to save ammo.
Save the other weapons for the larger enemies.

Don't go running straight into new rooms as there are trigger points that can get you more aliens than you can deal with and when you search the courpses wait for a few second just incase it has a trigger.

Credits should be used for ammo and Health Kits if you think it's necessary.
You'll run across Health Kits so you should hardly have the need to purchase them from Terminals.
Save enough of your credits for upgrading your weapons or Hardened Armor instead.

You can only have one Upgrade on each weapon, so get the Damage Upgrade it will save you a lot more ammo and kill your enemies much faster, especially when they gang up on you.
Get the Assault Rifle upgrade first.
The Medi Stimulant upgrade is also a big help.

Use doorways to bottle neck aliens or run to the other end of a corridor so you’re at a more advantageous position in taking out your aliens. If you get Swarmed, make good use of your Stun Grenades.

Explore rooms as you’re going from waypoint to waypoint for ammo, credits, health kits, Logs and secrets.
This will allow you to save up on credits for more useful things like Upgrades and Ammo.

Exterminator 20
Kill 1000 aliens

This should unlock by the time you finish the campaign.

NOTE: Your kills will carry across all playthroughs, so if for some reason you don’t earn this on your first run, you’ll get it in your second.

Frag-master 30
Kill 5 aliens with one Frag Grenade

You can go for Immobilized at the same time as this Achievement, since it’ll be easier to frag non-moving targets.

NOTE: The longer you hold , the further you can throw a grenade and if you throw short you can damage or even kill yourself.

There are plenty or chances for you to get this throughout the game, but if you're having trouble, you can buy the Compact Detonation Upgrade making this Achievement easier.
Stun 5 and then kill 5 with a Frag Grenade, and both Achievements will pop.

Hidden Treasure 10
FInd all secret collectibles

Each single player level has a 'secret' collectible in them.
They are represented by a floating blue Intex hologram.
As with the Logs, you can get these across multiple playthroughs.
You cannot rely on Free Play to get them all as you cannot save it.
If you are only missing one “secret’ though, you can use Free play to collect the one you’re missing and the Achievement will unlock just fine.

Locations are as follows:

Level 1 - Subversion

After going up an elevator after destroying the Gyro, you'll reach a hallway where a pressure leak prevents you from progressing and you'll be told to contain it using a valve.
The room beside the valve will have a human corpse for you to loot and a Hardened Armor inside.
Turn the valve, which will result in an explosion.
You'll then have to escape this hallway onto the other side to safety.
As you're making your way down, when you enter the second open area, a cutscene will initiate in which a piece of a wall gets torn down, allowing you passage into the room next to it.
The first 'secret' collectible is inside this room.

Level 2 - Re-entry

Not too far off in the beginning of the level, you'll enter a room with two electric circuits jolting above you, which in order to proceed you have to turn off the Air Vents and be forced into a 1 minute survival battle.
After the countdown, exit this place by walking across the now lowered fans and instead of going to the right, go left into some ventilation tunnels where you can see further down some fire tanks you can blow up with your Blaster.
Traverse back to the room with the electric circuits and you can now go through the newly opened entryway.
The second 'secret' in the game is just down this tunnel.

Level 3 - Determination

Near the end of the level, a countdown will initiate in which you'll only have 10 mins to make it to the exit elevator. When you finally get to the elevator and instead of going in it, go pass it and onto a walkway in which you'll see some fire canisters than you can "Dislodge".
Dislodge them and go back to where they landed.
Blow the canisters up, pick up the Storage Room Key-Card, and use it on the panel in this same room to unlock the door and grab the 'secret'.

Level 4 - Vengeance

In the mid-way point of this elevator, you'll reach an Override Console next to a Key Card Panel.
To get to the 'secret', you must activate the Override Console, in which you'll have 5-6 seconds to reach the locked door on your right.
It might take a few tries, but once you make it, the secret along with a few loot can be found inside.

Level 5 - Resolution

After dealing with the Part I in the Alien Queen battle, you have the option in going left or right, with right directing you to the next objective.
Go to the left instead, and you'll find a platform you can ride up to a walkway above.
The final 'secret' is located here.

Immobilised 20
Stun 5 aliens with one Stun Grenade

See Frag-master.

Meat Grinder 10
Kill 250 aliens during multiplayer Survivor mode

Start the first mission (Coop -> Create Match -> Survivor -> PRESSURE). The other ones are open without a place to “hide”..
It's the same method as the Survivor achievement (stay alive for 8 minutes), but this time you have to fight in Coop.

I suggest going for this cheevo in 2 runs! While the host is shooting like crazy, the guest should focus on defending him when they get to close. We ended up dead with 10 kills left for both of us..

- Invite a friend of yours

- share the loot: for this guide the host should have as much Assault rifle ammo as possible, the guest should take all the Shot guns (after a few rounds, the guest should use the Assault Rifle as well)

- jump down

- The best place to be when the wave starts is on the other side of that room (the side you just came from)behind the desk
Just stand next to the Assault Rifle and take it whenever possible
This way you’ll have 2 sides you don’t have to care about + the aliens will queue up nicely + the “healing” aliens are stupid and won’t heal anyone

- In between waves try to collect ammo and health kits (communication is very important…)

- Use the armor wisely (after wearing down, you’ll have a full health bar)

- Use flash grenades when getting into trouble

If the guest is doing a good job in only defending when his partner is in trouble, the host should be able to get this achievement in roundabout 13 minutes.. My buddy is more like the trigger happy kind of guy so it popped after 16 minutes for me..

If you still have problems, Keep trying…

Hope this helps, good luck!!


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More Speed, Less Haste 10
Complete 'Vengeance' on Veteran in 17 minutes or less

You must beat Level 4 - Vengeance on Veteran in 17 minutes or less.
Despite meeting the time requirements in Battle-hardened and Elite in Campaign, the Achievement will not unlock; it must be done on Veteran in Freeplay or in CAMPAIGN

Rush through this level with an Assault Rifle, Stun Grenades, and the Flamethrower, and you should make it with at least a minute to spare.
Make sure you pick up any ammo that you come across, but don't purposely go way out of your way because you can't afford to.
It is essential keeping your ammo supply up since you won't have time visiting Terminals.

What makes the Flamethrower particularly useful is it holds enemies back and when you're firing, be careful with enemies like the Larvals as they will explode and damage you.

Remember you must replay the fourth level in Free Play or Campaign, and complete it under 17 minutes to unlock the Achievement.

Seasoned Squaddie 20
Complete a level in multiplayer

This Achievement will unlock at the same time as Survivor, when you complete a co-op assault map.
This Achievement will also unlock if you finish a map locally with player 2.

Survivor 10
Stay alive for 8 minutes in Survivor mode

Similar to the Achievement in Alien Breed 2, you must play a Survivor Mode map by yourself and survive for 8 minutes. Keep in mind that items and weapons will spawn all over the map every 30 seconds or so.

I recommend playing on the Pressure Map, using nothing but the assault rifle.
Go around the stage in a clockwise motion and pick up everything you need, if you don't need it, don't get it.
If you find your self running out of ammo, throw a stun grenade and run for the ammo if you can.
Use another stun grenade if you find yourself facing more than you can handle at once.
I don't suggest you camp all the time in one corner of the stage as you'll run out of ammo pretty quickly.
Keep your health up at all times; you can use a health kit and fire a weapon at the same time.

Survive for 8 minutes or more and the achievement will unlock.

Tank 10
Took 500 damage without dying

The Achievement will unlock at the end of the level if you've taken 500 damage and you must not die during the level at all.

Save at a Terminal near the end of the level and if you are coming up short for 500 damage, use Frag Grenades on yourself until you think you hit 500.
Just make sure to heal before you end up killing yourself.

You could also do this on Rookie in Free Play.

The Informed 10
Pick up all the logs

Logs can be found throughout the game’s five single player levels.
You start with 3 Logs, and you earn 2 automatically by playing through the story.
As with the ‘secrets’, you can get these across multiple playthroughs.
Logs do not show up in Free Play.

Locations are as follows:

Level 1 - Subversion

Larval Burst – You’ll come across this shortly after turning on the Fire Halon system to put out the fire that blocks your path. The Log will be in the same room where you fight your very first enemies in the game, the Larval Bursts.
Mauler – After lowering down the water levels so you can run across this grating to continue, you’ll be required to shoot down a glass window to continue. Break it, kill the Maulers and Larvals that await you, and the Log will be sitting in this room.
Healer – Shortly after powering down and overloading the Gyro, you’ll be tasked to go back to the Maintenance Core. Head on in to the next room and the Log will be on your right, whereas an Intext Terminal will on your right.
Corrupted Mia - Obtained automatically at the end of this level.

Level 2 - Re-entry

Ranged – Shortly after 1 minute forced battle and going across the fans, you'll enter some vents. Facing the boarded up wall with two electric currents in the room behind it, turn left to see some fire canisters that you can blow up. The Log is inside this tiny room. You'll face this boarded up wall again when you have to plant explosives on it to continue.
Screamer - After going through the first vacuum portion in this level you'll cross two bridges and enter a room with a power node in the middle and be required to activate some consoles to get a bridge up in order to progress further. The Log will be on your right, in the room directly across an Intex Terminal.
Boney Shield - After traversing through a second vacuum portion, you'll go up an elevator. Head into the bathroom on your left, and you'll see some fire canisters you can blow up again. The Log is inside this newly revealed tunnel.

Level 3 - Determination

Webber - Right at the start, this Log is in the room to your right.
Wentworth, C. - After going through a long tunnel on the Cargo Platform, you'll go across a bridge and take an elevator down (which is destroyed shortly after) into some walkways submerged in water. This Log will be to your left, can't miss it.
Electro Shocker - Shortly after the previous Log, you will have to turn two valves to lower the water level to activate a console. A cutscene will ensure and you'll land right on top of this Log.

Level 4 - Vengeance

Stunner - Near the very beginning, you'll go walk across some fallen platforms and eventually reach a dead end, where an elevator will shortly rise up for you to ride on. The Log is sitting right beside it, can't miss it.
Barnes, C. - This Log will be lying next to Barnes' body, shortly after you opened a door with a Key-Card . They will be in an open area to your left. Impossible to miss, since you'll have to use another Key-Card on a door next to him.

Level 5 - Resolution

Klein, W. E. - At the very beginning, this Log will be directly behind you.
Alien Queen - Obtained automatically in the mid way through this level.

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hit me up anytime for the online achievement, just a advance notice will be rusty. ps let me know for what game.

GT: hackney gee

got the chevo, thanks

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