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Name a weapon without the enchanting glow

I just noticed this on the Elderscrolls Wiki...

If you disenchant the Poacher's Axe, you will learn the Huntsman's Prowess enchant. If you enchant a weapon with this, it wont have the usual 'glow' that enchanted weapons normally have.
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There's a pic-axe ontop of throat of the world that you can break down. Gives bonus to armoring skill and deal electrical damage.
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The Pandamic
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There is this other enchantment that I found pretty cool is the Silent moons enchantment.

"The Silent Moons Enchant is a weapon enchant that can be learned by disenchanting "Lunar" weapons located at the Silent Moons Camp northwest of Whiterun. This enchantment provides a damage bonus at night "while the moons are out," and gives the enchanted weapon a green glow at night and during the day it makes the taget glow almost yellow."

Effect: While the moons are out, burns the target for (10-20) points.

Taken from:

It is a very nifty enchantment if you ask me, I have already crafted two weapons using it. Though it isn't as strong as other enchantments, and it is only good with the moon out, it is still a pretty unique enchantment.

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