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My progress Diary

ok so i should get the game today and though the game has been out for a year or so now in america iv found very few progress reports that have either been honest or kept upto date, every video i have found or diary has been from someone who claims to be a noob at guitar but then gone on to say that they palyed guitar constantly for 5 years and then had a break, so its not exactly fair to new guitarists as they can over expect......

the idea of this is for people who are unsure and at the level i am, or want to learn guitar but cant afford constant lessons as they can become expensive, il be honest throughout and any questions feel free to ask...

I myself have knowledge of guitars i own 2 an electric and an acoustic, iv taught myself some guitar but am no means a jedi master or the cleanest of players,i cant think of a song that i can play accurately all the way through apart from basic strummed versions of good riddance (time of your life), hurt by johnny cash, everlong by foo fighters and they say by scars on broadway, these are all really easy songs and dont require much skill at all, im currently learning sweet child of mine but only really got the first part of the intro sorted, so you get an idea where i am, i aint been in bands or played for years and had a little break or anything, i have no understanding of theory or scales or anything like that basically iv watched youtube videos and looked at some tab, so as said i know the basics but nothing in depth.......

soooooooooooo im going to keep this updated from the get go and il mark down my feelings towards the game, my progress on songs and mini games and basically what i learn,i understand the first song is satisfaction so once my game arrives il jump straight into that and play it through once and update my score with you guys, once iv got an understanding of the song and the game il play a couple more times and again keep you updated, this is a song iv never even tried to play before, to be fair i dont think iv attempted any of the songs apart from the main riff to slither to which i failed at, this is again down to speed and accuracy, something which i want to improve through this game

as also stated i will keep you informed after playing the mini games and how my speed and finger placement improve as this is what i struggle with the most when i attempt to play solos etc

anyways thats enough ramble for now, im just waiting for the postman to arrive and i can get stuck in and update you guys in a few hours

ok so first thoughts -

sorry for the late update i only got the cable this morning dam postman haha, anyways i plugged in my guitar and straight away it gets you used to your strings and helps you tune your guitar and to my surprise i was bang on already, not bad for a noob haha, anyways it gets you to grips with a basic riff that turns out to be satisfaction and then into the game you go, my first effort at satisfaction wasnt bad at all i hit 99% of the notes, that said it only gives you 2 or 3 to choose from,but it soon throws extra shifts or notes into the mix to catch you off guard and you have to adapt n learn quite quickly..
one thing i have found though is it really is teaching you something, iv always been pretty slow at finger placement and speed shifting and even with simple songs like satisfaction or angela iv found myself alternate strumming and shifting my fingers fairly well and can feel the muscle in my hand adapting... the difficulty can sometimes appear to spike but you find yourself relaxing as the song goes on and hitting more and more of the notes, so far im happy with rocksmith but im going to crack on for another hour or so and then when im a bit more to grips with it il give a firther update and let you know how im doing..

quick update again few songs in now the 2 iv just played are higher ground and go with the flow, one thing i have noticed which might be a bit daunting for some is the difficulty curve which i briefly touched on, i found myself playing single notes then all of a sudden it was 6 or 7 of the same note and then it would throw something new into the mix which was like woah hang on a second lol but when i started to fail to hit the notes fast enough it did remove the section on which i struggled and built me back up again, and i am finding myself learning quicker and quicker,the only thing that i have found a major struggle so far is major shifts to where your playing on the 3-5 frets then it throws a solo in on strings like the GBE strings that you aint really used in the game yet but down on the 12-15 frets, it does seem a major shift for you to think ohh umm hang on n your counting down the frets n wanting to get your hands in place n by time you have looked up n down a couple of times ou have missed the section..... anyways im off back into the game and as always any questions feel free to ask

=========================6 HOURS OF GAME TIME=================================

OK iv had a bit of an extended run at the game now and im really happy with it this is not constant game time iv been messing with mini games restarting songs and playing about a little bit showing friends the game, but heres my thoughts so far....
i really am enjoying the game/software but as said by myself and another poster below is the difficulty could do with tweaking or patching, its my only major gripe with the game so far, reason being.... for newcomers especially this can be really daunting basically you play along and strum a few single strings to which sometimes sound nothing like the song you are attempting to play (are you gonna go my way being the prime example) you will be playing alternate strings nothing too tricky and then the odd shift to a lower fret etc, but as you pick up speed and your comfort zone increases it starts throwing more notes and faster picking till you get better and better and hit a set percentage and it gradually increases the difficulty, which is absolutely fine or at least it would be if it did it properly, now what iv found is if your doing particularly well at say the main riff from ''are you gonna go my way'' and it increases the difficulty thats fine, but it increases the difficulty for say the bridge too or the solo sections when you have had no practice at that part, and you can find yourself just watching a screen of notes flooding towards you till it decides you are not good enough and starts to take notes away again....

what i have found to combat this which again is a bit of a nuisance is you have to make use of the mini games and the riff repeater, the only downside to this is you have to unlock the mini games by progressing through the career, all i can do so far is say once you unlock the duck minigame or scale runner use them and use them again, they are the best tools in this game, one problem most newcomers are going to face is finger placement its all good getting used to using frets 1-5 but if all of a sudden a song changes and your using 5-12 your going to be in trouble so learning where your frets are without looking and getting used to where to pick your strings is mandatory....

anyways im sliding off topic i dont want to come across as a review but what the game is doing for me so heres what iv not so much learned but improved on so far

finger placement
palm mutes

these are something that i never use especially palm muting and im finding this game is doing what videos and text books couldnt and thats getting the happy medium between playing a string and muting it, im by no means amazing at it but its getting there, also my finger placement between alternate strings is getting better, one thing i wish i had done is recorded my progress which i may do after the weekend, i may record one of the earlier songs being played by myself like go with the flow and then take the time to work on that one song and see what i can achieve after a week at it, well its bed time now and tomorrow i plan on spending more time with the game and making use of the mini games so il update after taking an in depth look at them

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