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Old 09-30-2012, 08:02 AM   #1
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Strat for beatting Jun/Unknown relatively easy with Steve Fox

Moves that connect most easy for me on Jun/Unknown are strong moves that start with double forward command. Example Steve Fox' F,F,Y.

EDIT: i found easier way for beating AI and you may want read my next post below instead.

Quick strategy is backstep 1 to 2 times (that is, press back,back or back,back,back,back) then attack with F,F,Y.

Here is my quick strat. List of moves to use as Steve Fox for beating Jun/Unknown (or other hi-level A.I.) easy:

1. down+forward+X+Y (Sonic Fang).

2. F,F,Y.

3. A+B then Y.
The move where steve will do one spin (A+B) and then you have few follow up attacks available. Use only these two:

3.1. Y.
Follow up move. Simple medium punch, hits from far away.

3.2. Press down (or up) to initiate second spin and then press X.
This move connects very often when done from distance and when Jun is lying or getting up.
Note, this is the medium hitting move, not the other one, where you press Y and it attacks low.
Always use medium one (X button). This move should hit her when she is trying to get up from the ground.

4. F+X+Y, X+Y.
Use often when close to Jun. Always do complete version of it (i.e. never do F+1+2 alone). When it connects, always follow up with ground attack down+back+Y.

5. Running Y.
When running from far away press Y and Steve will do strong medium hitting attack.
It connects othen (never use running X). When Running Y connects, attack when shes grounded with down+back+Y.

At the start of round use Sonic Fang (down+forward+X+Y) or F+X+Y, X+Y.

Remember that for combos or follow up moves you have to press buttons quite early, usually durning or before previous move is happening.

Also note that some moves in the game are much less usefull than others or even useless. Thus, when building your own strategy, I recommend to find only few good moves and stick with them and don't use others randomly.

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Old 09-30-2012, 11:37 AM   #2
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If you need a strategy for beating arcade then you're going to get absolutely destroyed online/by ghosts.
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Old 09-30-2012, 01:28 PM   #3
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Gamertag: Gleskosaur

But it seems like its alot of people having problems with beating Jun.. There is actually a whole topic about it..
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Old 09-30-2012, 06:35 PM   #4
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Originally Posted by jordan1979 View Post
If you need a strategy for beating arcade then you're going to get absolutely destroyed online/by ghosts.
some dont like online or player versus altogether, some play versus but not this game etc.

way for easy beating arcade bosses is also usefull for unlocking movies, you can play as one character but you have to have tag partner, thus its harder since you have less health per character.

actually, earlier today i found a new strat for beating A.I. and it seems to be very easy, its based on my prev post.

As Steve Fox

* imeediatelly at round start use F+X+Y, X+Y
(note: its actually F+X+Y,X but its easier mashing like that anyway.)
And also, input one backward command if other move, throw (F,F+X+Y), is comming out for you instead. i.e. when dashing forward to your opponent etc. simply do this move by back,forward+X+Y,X+Y and it will come out as it should more often.

* when opponent gets knocked to the ground by above move, continue and hit him immediatelly by down+backwar+Y

* now use F+X+Y, X+Y again, only this time wait split second after previous (down+backwar+Y) hit. wait about half a second, not longer.

in essence, from start of the round, youre holding forward and pressing X+Y,X+Y, and only when opponent gets hit by it and is grounded youre doing down+back+Y.

this involves only two moves, with this i was able to score consecutive perfect rounds in Ghost Battle against 22-26 dan AIs.

only if sometimes opponent will block entire F+X+Y,X+Y attack, be ready to block some of his response, then start from begining and attack with F+X+Y,X+Y again.

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