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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Old 09-07-2012, 05:52 PM   #91
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Hi everyone this is my first reply ever here, so sorry for the lack of introduction kinda, but i've ran through all three pages and read what other people post here and i have something to add to this thread...well first of all sorry for bumping two months old thread, but in my opinion thread as essential as this should be posted in as much as possible to cover as much of info as possible and i'm here to provide/share such as well...well first of all i'd like to correct op about 10 bear pelts that have to be collected for Temba Wide Arms. well...she lives in Ivarstead not in Whiterun! second Daedra Heart is also needed for the Orc dude (forgot his name) that works as a blacksmith in Understone Keep in Markath! third i'm pretty sure that Frost Salts are needed to be collected for some misc. quest as well, though i'm not sure who's that NPC that needs them as well as who's that NPC, that gives that task, but i'm sure as hell frost salts are involved (not sure the amount though...its like 10...). And one more thing about breakable quest...well pretty much every quest that can only be initiated by the courier approaching you, might be potentially broken if your character reached maximum level (81 i guess...), but the most important (at least for me) out of all those is inability to receive Repairing The White Phial quest after completing the previous one (obtaining White Phial) from the same person!...And the last one, that i personally ran into -there's a quest in Hartwood Mills, that woman gives in order to find her missing husband. If you find the body prior to talking to her to get the quest, it will automatically skip to the next stage (which says to come back to the woman to report he's dead) rendering it impossible to complete, so in order to avoid this you have to first find the woman, take a task and THEN and ONLY THEN find the body! thats all as from the top of my head right now...i suggest op (not insist...) to update this topic with new info i provided once more! looking forward...thanks!

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Old 09-08-2012, 09:48 AM   #92
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Thanks for the reply. I've updated the OP. I can't seem to find the frost salt quest you're referring to though. BTW, don't worry about this thread being buried, it's permantly linked in one of the stickies so people can always find it.

If any mods are reading, would it be possible to add an extra blank post for me? I've ran out of space in the OP.
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Old 09-08-2012, 04:14 PM   #93
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cool...glad i could assist, also one more thing i just experienced not so long ago, i'm not sure if this been mentioned but its important to take quest from those dark elven lady from Riften (forgot her name) that keeps on forgetting things! she asks MC to collect three items from Ivarstead, Winterhold and Windhelm and bring them back to her, but if one of those were taken BEFORE talking to her quest would be impossible to complete, due to items never spawning in a places they should and she will be talking in a manner like you took the quest...

...err sorry but what i said yesterday wasn't exactly correct...the items spawn indeed, but due to a glitch which forces those dark elven lady from Riften's Keep to think she gave me the quest (while she actually didn't in fact...) quest stages never update unless you find the last required item! so sorry for this misleading, so even without taking this quest by screwing and picking up one of the items prior to speaking with her on the first place in order to get it you still can finish this quest in fact!

...But now i seem to ran into another problem and i'm not exactly sure what's causing it...well the problem is that Sorex Vinius (dude from Winking Skeever) never gives me his task to deliver his Rum to Firebeard for some dumb reason...does anyone know whats the freaking problem? i tried to level up (as i'm not maximum level yet...) and come back to him, but dialogue option still doesn't appear...good thing i'm PC user and i can pretty much fix it with console codes, but if there's non-console solution to this i'm willing to use any advice...

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Old 09-09-2012, 10:43 PM   #94
InFeRnUs F1
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Hi this is like the eleventh time ive try to make the most possible perfect game in Skyrim and i`ve never read a guide like this and i think its cool, 2 things that ive missed it that i think you should add to the guide are very important that i restarted the whole game

The first if you clear cragslane cavern before accepting the skooma trede mission wujeeta will dissapear and you cant become thane of riften and cant aquire the house there

The second in ths quest blood on the ice in windhelm if you go and acuse calixto of murder before going to talk to him about the amulet you cant get the Necromancer Amulet
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Old 10-05-2012, 03:49 PM   #95
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***************POSSIBLE SPOILERS****************

Mjoll's Grimsever quest is missable, the only way I know to unlock it is to level up while in Riften, preferably , close to Mjoll, I used the Oghma Infinum next to her and leveled up and the dialogue about her sword appeared.

Also, in Solitude, Sorex Vinius' miscellaneous objective/quest to deliver a bottle of rum to Falk Firebeard can be missed, the dialogue for it will not show up if you've already talked to Elisef possibly Falk. The conversation will not appear because it is about who is in charge of Solitude, and the game won't allow you to ask who if you already know Elisef. The quest may not show up after you put Torygg's Horn at the shrine of Talos.
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Old 11-10-2014, 01:50 AM   #96
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Hi! Its been awhile!

Hi there! Its been a long time since i posted anything here and wouldn't bother, if this thread wasn't so important, especially since you said yourself, that you made this thread sticky, so that everyone could easily find it! So i remember you asked me about frost salts and here's the name of NPC asking for it - Dravynea The Stoneweaver! She's also marriage option, so she has that "give me a favor and i'll follow you anywhere..." kind of thing in mind! Some dude in Windhelm is asking to bring him Amulet Of Arkay and i remember very well another one in the Hall Of The Dead section of Solitude is also asking for something similar (though i can't recall if he just gives an item i simply should give to another person or i have to find item myself!...regardless it is worth mentioning!) I'm pretty sure one of the travelling Khajiit caravan members, who is potential follower also asks to bring him something (its Moon Sugar if i'm not mistaken!)! And another extract of Nightshade in a single sample is needed for someone in Windhelm! As for collectibles - its everything from the top of my mind i could remember! As for other items, that are needed to build your own houses from the purchased chunks of land from three various Jarls added by Heathfire addon its too complicated to keep track on ALL of the things at once, the better idea would simply be visiting UESP page, which has detailed explanation onto the complete list of items, that are needed to build and upgrade house! Stuff like furnishing, different additional house sections etc!...
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