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Street Fighter X Tekken
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Old 10-27-2012, 07:17 PM   #1
M1 Punk
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SFxTK Major Updates & Changes (version 2013)

I noticed that nobody else is gonna bother posting this so I may as well do it myself

The update, called “Street Fighter X Tekken 2013” (following Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver.2012′s naming convention), will come to all versions of the game (PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PC, and Xbox 360) in the middle of December, 2012.

• Throw start-up has been changed from 7 frames to 5 frames (note: in Street Fighter IV throws are 3-frames on start-up)

• Life recovery speeds have been adjusted, so that there are less time-outs.

• Tekken characters’ anti-air moves have been improved. Specifically, upon hitting your opponent in the air with certain moves, you will now be able to do juggle combos similar to in, well, the Tekken games.

• The camera or special animation activated during a Boost Combo (light, medium, heavy, heavy combos) has been adjusted so that the battle moves along more swiftly.

• Recoverable health’s color in the health bar has been changed, so that it’s easier to see. Comparison shots before and after.

• The glowing effect that accompanies a gem’s activation has been changed (less glowing now). Before and after shots.

• At the start of the round, the “FIGHT” graphic will dissipate more quickly.

There are quite a lot of changes to meter building in particular.
This is to tackle the issue of players being able to charge attack dash cancel which allowed them to build meter whilst running down the clock.

However you will notice many attacks build MORE meter than previously, but only when the move connects with the opponent. This not only encourages more offensive strategies, but also offers less of a reward for those trying to run down the clock, a style of play which players complained was dominating the game and causing too many time out situations. In some instances the meter gain is nearly doubled on hit!

Coupled with the already announced change to how quickly health regenerates, players should see a significant drop in the number of time-outs occurring.

Another important set of changes you can see across the board are to how cross rush/boost combos operate.

You'll notice how boost combos are more unsafe on block now, even when cancelling into a medium strength attack. Players found the low risk/high reward involved with the boost combo a little frustrating, and this change encourages players to hit confirm their light attacks before throwing out the heavier normals. There is still the option of canceling the chain into an EX attack if you decide to spend your meter that way.

Whilst it might seem like certain characters were nerfed more so than others, the overall balance has been taken into consideration, so please assess all the changes across the board before assuming any character is now 'low tier'

Outside of system changes, the game’s characters will also receive balance tweaks:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Well, it looks like they're fixing most of the problems I have with the game. Even though I love hating on Capcom, I can't deny the fact that this is my favorite fighting game.

SSF4 is getting old, UMvC3 is way to fast paced and unforgiving, TT2 and SC5 bored the crap out of me, KOF13 has awful netcode, DOA5 was Dead on Arrive and last but not least... Persona 4 still hasn't been released in Europe. So in conclusion, there isn't much else to play.

I really hope this patch can resurrect this game. Because the last time I played it, I literally couldn't find anyone online to play against.

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Blessed Sin
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I hope it does, too. I know the feeling of nobody being online. That's pretty much how it's been for me for a while, that's why I'm here trying to find people to boost the online achievements with, since there isn't anyone online to do it legit, and I've done all I can offline for now (other than do this a bazillion times and that a hundred thousand times).

Plus, this is all good and dandy, but what about the thing that pissed a lot of us off about this game. Does capcom ever plan on fixing the whole versus mode bullshit? We don't have any regular versus on the Xbox version of the game, while a versus does exist. Does capcom just want Xbox users to hate them? PS3 gets a functional copy of the game AND exclusive characters, while we get nothing but a bunch of "oops, our bad. We're not going to fix it, though".
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