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Sequence 2 help, won't pull out his pistol

I'm doing sequence 2, and I'm at the part where you have to pull out your pistol to shoot the powder keg to blow up the door. The problem is that he will NOT pull out his pistol. I know how to do it, because I did it while fighting the guards beforehand. For some reason, probably a stupid glitch, he won't pull out his pistol at all, and I've reloaded my game several times. Has anyone else experienced this?
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LT aim at barrels, Y shoot

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One possiblity is that your weapon isn't selected, Hold RB and then move the right stick to select your musket.

Another possibility is that your gun isn't loaded. tap RB. (dont hold it, that brings up the weapon/item wheel)

Maybe your even out of amunition, find a corpse and loot it with B.

Another is that your aiming at the wagon and not the keg on the ground.

And finally, maybe your just not close enough. Tap LT to go into manual aiming and hold the target over the keg and walk towards it until its highlighted. then press Y.

If neither of these help I'm gonna have to say your suffering from a glitch.
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well if you used it earlier, i assume it is possible your out of ammo? id try using one of the rifles littered around the pile of bodies you made previously.
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aim at the barrels on the floor in front of the cart, took me a while to figure it out too.
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Originally Posted by Carlosdag View Post
aim at the barrels on the floor in front of the cart, took me a while to figure it out too.
Yep.... you cant shoot till you aim at the barrels. Game auto selects the pistol and you cant do anything else but aim and then hit y. The target will light up when you hover over it.
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Aim at the barrels on the ground.
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I had the same issue, and from looking online a lot of people had this problem. As others have stated its not the barrel in the wagon, it's the ones on the ground. I had to use eagle vision to discover what I was doing wrong.

This game really needs to explain things better, there are times where it tells you to do something and I have no idea what it's talking about. I fail whatever it is and restart, but it doesn't give me the explanation again. Or the characters will be talking about doing something and then it goes back to you walking, you would then think you have to do whatever it was they were talking about, but the no indication of any of it.
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Floydian x Slip
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I also had a lot of issues with this. Thanks for all the clarification.
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Had this issues, very frustrating. Holding LT and pressing Y didn't help at all. I'd have the gun out, loaded and have 8 bullets to spare, and it wouldn't shoot. I didn't even bother zooming in when I finally got it. I just basically pressed Y when the barrels were highlighted as I got near, but even that was a pain cuz he wouldn't shoot.

Theres one sequence a bit after that one where you have to rescue a guy from going down the river. You're not supposed to touch the water. At the very end, it tells you to dive, so when I dive, I failed. Happened several times. I ended up waiting to see if anything would happen, failed. It did finally give it to me without saying I touched the water though.
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