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Spider-Man 3
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Getting Gold On Trick Races Guide

__________________________________________________ ____________________________

__________________________________________________ ____________________________

Hello, there.

Thank you for choosing this walk-through for Spider-Man 3 trick races. Not...that you had much choice in the matter. Which is, of course, why I wrote it. To my knowledge this is the only comprehensive walk through out there on the internet for the races, which was very distressing when deciding to finally tackle the three X-Box 360 achievements after years of dragging my feet.

Up front I want to stress that these solutions are merely how I accomplished these races. I cannot promise that you have the resolve, the patience, or the skill set to accomplish them exactly as I accomplished them. I'm sure there are solutions out there that are easier than how I completed them.

The goal of this walk through is to take a lot of the guess work out of the races. Once you know what you're doing every race is very, very doable. There were only two races that I really considered giving up while doing. If you've done any research you'll most assuredly have heard people complaining that it is near impossible to get gold on these races, but I'm telling you I'm not that great of a gamer. At least I don't feel I am. So if I can do it you can do it.

The first piece of advice I can offer you, before we get into the guide, is to go through a race once or twice without rushing. You just want to go through leisurely so that you understand where all the markers are. Knowledge is half the battle as they say.

Second piece of advice play the game and get all the speed upgrades that you can. Unfortunately too much time passed between my original playing of the game and my getting gold on these races so I don't recall how to get any of them. I've heard that there is seven speed upgrades to web swinging, but I only had the first six. So you may have an easier time than I did at points if there is a seventh and you have it.

A couple of personal recommendations I have is to first do these in order. Do not continue until you've gotten gold. That spaces out the two that are really difficult in my opinion and gives you some time with ones that are more leisurely. Secondly, put something on your computer to listen to or watch. I listened to five seasons of Whose Line Is It Anyway, about ten music albums, ten hours of stand-up by Marc Maron, Bill Burr, Nick DiPaolo and George Carlin, and even more hours listening to The Rachel Maddow Show and Real Time With Bill Maher. Basically what I'm saying is keep your mind busy and relegate the gaming to muscle memory.

For each race I present the Gold Time, the Silver Time, the Bronze Time, and my Personal Time.

__________________________________________________ ____________________________

Table Of Contents

__________________________________________________ ____________________________

[WSE] Web Swing Engine
[MKR] Marker Types
[EAS] Easy Races
[MED] Medium Races
[HAR] Hard Races
[END] Ending & Credits

If you are looking for an individual race you can quickly search for R##. Obviously replacing the ## with whatever number you are looking for. For the first nine races they are written as 01, 02, 03, etc.

__________________________________________________ ____________________________

Web Swing Engine [WSE]

__________________________________________________ ____________________________

This section is written by a gamer named Scratch W, whose detailed writing the game engine was quite helpful. I make some notes below in each race, but I think it is very important to know all of this:

Web Swing (Pull and Hold RT) and Web Swing Boost (Pull and Hold to Swing, then Pull LT to Boost) - Boost at the beginning of your swing to propel yourself downward (essential for Race 28); Boost at the end of your swing to propel yourself upward; Boost in the middle of your swing to propel yourself forward - the fastest way to travel in the game. You must have something above you or in front of you to Web Swing.

Web Zip (Tap RT) and Web Zip Boost (Tap RT to Zip, then Pull LT to Boost) - very useful and Web Zip Boost is almost as fast as Web Swing Boost but is, for the record, slightly slower. What itís good for is getting from one Checkpoint to another when they are spaced close enough together and roughly the same height off the ground. Web Zip is also for perfect for getting through the trees in Central Park (like in Bomb Tour 7 and Race 24) because, unlike Web Swing, you donít get snagged in them. It is important to note that if you do this right, you will slingshot forward. If youíre traveling via Web Zip Boost and using it repeatedly, you must wait a second or so before using it again or you wonít slingshot as far as your initial Web Zip Boost. Waiting that half a second longer to Web Zip Boost again propels you twice as far and twice as fast - remember that. Also, you must have something below you or in front of you to Web Zip.

Jump (Press A) - understand that Jump is the most sensitive control in the Web Swing Engine and there is a lot you can do with it depending on how long you Hold A before you Release A. You also get an extra jump out of every single Swing, Zip or Jump that you do. Save your Jumps. They will save you.

Quick Jump (Tap A) Ė you can use this to break your momentum if you're traveling too fast. You can also use it to get off the ground for that first Checkpoint, you can use it to steady yourself coming out of a Checkpoint and you can use it to keep yourself in the air while you aim your camera with RS for the next Checkpoint.

Charged Jump (Hold A) - did you know you can charge your Jump during a late Web Swing Boost (upward) and release it at the end of your swing? Well, you can and it shoots you up into the sky like a rocket. This is useful for going from a low checkpoint (on or near the ground) to a high checkpoint (on or near a rooftop) very quickly.

Double Jump (Tap A while in mid-Jump) - all it is, is the second jump. Your Double Jump cannot be charged.

Fine Tuning in Mid Air (LS) - you can actually fine tune your speed in mid air after a Swing, Zip or Jump by simply pushing forward or pulling back on the LS to extend your motion or slow your speed as needed.

Blind Web Swing, Blind Web Zip, Blind Web Swing Boost, Blind Web Zip Boost - there will be times in the Trick Races (if you choose to endure them) when you will be moving one way but you need to be moving the other way fast. To do a complete 180 at 90 m.p.h., simply initiate a Web Swing, Web Zip, Web Swing Boost or Web Zip Boost (depending on the situation) over your shoulder. Then, straighten out your camera to match your trajectory (so you're no longer blind) on the fly - literally. These four moves are not guaranteed to save you (nothing is, save for you) but you will find yourself at some point using some variation of at least one of them out of necessity...
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