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Bully: Scholarship Edition
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SBL FFantasy10
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1000G guide

The Champion (20) Complete All Bike Races.
Self explanitory. sometime in chapter 2 you will have a mission to do a bike race. then gotta steal ur trophy back. when u steal it back these will be unlocked

It's All in the Wrists (20) Complete All 4 of the Carnival Games once.
at chapter 2 you will be able to leave the school. and there is a carnival game. theres a pitching game. a shooting game. a strength game. and a water dunk game

Teacher's Pet (20) Complete 6 Classes.
complete 6 school classes

Keener (20) Complete 3 Classes.
complete 3 school classes

Little Angel (20) Complete 20 Errand Missions.
during chapter 1 characters with blue x's on there head. go to 20 of them. and do there favor

Helping Hand (20) Complete 10 Errand Missions.
during chapter 1 characters with blue x's on there head. go to 10 of them. and do there favor

Speed Freak (20) Complete of all Go Kart Races.
in the carnival there is a go kart race.

Soda-licious (20) Buy 100 sodas.
if i were you, i would build 100.00$ and go to chapter 2. go to a store. and tap A on the soda till it unlocks

Down for the Count (20) Beat up 200 opponents.
by the end of the game you should have this, beat up 200 people till there knockout

Dual Nebula (20) Achieve A High Score on Consumo, Nut Shots, and Monkey Fling Arcade Games.
this is very hard, but self explainitary . if u need help go to my youtube below, i will get to it

Watch Your Step (20) Trip 25 people with marbles.
use the infinite ammo cheat when u get marbles, and throw them at people

Kickin' the Balls (20) Kick 100 soccer balls.
find a soccer ball till u see the achievement appear

Eggsellent! (20) Egg 25 cars.
at chapter 2 youll be able to buy eggs. keep throwing at cars

Casanova (20) Receive 25 kisses from the ladies.
if you go outside the girls dorm. there will be flowers there. that you can gift to girls. you walk up to a girl. push RT then push A then jimmy will give her flowers
Then Keep holding RT and push A again and jimmy will kiss them (if they dont beat you up with the flowers)

Green Thumbs Up (20) Pick 50 flowers.
there are flowers all around the girls dorm. you can carry up to 10. while ur doing the casanova and over the rainbow achievements. pick flowers

After Hours (20) Spend 5 hours out after curfew.
this is the easiest achievement to get. curfew is after 11 PM and you pass out at 2AM so 1 day is 3 hours. and the next night u will get it at 1 PM

Pole Position (20) Complete All Go Kart Races.
Self explanitory. there is 4 go kart locations with 4 races each

Green Thumb (20) Complete All Lawn Mowing Jobs.
when u get to chapter 2. you will unlock jobs. 1 is lawn mowing. if i remember right, there are 5 lawn moving jobs

Black & White & Read All Over (20) Complete All Paper Route Missions.
-look at the green thumb achievement-

Freshman (20) Complete Chapter 1.
complete missions till you get to the final boss of the bullys -russell-'

Sophomore (20) Complete Chapter 2.
Complete missions until you get to the final boss of the Preps -darby i think-

Junior (20) Complete Chapter 3.
Complete missions until you get to the final boss of the Greasers -johnny- (Hardest boss so be prepared)

Senior (20) Complete Chapter 4.
complete all missions until you get to the final boss of the Jocks i dont know what his name is. but the mission is called the big game or the final game

Skate Pro (25) Travel 50,000 meters on the skateboard.
Keep riding your skateboard around the town/school. if you want to know how far you made it. its somewhere in your stats menu

Smart Mouth (25) Say 100 taunts.
i did this when i completed chapter 1. i went up to the bullys and held RT and button mashed B until i got the achievement. plus i liked to see the bullys
cry xD

Smell Ya Later (25) Hit people with stink bombs 50 times.
3 ways you can do this. 1 cheats. :P 2. find fatty and beat him up for stink bombs but only get 4. or wait till you unlock it from chemistry class and hit for people
a day with stink bombs (takes time without cheats)

Skidmark (25) Give 50 wedgies.
Takes FOREVER go behind a guy (if your behind a girl, you'll just pinch her ass xD) hold RT and i think its B

Glass Dismissed (25) Break 300 bottles at the shooting gallery.
keep playing shooting gallery at the carnival. and aim for the bottles

Momma's Boy (25) Complete 30 Errand Missions.
sometime during chapter 1. you will unlock missions that students give you with blue x's over there head. go to 30 of them and do there favors

Marathon (25) Travel 100,000 meters on foot.
you will get alot of distance in the first chapter. what i do. is just button mash A and run around school campus. or if u wanna beat the game. just run everywhere

The Wheel Deal (25) Perform 200 wheelies on the bike.
when your on ur bike push down on the LS and ur bike will do a wheelie then let go of the LS then repeat

Sharp Dressed Man (25) Collect 250 clothing items.
there are like 4 or 5 stores. 1 inside the school. and like 4 in town. go to the school store. by them all. go to the town that unlocks in chapter 2. buy those
go to the town that unlocks on chapter 3. buy those and u should have it

Tour De Bullworth (25) Travel 100 km on the bike.
ride ur bike around the town. wait till chapter 5. and u can easily do laps around the town. and do bike races

Boy Genius (30) Complete 9 Classes.
complete 9 school classes

Graduate (40) Complete Chapter 5.
complete all missions till you reach the chapter 5 final boss. -gary-

Mission Accomplished (75) Complete All Missions.
complete all missions beat the game. complete all side challenges. prep challenge greaser challange. nerd challenge. and townie challenge. then u will unlock more

Perfectionist (125) 100% completion.
complete this checklist:
[] complete all missions
[] pass every level of every class
[] collect all collectables
[] smash all collectables *lawn gnomes etc*
[] complete all lawn mowing and paper route jobs
[] run 30 of the 50 errands
[] win all 14 bike races
[] win all 8 go kart races
[] obtain all clothing
[] finish the yearbook
[] beat the high score of all arcade games
[] win both penalty shots and keep ups (only in chapter 1)
[] beat the boxing challenge
[] win all 5 midway games
[] ride all 3 carnival rides
[] purchase the scooter and two posters from the carnival
[] purchase 100 sodas

Over the Rainbow (20) Receive 20 kisses from the gents.
there are 3 guys that i know off.. 1 bully and 1 jock. and 1 prep i would find 1. then just keep doing it over and over again till it unlocks

If there is anymore questions.. msg me on xbox SBL FFantasy10 im on everyday
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bully 1000g

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