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Stuck on Reclaimer [Legendary Solo]

So far this is the second time i've bothered to actually finish a Halo game on legendary, last one being Halo 3 which wasn't half bad on co-op but now doing it solo on Halo 4 i've never been so frustrated. The other levels are doable you just need to sit back, strategize and pick off enemies one at a time, but this level is making me wanna pull my hair out... I hate how there are so many enemies in vehicles they take forever to kill and are almost 1 shot insta kills for yourself...

I'm about a third way through the level and for some reason it gave me the worst checkpoint possible... I got out of the guass warthog and got a checkpoint, thinking all of the enemies had died. All of the sudden two phantoms come out of nowhere and drop 4 ghosts and 2 wraiths leaving me to be instantly killed almost every time i load my checkpoint... Any tips on how to do this i've died probably 20 times in this same spot and exercised all my options... I try going on the elephant and using the turret I get blown to bits in a matter of seconds, wasted all my rocket ammo on earlier parts, and I have no warthog to use to kill them... Any tips or should I just restart this annoying mission again.

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I think you've got the wrong game my friend - this is the Halo CE forum, not Halo 4, but nevertheless -

I remember a similar thing happening to me on Halo 3 (the first one that I played actually) on Legendary, I think the game reloads an earlier checkpoint after 25 deaths or so (at least I know it did in ONE of the Halo games). If it doesn't, and you find yourself unable to get away (even with chucking some grenades and running for the hills, or chucking a grenade and snagging a ghost if possible) then you're probably better off just restarting - and your blood pressure may appreciate it as well!

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