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Assassin's Creed 3 Clubs Challenge Guide


What are clubs? They are exactly what they sound like except they are clubs you really don't want to be in! Why is this? Because they have challenges for you to complete. They want you to get into fist fights, steal, run for hours uncovering maps, and hunting animals until the blood won't wash off your hands. Welcome to Hell, hopefully you brought some patience and have no life.

How Tiers work: There are 3 tiers per club. Once you have the challenges open, fear not. All tier 2 and tier 3 challenges are counted even if you have not yet completed the first tier. This means if you complete 3 challenges from tier 2 without knowing it or trying, once you gain that tier they will show as complete. This is why it is a good idea to look ahead at the challenges to see what else you should be trying to accomplish.

Memories: Memories are decent place to get some of these done. This is because you can reload checkpoints over and over an whatever you do keeps counting. If you find a good spot for a challenge within a memory, just keep reloading!

On to the guide. Share your input/experiences in this thread to help other people struggling. I did my best to compile the descriptions from memory, so there is a chance something in here might not be quite right. If it's not, let me know.

The Hunting Society

How do you get invited? Just hunt some animals. To actually do the missions, you must visit a cabin.

Hunting Challenges Tier 1

Kill 5 Deer: You will find plenty of these. Kill them when you see them.

Kill a Wolf: They attack you randomly and you will see plenty of them. They are even required to kill in a certain mission.

Skin 10 animals: When you kill an animal, skin it by pressing next to the body.

Sell Hunting Spoils worth 500 pounds: Find the general stores (or peddlers) and sell things you got from hunting until you reach 500 pounds.

Use bait with a snare to capture 5 animals: You must buy bait from a store (it's under consumable items). You also must buy snares. Go near a bush and place a snare, then throw bait down on it. Hide in a bush and wait for a small animal to get caught.

Kill a bear with the Hidden Blade: Just make sure the hidden blade his equipped, and when a bear attacks, press the button prompts.

Hunting Challenges Tier 2:

Stealth kill 5 animals using bait: Place bait down and when an animal is eating, run up or drop down on it and kill it before it runs.

Skin 25 animals: You will get this fairly quickly. Anytime you kill an animal, skin it.

Kill 10 animals with the Hidden Blade: Make sure your hidden blade is equipped when you make kills. This makes it so the pelts are undamaged.

Capture 20 animals with the snare: Just keep placing snares and bait on them and hide until you get this amount.

Kill 15 animals with the bow: The bow is useful for long range. You will have to buy arrows from the general store. It's easy to get kills with it even if an animal is running.

Hunting Challenges Tier 3

Skin every species of animal: There are a total of 9 species. Hare, fox, beaver, deer, elk, wolf, bear, bobcat, and cougar.

Kill 5 animals from horseback: While on horseback, you must kill the animals by melee (dropping down on them from horseback). Other kills will not count (like poison darts and bow will not work).

Trade Hunting Spoils worth a total of 2,000 pounds: Easily obtained with all of the hunting you will be doing!

Kill 10 animals in close combat: Close combat meaning by button prompts. As you hunt to reveal the full map you will get this.

Complete the hunting map: Check out THIS THREAD for discussion. Thanks to Ceromorth for the below information.

Black Creek: Beaver / Bobcat / Elk / Hare
Concord: Beaver / Deer / Hare / Raccoon
Diamond Basin: Beaver / Cougar / Deer / Wolf
Great Piece Hills: Bobcat / Elk / Hare / Wolf
John's Town: Bear / Elk / Fox / Hare
Kanien keh: Cougar / Deer / Fox / Hare
Lexington: Deer / Fox / Hare / Raccoon
Monmouth: Elk / Fox / Hare / Raccoon
Packanack: Bear / Beaver / Bobcat / Hare
Scotch Plains: Cougar / Deer / Hare / Raccoon
Troy's Wood: Deer / Elk / Hare / Wolf
Valley Forge: Beaver / Elk / Hare / Raccoon

Beaver / Deer / Elk / Fox / Hare / Racoon / Wolf

If you still need extra help, watch THESE VIDEOS for each section.

Collect 50 undamaged pelts: With all of the hunting you will do, you will surely collect enough. Remember, use your hidden blade to get these kills easily.

The Thieves Club

How do you get invited? Keep pickpockets until you get approached.

Thieves Club Challenges Tier 1

Kill 25 enemies from hiding places: The best hiding place is a haystack or leaves. You can keep reloading your checkpoint if you want this faster while in a mission (one of the later missions you start in a well with a guard above, you can keep reloading checkpoint).

Catch a courier: One of the most difficult annoying of any of the challenges. You may not even have known these existing and had completed the game. Go HERE for a good video location. Basically wait around near the harbors or near markets. After a while they show up. You must chase them down and tackle them using and having your bare hands equipped just to be safe. You can poison dart them and tackle them quickly or use rope dart to stop/delay them. They are extremely fast.

Loot 10 bodies: After killing an enemy, just hold near the body.

Perform 25 air assassinations: Anything from the air usually counts. From trees, roofs, etc.

Pickpocket 200: Easily done, just pickpocket anyone using . Quickly obtained.

Thieves Club Challenges Tier 2

Escape from open conflict by using escape or hiding 10 times:

Lure away a guard dog using bait 3 times: These dogs are usually guarding chests or near some enemies. They can be somewhat hard to find when you really want them. You can lure the same dog all 3 times for this. You must use bait away from their post.

Perform 30 stealth kills without being detected: Easily obtained as you play the story.

Steal everything a guard has 3 times: Go to a guard and pickpocket him using Just keep holding it down and you should steal from him a few times until you can't anymore.

Steal everything a rich citizen has without being detected: Rich citizens dress nicer is all I can really imagine. Keep stealing and try not to get to the side or in front of them while doing so.

Thieves Club Challenges Tier 3

Find and empty 10 chests in New York: You will need to open 10 total chests which is easy considering you can buy the maps at a general store.

Pickpocket 1500: Walk around and steal from people. Easy to do. To pickpocket, hold while behind them.

Poison 5 enemies: You must buy poison darts from the general stores under the consumables tab. Use to change to the darts and to kill the highlighted enemy in range.

Successfully attack and loot a convoy three times: While in the frontier, you will be notified if a convoy is around. Kill the enemies around it and loot the convoys. There is an achievement related to doing it without actually killing guards (use bare hands).

Win 500 by playing minigames: You must play any of the 3 mini games and bet money to win money. Whatever you bet is what you earn if you win. Always bet 100 and likely you will be playing Bowls. You can do this in the Homestead area. It can take many rounds to actually win. You may also choose to try a New York tavern that has the Morris game in it, as the AI is intermediate.
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Another great guide, you are the best Tyger. There should be a forum section comprised entirely of your guides alone with a top sticky thread for praise.
The things people say to get to 5 posts...

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