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Originally Posted by rrushn View Post
Sniper skills are a plus.
this. it's mw2's 'sniper fi' all over again. center yourself, control your crosshair, and when the muties pop up to grab you, you know what to do.
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Mongolian Beef
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Originally Posted by fastNcurious View Post
Maybe it's just me, but when I played it on nightmare, the mission always failed when the first guy died even if the second one is still alive.

When I was trying to do this mission using just the sniper rifle, I think once I might have accidentally killed that first guy myself. Not positive if there is friendly fire on this mission, but I hated this mission and can't be bothered to check.
Friendly fire registers, so be sure to avoid shooting him.

The mission fails when the 2nd guy gets hit. So make sure that the guy with the gun stays alive, or learn to shoot fast.

I've tried around 5 times with no success. I didn't know you could use grenades/wingsticks, will try that tonight.

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Originally Posted by Mongolian Beef View Post
I've tried around 5 times with no success. I didn't know you could use grenades/wingsticks, will try that tonight.
When the two dudes you're protecting are at the left, spam grenades when the mutants rush from the right. Then when the two dudes move over the right, spam your grenades so they land between the dudes and the mutants charging from the right. There will be one or two coming straight down the middle towards your tower at this point so just be ready with those wingsticks. Once I got the timing of the grenades right, it was so much easier.
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Took me about 15 tries on Nightmare. Never thought to use grenades or wingsticks on the mutants on the ground, but the moment one would climb up to me they ate a wingstick in the face. Good advice.
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haha this was a nightmare on nightmare. never tried the grenade method but outside of that try to learn the mutant's attacking pattern so you can line the sniper up either on their heads or a little below, usually still worked. When they all attack the guard BE careful not to shoot the guard as it does damage to him, ALOT. and when the last 2 jump you up top, just have wingsticks equipped and easy kill. still requires some luck and skill tho
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i dont know about everyone else but it was a little hard its all about timeing when the mutent will go and u have to feel the shot then shoot.
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finally got this tonight after many failed attempts trying to snipe. the best bit of advice I can give - and the only one you need - is a variation on what has already been said:

use ONLY grenades

worked first time on mutants from both sides. just pick an area between where they appear and the guys you are protecting and start throwing in advance. keep it going and move the fire zone closer as necessary. only one reached me and I took him out with a wingstick.

i started with 79 grenades and finished with 22. makes an almost impossible task very easy. thanks again to whomever first suggested grenades!

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Lord Forbes
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Originally Posted by rocky1007 View Post
Get a lot of grenades and just spam them and then pick off the remaining few. Worked the first time I tried it that way and I had been stuck on this one for a while just sniping.
THANK YOU!!! I lost count of the number of times I tried this job. This suggestion worked the FIRST time and I am playing on Nightmare. I had almost given up on completing all the missions. THANKS!!!

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I didn't use grenades for this, but it does seem using them will help...

For me, it was failing first time when they're left and a second time when they're on the right. After those two, I pretty much had learned frome where they came out, and usually there are 1 or 2 that start really slow or even stop, I shot those. Then some while they're running (making them stop and easy to finish with another shot) and inmediately went to the shooting guy, when someone got near him i started shooting like mad. With the upgrade (I think it's free when you start the mission...) killing 2 or 3 before reloading isn't that hard if you get the hang of the sniper.

But obviously, using grenades before they get to the guy (or maybe wingsticks, haven't tried) seems like a good option....
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well congrats to who ever got through this one. its the easiest of these missions. the system is a pos and i recommend aimming for the knee if you want to hit the target. also on this one waiting until they get hit by the other guy they will stop and then you can hit them just take 3 shots if you're playing nightmare.
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Old 09-12-2012, 01:19 PM   #41
Ninja Eagle
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Jesus that was hard!

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Grenade spam, first time. Thank you very very much, you are an absolute fucking life saver.

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Finally did this achievment! Got it out of the way but spent a good hour on it. Eventually i just bought loads of grenades and spammed them to the right. Managed to get lucky with a few good head shots on the guys at the left and i was lucky that none managed to climb up to get me!
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