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Shark Dash
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Achievement Guide

Achievement Guide to Shark Dash (Windows 8)


Hungry 5G
Eat 3 or more ducks in a single shot.
You get this achievement in the very first level with your first shot directly upwards.

Duck Meet Mouth 5G
A duck jumps directly into the shark's mouth.
You get this at the same time with Rubber Ring if you just use one shot at the beginning of level 4 (Home)through the rubber ring.

Rubber Ring 5G
Jump through a Rubber Ring.
In the 4th level (Home) you will encounter Rubber Rings for the first time. They are green and you need to shoot the shark through the ring to get a boost! Ring looks like this:

Inflatable Explosion 5G
Make an inflatable block explode.
Inflatable blocks are transparent colored and they look like ice cubes. You'll encounter the first one in 5th level (Home). You need to shoot the shark through the block and it will break. As soon as it breaks, you get the achievement. Inflatable block looks like this:

Underwater Pop 5G
Release a duck from its bubble underwater.
You get this automatically in level 11 (Home) if you just wait for the soap block to drop from the left.

Liberation 5G
Free a shark and return him to the water.
In level 7 (Japan) you need to save your partner Shawy because he is trapped. Just shoot the shark like I have pointed in the picture below and you will free him.

Cutter Shark 10G
Cut 3 or more bath chains in a single shot.
See Drying In The Sun for more information.

MVP Shark 10G
Launch a ball through a Rubber Ring.
At the start of level 17 (Home) you see 2 beach balls above you. Shoot the shark straight up in the middle and both of the balls will fall to rubber rings and achievement unlocks.

Bursting Bubbles 10G
Pop 9 or more bubbles in a single shot.
In level 20 (Home), shoot the soap block directly above you so that the beach ball will roll and hit the mines. When the mines explode, you get the achievement, since they are inside bubbles. Here is a picture to elaborate what I mean:

Dizzy Block 10G
Make a block rotate more than 1000 degrees.
In level 15 (Hotel) you are playing with Hammy. When you first shoot him and then click somewhere on the screen, he will go straight up or straight down (opposite of where you are going at the moment). You will need to aim to the left or right bottom corner and shoot him. After he is in the corner you click somewhere with mouse and he will burst upwards and push the circular block away. It should roll enough for 1000 degrees to count. If it doesn't, just try again. See the picture below to see what I mean.

Block Overboard! 10G
Launch a block outside the bathtub.
In level 2 (Japan) you have soap blocks on both sides on the edges. Just shoot the shark to one of those soap blocks and the block will slide out of the game.

Fireworks! 10G
Make 7 or more mines explode consecutively.
In level 19 (Home) you will encounter mines for the first time. You need to shoot the shark to the right through the inflatable block so that the one mine from upper left corner will start to roll. It will break the other mines and you get the achievement. Note: there is only 6 mines that will explode with this method but I still unlocked the achievement in level 19. Please post below if you didn't get it with this method!
This is what mines look like:

Deep Blue 10G
Eat 6 ducks underwater in a single shot.
Level 11 (Home), you need to be fast and try to eat all of the ducks that are below water with one shot. See the picture below for the correct angle.

A Little Nudge 10G
Make a shark jump by hitting him from below.
In level 10 (Japan) you will need to release a beach ball under water to launch it into a tunnel and it will push the 2nd shark into the mines and you get the achievement. You're going to be aiming like this:

Come to Poppa! 15G
Have 3 ducks jump directly into the shark's mouth.
This is done easily in level 21 (Hotel). There's 4 ducks piled up above you. You need to drop the beach ball on the bubbles so that they break and the ducks will fall into the other sharks mouth. See the picture below for more clear instructions.

Drying in The Sun 15G
Be outside the water for more than 7 seconds.
In level 16 (Japan) you can net this achievement and Cutter Shark with only one shot. See from picture below where to aim your shot at.

Party Popper 15G
Destroy 3 or more inflatables in a single shot.
Easy to do in level 25 (Hotel, Expert!). You need to shoot at the correct angle to get all three inflatables broken. See the picture below for instructions.

Sprayfish Party 15G
Activate 3 sprayfish with one shot.
Level 6 (Hotel). There's 3 Sprayfishes and you just need to hit all of them with one shot. See the picture below to see how to get them easily at the beginning of the stage.

Shark Got Bounce 15G
Bounce 7 times or more during a single shot.
At level 8 (Home) if you shoot the shark into the pipe from either left or right side, the shark will bounce through the 2 pipes from left to right and back to left really fast and when it stops, you'll most likely unlock this achievement. If you don't just try it again since it is possible to do it here easily.

I Am Iron Head! 15G
Receive 3 or more impacts in the same shot.
I got this in level 7 (Japan) when I was trying to figure out how to pass the level and the two sharks just bounced on each other a few times.
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