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Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)
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Old 12-04-2012, 11:09 AM   #31
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Gamertag: smallcentipede3
Powershot nitrous is very helpful in speed runs and practice switching parts while racing, if you can have track tires on the road and off road tires when you go to the airfield, you'll have no problem
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Old 12-11-2012, 06:17 PM   #32
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Took me a load of tries (more then 20) to finish this. Off road tires and short gears helped me out. It wouldn't have been so hard if the cops weren't after you. A bunch of times they would hit me head on and the traffic did not help.

But yay its over now. I just need to finish the other races to get my last achievement.
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Old 12-12-2012, 05:18 AM   #33
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It was hard but practice helped

i recommend short gears only because it helps you get back to 155 if you go under it. That said i used track tires and lightweight body to keep me on those curvy roads. Never go too fast if your doing 200 and a tun is coming up just release the gas and drift into it and it will make loads of difference. Traffic is a bitch, i probably did this one with the bugatti 25 times before i did it. but now im averaging 164mph every time.

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Old 12-13-2012, 03:38 AM   #34
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Gamertag: TheTrueStein
Anyone having problems, if you can get your hands on a Kinect to change the rollout on the fly without having to take your thumb off the steering, it will make it worlds easier by having the Track tires on the tarmac, then call out for the Off-Road tires as you enter the airfield, and switch back once you get through that area. I wouldn't say it's worth buying just for that, but if you have a friend with one, borrow it and it will become a lot easier.

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Old 12-20-2012, 12:02 PM   #35
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well the bad news is, needle point is one of the events for the Hennessey Venom GT Spyder. So if your getting the dlc youll be doing it all over again for an achievement. this this a medium event tho. the hard one is called Full overdrive i think. yup 2 speed run event for the Spyder

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Old 12-24-2012, 08:18 PM   #36
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Having trouble with this bastard. Will keep trying though before something bad happens. I always have shit loads of traffic on the road.

EDIT: Done it with the slower car after like 25 tries altogether.

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Old 02-08-2013, 09:17 AM   #37
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this took 5 attempts and seemed tough but its not, i got 163 but for some reason didnt register that id did it, it put me top of the speedwall with the speed but didnt get the rewards, so i went back at the end of the game and did it first time, its not as bad as ppl are making out just stay smooth and get back up to top speed with nitro shot, also take down the cops on the way to the air field to refill nitro and then drive thru garage so u have full nitro in air field the run back from there is then easy.
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Old 02-13-2013, 07:59 PM   #38
webdev511's Avatar
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OMG this was a pain in the ass. The random traffic pissed me off to no end. I get a good run going with a gold speed after the airfield then get blocked by two delivery trucks on the highway. GRRR!

Finally got it and the "Second is Nothing" 'chever. now for gates and billboards.
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Old 02-18-2013, 01:32 PM   #39
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I was suprised as I had relatively little trouble on this one. That Apollo Time trial on Hot Pursuit was unbelievably harder than this imo. Overall there was nothing on this game that gave real trouble tbh
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Old 02-18-2013, 03:07 PM   #40
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This one took me 16 tries in the Bugatti. I didn't use the off road tires since most of the track is tarmac and the only parts that seem like they are off road are the entrance and exit of the airfield. So using the track tire pro made it a lot easier for me as well as using short gears pro. My speed was still barely beating the needed speed at only 155.7 though. But still got it on my first try after changing the tires.
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Old 02-20-2013, 05:47 PM   #41
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Originally Posted by TheTrueStein View Post
I don't know if I'm lucky or better than most, it only took me a dozen tries... between learning the route and where the cops pop up out of nowhere to hit you head-on, nine to get a silver for the short gears, then three tries once I ran around a few minutes and got short gears pro. The short gears pro was really the key for my style of driving.

My setup:

Off Road Tires Pro
Burn Nitrous Pro
Lightweight Chassis Pro
Stock Body
Short Gears Pro

Finished with something in the low 162 range without much drama.
Aero body would work better though! (:
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Old 02-28-2013, 03:31 PM   #42
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Originally Posted by Justelitex View Post
Aero body would work better though! (:
True it would, but you earn the Aero Body for the Bugatti by finishing first in this particular event, so it's not available until you get gold.
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Old 03-06-2013, 03:55 AM   #43
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Originally Posted by D34thM4chin3 View Post
Yes SERIOUSLY!! The part where you drive through the airfield is what takes away most of your average speed. Trust me.
It's true. That's how I beat it
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Old 10-21-2013, 05:35 PM   #44
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Gamertag: wardyy1999
I got this game yesterday and I got stuck on this as well. I'm going to take a break and try again tomorrow. I only have two blacklists to go!
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Old 11-21-2013, 07:05 AM   #45
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"Needle Point" was a huge and massive nightmare of a race to beat. I can't tell you how many times I've stomped on the floor, and thrown the controller onto a pile of laundry (To avoid breaking it) every time I either crashed into a wall (Even when just barely scraping the wall", hit a nearby ramp and crashed into the ravine below, crashed into some random civilian's piece-of-shit car that randomly pops up around a corner,or falling off the cliff at the entrance and exit of the airfield tarmac.

Between the crashing and losing lots of speed at the dirt ramp into the tarmac below, "Needle Point" was horrifically nightmarish and I lost track of how many times I've screwed up my voicebox and ruined karaoke sessions due to raging at this race.

I used Nitrious Pro (Obviously to get the required speed), Short Gears Pro and Track Tire Pro, along with Aero Pro to get the right controls, the necessary speed and to limit losing speed on the airfield. That did not guarantee me beating it as I had to try at least 30 times after hitting a piece-of-shit car that popped up around the corner or I could not steer out of the way in time.

I finally, managed to get 157 on the Bughatti and 151.2 on the Koenigsegg but only after several dozen tries with both cars.

To those trying or struggling, I have no clear strategy except to avoid crashing into the cars or the dirt ramp after avoiding the police-trucks. I'd also like to say "Good Luck" to those willing to endure intense frustration and rage in order to beat this bullshit race.

Even as I write this, I'm still trying to recover from it. Enough said.

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Old 01-26-2015, 01:17 AM   #46
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Gamertag: Sipuli91
I struggled with Needle Point on Bugatti so then I decided to switch to Koenigsegg and see if it'd be easier. It was. That car handles a lot better so I could just smash the gas and not worry so much about the turns. I used basic off roads, powershot, lightweight, impact protection and the only pro was long gears as I really didn't feel like unlocking other mods/getting them to pro and it didn't even matter in the end. I got it on my second try with Koenigsegg and got an average of 242.6 km/h (241 was required) and that try even had some pretty bad mistakes. The first try was 239 so I knew I made the right choice when I switched cars. And no, it wasn't gue to finally learning the track as I still can't do it on the Bugatti.
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