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Alice: Madness Returns
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Old 08-10-2011, 01:24 AM   #1
Join Date: Jan 2010
Posts: 311

Which is your favorite look for Alice (including DLC dresses)?

I know there's a thread that discusses which dress might be best suited for getting through the game or a particular level... but from a purely aesthetic point of view, which look for Alice do you like best?

Most of the dresses are pretty, then you get to the DLC dresses... for which some are downright bizarre ("Fleshmaiden")! Also, her eye-color changes for most of the DLC dresses - with the "Cheshire" and "Hatress" dresses giving her eyes the most unique looks of all!!!

From a beauty standpoint, I like Alice in the "Siren" dress. There's something sweet about her appearance in that dress (maybe it's the absence of "combat boots?").

She also looks cute in the "Late but Lucky" dress. Perhaps it's the hat with the bunny ears... but what's with the feet?!!

I think the look I find most attractive - because I'd love to meet a girl who even looks like this (maybe because I'm a cat-person) is the "Cheshire" dress. Her eyes are unique with this outfit, too... and those ears! This is a girlfriend who could creep-out most people, but not bother me a bit.

Hey... I like strange and unusual!

Oddly enough... I never equipped that dress for playing the game. I don't know if the purpose of the dress was to make the game more challenging, or if more teeth were dropped instead of roses. I always used the "Checkmate" dress for playing the game.

So... post your favorite dress/look for Alice. Don't do it from a point-of-view of how she should look in Wonderland, but just on which look appeals to you the most.

Oh... and if you like how she looks in the sepia-toned "real world," that's definitely a choice, too! I liked her hairstyle... sort of a "Joan Jett" look!!!

I would have made this a "poll" thread, but there's a limit of 10 poll options, and there are 12 looks for Alice (13, if you include the real world outfit).

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Old 08-11-2011, 01:16 PM   #2
Join Date: Aug 2011
Posts: 5

Gamertag: MacabreThirteen
I haven't got the DLC dresses, but I've seen the official art of them and they're all amazing!

I'm a traditionalist in the fact I prefer her normal Wonderland dress. However, the Siren dress makes her look like a mermaid-esque doll which is adorable! Out of the DLC dresses, both the Cheshire and Fleshmaiden dresses look pretty cool to me.
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Old 08-11-2011, 11:13 PM   #3
Join Date: Nov 2010
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Gamertag: default dot xbe
hattress for me, i like the short cropped hair
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Old 08-13-2011, 01:49 AM   #4
MissIcewolf's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: Sweden
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Gamertag: Icewolf883
I love the steampunk and hattres one!
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Old 08-13-2011, 09:23 AM   #5
Join Date: Aug 2011
Posts: 4

Gamertag: caughtinadreamx
I'm partial to the Checkmate dress, but I love the Siren dress as well. They're all amazing though, honestly.
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Old 08-18-2011, 02:50 AM   #6
Ryuukishi's Avatar
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Old 08-18-2011, 08:19 AM   #7
XenoSamurai's Avatar
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Gamertag: XenoSamurai
I like the cheshire and hatter outfits. The cheshire outfit is creepy yet a bad ass awesome look, and the hatter outfit I like cause she looks good with short hair but I like her long hair too though.
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Old 09-02-2011, 01:41 PM   #8
GENWAKU's Avatar
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Location: Newcastle, England.
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Gamertag: genwaku
Maybe it's because I'm a lover of the sea, but I loved the Siren dress from the get go. I love the attention to detail, the lure around the back, the scales, the barefeet and the loose, flowing hair.

Late but Lucky was adorable though. And I did like the Asian-esque one too.

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Old 10-04-2011, 10:35 AM   #9
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Gamertag: OmegaX0
Steampunk and Siren.
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Old 10-17-2011, 02:22 AM   #10
circus1776's Avatar
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Gamertag: circus1776
As far as aesthetics go, Steampunk and Checkmate are easily my two favorites.

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Old 10-19-2011, 01:05 PM   #11
Princess Clow
Princess Clow's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: Australia.
Posts: 7

Gamertag: Princess Clow
Out of the ogirinal dresses, I like the siren one best. As for the DLC, I really like the cheshire cat one, but that's just because I'm such a big cheshire cat fan. Late but lucky was awesome too, really cute. =)

The one I like least is the flesh maiden one. I mean, eww.
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Old 10-28-2011, 10:35 PM   #12
JellyBean1183's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2011
Location: Scotia, NY
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Gamertag: justbecause1183
I Love Silk Maiden and Siren, so cute.
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Old 10-29-2011, 10:44 AM   #13
Thicketford's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2008
Posts: 336

Gamertag: Thicketford
I like her London outfit, but mostly because I like girls with shorter hair.

The steamdress is my favourite Wonderland outfit though.
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Old 10-30-2011, 09:56 PM   #14
Join Date: Oct 2011
Posts: 9

Gamertag: Silverglade85
I like the cheshire cat and steam maiden. Also liked the straight jacket one with her crazy expression and shaved head.
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Old 11-12-2011, 06:50 PM   #15
Kingdom hearts 4ever
Kingdom hearts 4ever's Avatar
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My favorites are silk maiden and the Cheshire cat dress.
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Old 12-13-2011, 12:59 AM   #16
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Gamertag: Metalldiva
Chesire has the best look but Checkmate and Fleshmaiden are very very useful
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Old 12-19-2011, 05:03 PM   #17
Valkyrie258's Avatar
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Gamertag: Valkyrie258
I like the Royal Suit best, too bad it has a negative gameplay effect

The London dress looks awesome too :P
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Old 12-20-2011, 10:54 PM   #18
XxToxicMasqueradexX's Avatar
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Gamertag: ToxicMasquerade
I like several of them. Steamdress, Silk Maiden, Royal Suit, Cheshire, Checkmate, and Hattress (of course since Hatter is my favorite Alice character).
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Old 01-02-2012, 08:56 PM   #19
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I like the normal Wonderland one along with Siren and Silk Maiden. I don't have the DLC so I don't know what those look like unfortunately :/
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Old 01-11-2012, 08:46 PM   #20
driftingdoll's Avatar
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Gamertag: driftingdoll
The Hattress one is my favorite, but I like them all! As a huge Alice fan and a costumer, I want to attempt making them
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Old 01-22-2012, 02:02 AM   #21
Lady Bamelot
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Gamertag: MelissaOliver
I haven't seen any of the DLC dresses yet - but I adore the Siren dress, which I have her wearing at all times.
Her hair flows in such a pretty way and the way her make-up looks is gorgeous!
If they paired that hair with that make-up and any of the other dresses, they'd look so much better.
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Old 07-16-2012, 04:23 PM   #22
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Checkmate is pretty badass looking but can't go wrong w the usefulness of the caterpillar dlc dress.
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Old 08-19-2012, 11:08 PM   #23
Inebriated Jedi
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Siren and Checkmate are my favorites. I'd wear them in real life if I could!

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Old 09-04-2012, 06:42 AM   #24
ozzy830's Avatar
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Gamertag: ozzy830
I like the siren and hattress. The gear eye pupil for hatress are so beautiful.
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Old 09-11-2012, 01:11 PM   #25
HellMaid's Avatar
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Gamertag: xHellMaid777x
For added stats? I prefer Late but Lucky.

However, my favorites are her London dress and the Silk Maiden dresses.
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Old 12-08-2012, 01:39 AM   #26
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Gamertag: Glitterberries
My favorites would be Fleshmaiden & Royal Suit.
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