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Fable: The Journey
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Siphon Filther
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Achievement Guide and Road Map

Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
Estimated time for 1000: 10-12 hours.
Minimum playthroughs: 2 (story mode and arcade mode)
Offline achievements: 50
Online achievements: 0
Missable achievements: None
Glitched achievements: None
Does difficulty affects achievement: No, the difficulty level is standard.
Extra equipment needed: yes, Kinect sensor

Welcome to Fable: the Journey, 6th title of the Fable saga, fully playable with Kinect. Overall the game is pretty easy, still requires 2 playthroughs to be completed. You can easily get most of the achievements just playing through the Story mode but you necessarily have to complete the game also in Arcade mode to get the last 7 achievements and complete the collectible list.
Through the story mode, you’ll acquire new spells and tokens to upgrade your skills. If you purchased the arcade “Fable Heroes” you’ll be also able to transfer gold among those two titles, If you have some gold spare of course. The English version of the game also supports voice command that you can use as a shortcut to select the desired spell. The localized versions don’t support this feature so you’ll be able to call the spells only performing a certain gesture.
The difficulty level is standard and the game supports an auto-save function that rewrites all your progress in a unique game file. Save points are pretty close to each other so if you realize you missed something, quickly quit the game and reload your previous save although, I must say, this game is so open and straightforward that is very unlikely that you’ll miss something without having any possibility to retrieve later what you missed. This also concerns the collectibles; unless you are a perfectionist, be aware that to unlock the collectible related achievement you don’t need to find them all. Just 15 will do.
Here in few words how you should proceed.
Playthrough 1: Story mode. Begin the Story mode as the Arcade mode is locked. Since most of the achievements in the game are about killing enemies in a certain way, I would start reading the achievement guide to have an idea about what you have to do to perform those kills and which is the best segment of the story to get that. Proceeding through the story will grant you to find the chests, the dolls and most of the kill related achievements and will unlock the arcade mode. This playthrough is the longest one and it will take you around 10 hours to be completed.
Playthrough 2: Arcade mode. Now, little by little, play through all the 14 arcade chapters. This will take more or less 4 hours taking in account that you may have to replay some chapters. Arcade chapters are basically the same combat sequences you found in Story mode. Your aim is to get the gold medal in every chapter. To do that, pay attention at the summary at the beginning of the chapter that will tell you how many points you need to achieve that. Keep in mind that your score depends on 4 factors: time needed, stylish kills performed, length of kill-streak and how much life you lost by the end of the chapter. Except for 1 or 2 chapters that might give you problems you should be able to get the gold medal easily in most of the stages. The Arcade mode can be used as a backup solution to clean up the achievements previously missed in the story mode.

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