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DLC Achievement Guide (Onslaught/Survivors/Predator)

- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 0/0
- Online: 15/15 (375)
- Approximate amount of time to 375: 7-10 Hours
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No Difficulty
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

Hi all, this is my first guide so please bear with me! Most of these achievements can be obtained pretty quickly, but some others will require some time, even with boosting. Most can be obtained with two players, with the exception of two or three achievements. I'll specify those below.

The three new game types are Onslaught, Survivors, and Predator. Each multiplayer mode adds 125 ... They can be purchased individually, or as a discounted bundle.


Surrounded on all Sides - 45
Send 2,000 enemies to your opponent's map.

This one will come with time. Every zombie you kill builds up your chain. When your chain runs out, you send that many enemies to your opponent's map. Your chain will automatically end at 30, sending 30 enemies. If you break your chain at 10, it will send 10 enemies.

Take the Stage - 30
Defeat your opponent and achieve victory in 3 stages.

Simply win on three different maps.

Killer Combo - 30
Achieve a 30-combo chain.

This one will also come in time. Just max out your combo chain to 30. As you learn the map this will be easier. I did mine on Mining the Depths. If you run to the bottom of the level where all the ice is, you will have access to two exploding barrels and three green combo timers. Save the combo timers for when you need ammo or if there aren't enough enemies for you to kill. Keep an eye on your ammo! Nothing is more frustrating then having a 29 combo and losing it because you have to reload at a bad time.

You Are S.O.L. - 10
Defeat your opponent 10 times with enemies you sent.

Enemies that your opponent sends over are green creatures that resemble the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Your opponent has to be killed by these enemies. This can easily be boosted if you are having trouble.

NOTE: I did mine on Steel Beast, because whenever my boosting partner would kill me with the green zombie dogs, it DID NOT COUNT! Steel Beast will give you J'avo instead of zombies.

Kill or Be Killed - 10
Win while in the dying state.

This achievement is mainly luck required, but if you have a good boosting partner it can be easily timed. On Mining the Depths map, you can use the exploding barrels to weaken yourself, while your partner does the same. Build up a big combo and send the hoard after your partner. Try to go down at the same time and kill anything that gets near you.

This can be done easiest done on Catacombs if you have it, thanks to the spike trap. Just both go run headfirst into it and whoever is giving the other the achievement, run into it twice. Thanks to Onyxflamegod for this method.


Last Man Standing--Again - 45
Win five times in a row.

Simply win five times in a row. This can be easily boosted with another player. All you have to do is kill your opponent, winning the match.

Take 'Em All Down - 30
Defeat 100 agents.

This will come with time. Simply kill 100 other players.

Boosting method: We filled a lobby with six players, and we all used the "Agent" character. Find a meeting place and set the remote bomb. Have your boosting partners gather around the bomb, and then detonate it (be careful, it has a large blast radius). Two shots from your magnum will finish them off. Rinse and repeat. This method took my boosting team and I about 3 hours. Please post below if you have a quicker method!

Note: It has been confirmed that you don't need to use the "Agent" character, but he can do damage quickly with the remote bombs.

Kung Fu Fighting - 30
Survive to the end only using physical attacks.

Survive to the end of the wave only using physical attacks, or if your boosting with another player, simply kill them only using physical attacks.

Return to the game as a human character. - 10
Return to the game as a human character.

This requires at least three people. When you die in this game type, you will be respawned as a zombie. If you kill another agent while in zombie form, you will come back as a human, unlocking the achievement.

Team Effort - 10 :gisicon:
Win without any members of your team being killed.

This requires at least three people and can only be obtained in the Team Survivors variant. There must be at least two people on the team going for the achievement. Simply kill the other members of the enemy team without any of your team mates dying.


Not without a Fight - 45
Defeat Ustanak 20 times.

Simply land the finishing blow on the Ustanak 20 times.

Playing as Leon (or another character with a shot gun) will be the quickest way for boosters. Six or seven head shots usually finishes him off. This is easiest is on the Urban Chaos map. The Ustanak will always start on top of the bus. Jump off the right side of the bus and take a right. This will put you at the human's spawn point.

Invincible - 30
Defeat Ustanak without anyone on your team being captured.

You must kill the Ustanak without him grabbing any of your team mates. If he grabs you, it counts as a capture, even if you survive. Shotguns do a lot of damage, but are risky.

Easy Pickings - 30
Eliminate all players as Ustanak in less than a minute.

Eliminate the opposing team in under a minute. The Ustanak is a tank, and can easily incapacitate other players. is your grab move, and throws them away. Try to throw them into other players for extra damage.

Boosting method: Play a 1vs1 match and grab the other player with as the Ustanak. The game will end, unlocking the achievement. Thanks for this method, Jawmuncher.

One Is Never Enough - 10
As Ustanak, capture a total of 50 humans.

Use to grab an enemy. This counts as a capture, even if the player survives. Quickly throw them away with and grab them again for another capture!

Boosting Method: This is easiest with three players on the Urban Chaos map. The Ustanak will always start on top of the bus. Jump off the right side of the bus and take a right. This will put you at the human's spawn point. Grab a player with . At this time, the other human player should push to free their team mate. Continue grabbing the SAME player until time runs out, or the player dies. If you grab both members consecutively, the match will end.

Held Captive - 10
Defeat Ustanak with only one Agent remaining.

You must land the finishing blow on Ustanak while you are the last one alive. This can be easily boosted with another player as the Ustanak, while you are by yourself.

There you have it! Please let me know if I missed anything, or if anyone has anything to add.

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