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Dogfight 1942
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5-Star and Medals Guide (Hard) (+DLC)

Scores and Awards(On Hard)
*Note: All 5-Star Scores are for Hard. Also, for the War Hero, Famous Ace, and I'm Not a Rookie achievements, you can get the 5 stars and all of the medals on different difficulties for each mission if you choose, so playing through on Hard and cleaning up one or two missions on Easy will work.
*Also a note about the scores: Some of them are ball-parked as I may have missed the point where I actually went to 5 stars, but they should be mostly accurate (if anything a bit high)

General Tips
  • Reducing speed by pulling back on the can help you increase you accuracy with your secondary weapons
  • To land, drop your landing gear with , pull back on the throttle with and ease your way to the ground while staying parallel with it. Don't forget to press to raise the landing gear after take-off.
  • To get the best score results with secondary weapons, double tap to quickly drop two bombs at once, and space out your rocket shots so you never have to stop and reload. Both can result in kill combos and double hits depending on the target(s).
  • Use to enter Ace Mode, which has your plane automatically follow the target, and locking on with helps with accuracy. This is more useful on the higher difficulties, which don't do it automatically, and you will need to aim further with on Hard.
  • You can use the dpad to give orders to your wingmen if you have any. tells them to follow you, tells them to fire at will, tells them to attack your target and tells them to protect you.

Act I

Baptism in Fire (Tutorial)
Just fly the plane and shoot down some enemies. Very straightforward mission.
5-Star Score: 4000+ points
Outstanding American Pilot Versatility badge I
Finish the mission flying Grumman F6F 'Hellcat'
In order to unlock the Hellcat for this mission you will need to finish every mission in Act I
Pursuit of excellence pin
Play the mission again, improving your score
To avoid this, you can just press and reload the mission once the mission actually starts to get this medal without actually playing the mission twice, though you'll have to with the Hellcat anyway.
Experienced combat pilot badge
Finish the mission without using the Ace Mode
To enter Ace mode, you must mark a target with and hold . To NOT enter Ace mode, just don't do that.

First Encounters at Midway
On Hard, you will want to focus 100% on the bombers - the red targets - and stay as close to their bombing targets as possible so you can quickly move from plane to plane as you shoot them down. Targets getting destroyed, resulting in mission failure, is the biggest issue in this mission.
5-Star Score: 28,000+ points
Outstanding American pilot versatility badge I
Finish the mission flying the NAA P-51D 'Mustang'
The P-51 will unlock once you finish Act I
Gold combat badge
Shoot down 35 enemy planes
This is easier on either Hard or with a better plane than the one you start with, such as the Mustang, as the first time around on Hard you'll spend the duration shooting down the bombing planes, however I still pulled off 32 planes on my first attempt so it's definitely still possible to do on the first try. One thing to note is that the counter next to the planes on the top right of the screen is how many planes are no longer showing....meaning if the counter reads 25 and you have 10 planes crossed out, that means you have shot down a total of 35 planes.
Medal for perseverance
Finish the mission without dying
For the most part, you won't get shot at too much as a lot of the planes are either too busy bombing their targets or dogfighting with your friends to bother with you. One thing to note is that if you do crash, reloading the checkpoint won't "fix it" and you'll have to just play the mission again.

All in a Day's Work
For Hard, play the first part of the mission normally, but once you have to defend a location from a large group of bombers, you'll notice the bombers split into two large groups, 9 on your left and 6 on your right, so head to the left most group and aim for the smaller group of 3 at the back end (your right) side of that group. Be sure to come in from above so only the top turrets on the bombers will be hitting you and pick off each bomber one by one. Your initial strafe run should be net you 3+ bomber kills if you come in at just the right angle, otherwise their bullets will tear you apart. Continue to make big loops and dive bomb down on each 3-set of bombers and take them out one by one, and be sure to not rush it if you're trying for the perseverance medal this run, which can be stupid difficult using the awful starter planes. However, doing this method will get you the Anti-bomber service badge no problem, and help solidify a relatively easy victory.
5-Star Score: 24,000+
Outstanding British pilot versatility badge II
Finish the mission flying the Supermarine Spitfire Mk. I.
This will be the first mission where you have two available planes to fly. While in the plane select menu, press to select the black plane - the Supermarine Spitfire Mk. I. Note that this will probably make getting Medal of Perserverance even harder for you on the Hard difficulty, as it has almost no armor. It is, however, quite fast.
Anti-bomber service recognition badge
Shoot down 12 enemy bombers
The bombers will be the red targets you must take out in the second phase of the mission. There are exactly 12, so you will need to take out all of them yourself, thankfully your allies will be busy with the fighter escorts. One big thing to note is that you will want to come at the bombers from either above or below so only one of the turrets on the bomber is shooting at you at one time. If you're doing this on Hard, read the Hard description above for more thorough tips.
Medal of perseverance
Finish the mission without dying
Both of the starting planes are pretty awful, so I highly recommend either doing this on something other than Hard, or coming back with a better plane later on. In either case, make sure you fly at the bombers from above or below them to cut the damage you take in half.

A Day at the Beach
On Hard you can die as much as you want, though chances are you won't, at least not very much. The opening firefight is the most difficult part, but if you keep weaving back and forth it will greatly reduce the damage you take since apparently every enemy fighter is flying behind you. During the second part, try and take the E-Boats out in as few bomb runs as possible, as they deal crazy AA damage.
The score is very easily done if you get double hits while dropping bombs, which you can do with little effort my flying along the length of the sub and double tapping to quickly drop both bombs on top of it. This will give 500x2 every time.
5-Star Score 15,000+
Outstanding British pilot versatility badge I
Finish the mission flying the PZL .50A 'Jastrzab'
Once again, you have the option to select this during the plane select, prior to starting the mission. Press or until you see the plane come up, and make sure it's the right one as you will now have at least 3 options. The plane isn't all that amazing, but if you just keep moving during the opening firefight, you won't have any problems doing the mission on Hard.
Outstanding operational efficiency badge
Complete all secondary mission objectives
As the enemy U-Boat is escaping, enemy E-Boats will appear. Rotate between bombing the E-Boats and the U-Boat because the E-Boats will try and run if you sink the U-Boat too early, so try and sink them all roughly at the same time. One method to do this, is to bomb the U-Boat to half health and then go over to the E-Boats once they appear. There will be three, with the two in the back grouped together, allowing you to easily take them out in a single bomb run. Eventually the E-Boat will get very close to the U-Boat, allowing you to do the same to them if you haven't already sunk them.
Experienced combat pilot badge
Finish the mission without using the Ace Mode
Ace Mode is activated by press then holding . So don't do that and you will get the badge.

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