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Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition
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Achievement Guide and Road Map

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Estimated time for 200: 5+ hours (depending on skill)
-Minimum playthroughs: 1
-Missable achievements: None
-Glitched achievements: None
-Offline: 12 (200)
-Online: 0 (0)
-Cheats disable achievements: No Cheats

Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition is a neo-retro remake of Konami’s famous Frogger arcade game. It has several game modes and sparkly, modern graphics but the gameplay never varies far from the tried and tested formula. With practice this is pretty easy but don't expect to blaze right through it without effort.

General tips: I found Hyper controls easiest to get along with and used the face buttons (generally just Y to move upwards) and the d-pad together but that's just me.

You can choose when to start a level so wait for a big gap in traffic. This will really help with Challenge 20 (the bitch of the bunch). Also mentioned by Flipstylee in another thread.

There are a couple of hidden dangers. Occasionally you can be killed if you stay on the far left of a log (some little critter bastard swims up and kills you). And don't go too far right on a crocodile as he'll eat you (obviously). Oh and it's a bit too easy to misjudge that final lilypad leap so make sure you nail it.

Step 1: Classic Frogger

The hardest achievements in this game generally focus on this mode. You’ll be playing through Classic Frogger and picking up achievements for;

Twin Stick – Try both Hyper and Retro controls in Classic. Select play and whatever visuals/sounds you want and select Retro controls. And then navigate your frog into traffic until the game is over. When you restart pick Hyper controls. They are better for the rest of the game.

Nostalgia – Get a Frog home in Classic Frogger. As simple as it sounds. Navigate upwards through the traffic and then through the river section and land on a lilypad (one of the seven target areas at the top of the screen).

Frogger in Love – Rescue a lady Frog in Classic. Lady frogs are pink and are found on the first row of logs in the top section of the screen. They are always worth picking up for the points bonus.

Highway Crossing Frog – Complete the fifth difficulty level in Classic Frogger. This is pretty tough but not nearly as bad as the original Frogger. I found that using a combination of the dpad and the Y button (to move upwards, it’s more accurate) was useful. There’s no trick to this, you need to practice. The hardest thing is getting the leftmost lilypad as you need to anticipate when the log will be there but this is very doable with practice.

Greasy Joystick – Obtain a score of 100,000 in Classic Frogger. I picked up lady frogs on the way, and went for flies (sometimes sat on lilypads) and picked this up during stage 7. After stage 5 the game loops back to stage 1 and so once you get Highway Crossing Frog, this really isn’t that much more difficult.

Step 2: Twin Frogger

This terrible mode sees you navigating two frogs over the level at the same time. Beat stage 1 to get Twin Frogs for 10G. Just be mindful of the gap between them and you should manage this pretty quickly.

Step 3: Battle Royale

Select this mode and pick 1 CPU enemy. Pick up a fly and press RB to get Go! Frog! Go! Win the round to get Rumble In The Pond! The trick is to get to those flies first and activate them (they freeze, transport or confuse your enemy) when a lady frog shows up. Grab her and then squish your enemy (run into him) for a point. It takes like 3 or 4 points to win. Simple stuff.

Step 4: Tile Capture

Select one 1 CPU enemy and then concentrate and colouring tiles and then lock them in by getting to a lilypad. You can steal enemy tiles when they are unlocked, so do that. It’ll take you a couple of goes to nail this. Use the fast, travelling logs to steal entire rows of tiles. Win the round for the Tongue Tiled achievement.

Step 5: Paint

This is a slightly nervewracking mode. You have to clear all 25 paint patterns in one go. You start with three lives and earn more as you go along but be careful. The levels never really get that much harder (the traffic patterns stay consistent) so all you need to do is be methodical. Never step outside of the paint tiles (unless you are at the very bottom, middle or top of the level). I found the Hyper controls combined with my d-pad + face buttons method of control made this easier. You’ll probably only die by making silly risks, so play it safe and you’ll be fine. Beat stage 25 for the Devoted Artist achievement.

Step 6: Challenges

You’ll unlock Around The World for playing all the modes when you select this. There are twenty challenges and each one has to be completed with a solitary life. Once a challenge is beaten, you never have to go back to it. That’s the good news. The bad news is that some of these are very tough. You’ll get challenges based on all the various modes (hence why we do this last). The worst one, challenge 20, requires you to rescue seven frogs on stage 5. That means beating the hardest level in the game with one life and going out of your way to get the lady frogs. Tough stuff but by now you should be pretty seasoned. By the way, if you get to a lilypad without rescuing a frog on this challenge, you may as well restart as you’ve already failed.

Get that done though and you’ve got a sweet, maxed-out arcade title on your gamercard. Congrats!
__________________ - 1000 points, lovely.

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