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Bum Commando
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Whats with this game?

Whys this game so damn quiet? I have to crank the friggen volume to hear it at all. The control is god awful too :/. I got this game for 5 bucks on sale but damn! They couldve done so much better. Theres parts I really like and the price will help me overlook some of the obvious flaws. It seems like theres a good game underneath it all though.
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Originally Posted by Bum Commando View Post
It seems like theres a good game underneath it all though.
Lies! There is nothing under there but pain and broken controllers.
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Haha i agree on that dookh8r. Probably the worst game in history to sum it up as far as i see it. thought it would be like alan wake or something but no. i pushed through just because i knew if i would take out the cd i will never finish it, now i got my 1000G but to be honest, i wouldnt play this again even if i got a 10 000 bonus to my GS thats how bad i think it is.

That the game is quiet is no problem for me even though i noticed that to, just crank up the volume

id say 5 bucks is a robbery, this game dosent deserve to exist.
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How can anyone possibly say this is the worse game ever. Please stop yourself. The game has a great storyline. It's the Xbox 360 version that suffers from bad controls. Play Inferno on PS3 and it stacks up against most horror games of this generation.
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hink baby
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I go this for free...paid too much?
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Originally Posted by hink baby View Post
I go this for free...paid too much?
Yes you did. Pray that it doesn't glitch on you like mine and prevent you from getting all 1000 gamerscore.
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Saw this for 1.97 and decided to pick it up and got a 1.26 discount on my loyalty card. 71p for the game and half an hour into it thought it was the most expensive coaster I have ever bought.

Decided to plod on and have now sort of got used to the controls and finding it actually quite enjoyable. Just give it time, it is actually quite a cinematic game full of good puzzles (first puzzle being the hardest.... the control's).

If you do have a bit of patience then this game is worth getting. If you get frustrated easily and tend to smash joypads then leave well alone (on a shelf in the back of the shop in the dark).

71p...... absolute bargain.
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Am I the only one who for the most part enjoyed it?

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Skorpion XBA
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Originally Posted by Corrupt x360a View Post
Am I the only one who for the most part enjoyed it?
No, I thought it was a good game as well. Not the best, but certainly not the worst.
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Jedi ObiJoe
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Originally Posted by DOOKH8R View Post
Lies! There is nothing under there but pain and broken controllers.
Love it!! This game was painful to play. I pushed through and finished it late last night. I like what it tried to do but the controls were just so bad it overwhelmed anything good the game had left. I think the silence and lack of enemies helped with the fear factor of the game. The fire was pretty cool as well. The 3 rd person controls, aiming system (when you need it to shoot the Humanz), and the car controls destroyed this game. I'm done and will never have to play it again.
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