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Obsessive Compulsive - The Definitive Checklist

There seems to be quite a bit of discussion over just where those 130 points come from. Actually 118 of them everyone seems to be in agreement on, its the remaining 12 points that seems to be the crux of all the conversations.

Here's where everyone agrees :

54 Collector Cards
19 Recepies
18 Jumps
27 Races .
118 Total

Sooo.....what about the other 12 points? I'll give it to ya straight then I'll explain :

8 The First 8 Job Board Missions You Complete
1 JK Stiles Sposored Race
1 Complete Dietrich's Abandoned Distillery (The 1st Time)
1 Win A Single Round Of All Minigames At Least Once
1 Complete The Game
12 Total

Challenge yourself to check these final 12 points. Look at your stats just before and just after attempting each.

Job Board Missions
For the job board missions, it doesn't matter which order you do them in OR if you have the Sewers DLC. Simply put, as you complete the first 8 missions (from the job board), check your will notice it climbing as you complete each mission...up until 8. From the 9th on you get no credit. If you complete a "Clean The <????> Sewers" mission from the DLC, you will get credit for it IF it is one of the first 8 you complete. A sneaky one is the "Proposition" mission from the Wellspring tells you to talk to Phallinx Hagar....AND THAT'S IT!! As soon as you speak to Phallinx you hear that all familliar mission complete "GONG", check your stats....up one point. Phallinx then sends you on another mission to the Shrouded Bunker but you don't get credit for completeing that one (why? because the mission came from Phallinx, NOT the job board).

JK Stiles Sponsored Race

There are four additional races you will compete in that are not part of the Racing Menus in Either Town. You get a point for one of them, but not the other three.
  1. Durars Time Trial (No Credit)
  2. JK Stiles Sposored Race (CREDIT 1 POINT)
  3. Starky's Challenge - Wellspring (No Credit)
  4. Starky's Challenge - Subway Town (No Credit)
Dietrich's Abandoned Distillery
The first time you go through (not the second trip you make from the job board). The point is awarded as soon as you pick up the second jug from the distiller. Check your stats just before you pick it up, then pick it up and wait for the mission complete "GONG" then check your stats...up one point.

1.) Loosum's Wingstick Tutorial (why would anyone not do this?!?)
2.) Win one round of Tombstones
3.) Win one round of 5 finger fillet (just do the first round then cash out)
4.) Win one round of Strum (just do the first round then cash out)
5.) Win one hand of Rage Frenzy from either Hendick or Teague on any difficulty.

Complete The Game
Finish "Attack on Capital Prime" - unavoidable....really.

And that's it. I've checked this seven ways to Sunday and it works.....every time.

I made up an excel file as an actual checklist, of all 130 items that you can print and check off as you get them. If anyone wants it, just let me know and I'll pop it over to you.


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Barnsley Pal
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Thanks for posting this. I haven't been checking my progress regularly, so I didn't know what was adding to the total.
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Is there a point of no return for some of these?

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I just want to point out that I did only did the second Starky race and the Stanleys Express mission after I already was on the second disc and still got the achievement (for everyone who is wondering about these missions).

I had a chance to kill the best, but then I remebered suicide is a sin.


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Originally Posted by the_b1ues View Post
Is there a point of no return for some of these?

Unfortunately, yes. All 6 Authority Prison Cards (the mission where you have to break the captain out of jail) can only be obtained the only time you're there. Same goes for the collector cards in Dead City, the 2nd time you go to Dead City where you fight the Authority, there's a missable card that can only be obtained the 2nd time you enter.

Another one, (there are more I can't think of) in the outrigger settlement there's a sidequest and the reward is a schematic, and this mission is missable. If you go there and you don't do the sidequest and you go back the settlement will be blocked off. (You can glitch your way back in to get the collector card in there, but no one will be there so you can't do the mission)
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Originally Posted by the_b1ues View Post
Is there a point of no return for some of these?
Just use the handy-dandy collectible guide that is stickied and you will have no problem netting them.

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No problem. My pleasure.
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