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Mark of the Ninja
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Collectibles Guide (text)

Mark of the Ninja tasks you with completing certain objectives in each mission to be awarded with Seals upon completion of the level. Collecting all of the Seals will give you the Perfection Achievement.

Level 1
*Ring Azai's large gongs (4)
Look out for the gongs that are mounted on their own sort of platform (not the free-hanging ones). They'll all be along your path, just hit them with a dart and you're good
*Free all 4 of the Ninja prisoners
They're all in the same building, once you kill the guards make sure to hold to free them
*Save Azai without being detected
Move to the right side of the room and climb down and come in from behind the guys

Level 2
*Destroy at least 20 lights
Either quickfire your darts by tapping or use to aim, to fire when they are equipped; to equip them. There are well over 20 lights, but start this right off the bat
*Reach the Transformer in under a minute
Actually just need to reach the roof of the building it is in. It is a relatively short distance to the next building, just be wary of the guards along the way. You can kill a couple and still make it no problem though
*Reach the top of the tower without being detected

Level 3
*Access the Communication Tower without getting detected
*Kill six of the Courier's Guards
When you follow the Courier at the end of the level, take out 6 of his guards along his route
*Fill Five dumpsters with dispatched guards
Kill guards and drag them to a dumpster and press to drop them into the dumpster, killing them from within the dumpster doesn't work unless you take them out and put them back in. Also, reusing dumpsters with multiple corpses does not work.

Level 4
*Terrify a guard by killing another with a spike mine
Pick any place where two guards come into view of one another at some point and plant a mine () on the ground where they will walk over it while within sight of another person. If you throw it too close to someone, they'll hear it and shoot it (if it's not upgraded), also the second guard must see the first guard blow up. You can do this a number of times throughout the level, one such place is the very first set of guards you run into after entering the tunnel/building. There's a motion sensor to the right of them, and it will go off if you throw the mine when it's looking at you. Toss the mine to the far side of the two guards (either from the staircase, or from the hanging spot above them), and distract the both guards to go toward the mine. Either both will walk toward it, killing one, or one will walk toward it, the other will watch as his friend blows up.
*Open all the gas vents
There are 6 in total, although the game says you're finished after 3, so just go and open the last 3 for this seal
*Kill two guards with a single chandelier
There are a couple of good spots for this one. One spot is the top right room from the elevator shaft during the gas vent part. Distract one guard under it and wait until the next one walks under it then throw a dart at it.
Level 5
*Terrify a guard by hanging another from a grappling point
Requires Hangman's Hymn OR Grim Harbinger
*Reach the end without breaking any lights
*Kill Kelly without raising the alarm
Climb up along the left side of the screen and up and around to the right side to take out the snipers. Then go back to the top middle and start attacking the supports to the lighting until they squash Kelly like the cockroach that he is

Level 6
*Stealth kill all the guards in the catacombs
*Sneak into the castle without being detected
*Lure a Guard into a stealth kill using a dead body
This can be someone you killed and left there, or a body you planted for someone to find. Once though go "OMG A BODY!" and start to run up to it, you can take them out, just make sure they don't finish calling in the body or you'll lose points

Level 7
*Kill 3 Gasmask guards while they are walking in poison gas
You have a few seconds to drop into gas and stealth kill before you choke, it's generally easier if you kill gasmask guards at a few necessary points, and you'll come across several more that are in gas (green area, obviously).
*Hide 3 bodies in the final room
You'll reach a point with a countdown until a door in the roof opens, while the lower area fills with gas. Drop to the area below that door and from there, throw any enemy bodies () throw the floor below you into the gased area.
*Ride the crate to the top of the shaft without getting off
This is near the challenge room area (leading up to it), there will be a box that starts in a gas filled area next to a lever and a gas mask guard. Kill the guard, hit the lever and hop onto the box. Watch for the view ranges of the oncoming guards and move to the opposite side of the box to not get shot off. They'll be on the left,right,left in order.

Level 8
*Sabotage the helicopter without being detected
The generator you need to sabotage is below the helipad.
*Terrorize a guard into shooting another guard
See the related achievements for tips
*Kill three elite guards
In order to kill an elite guard you will need to stun them somehow (ie electric wires right after the first elite) or find an environmental item that kills them instantly/eventually, falling traps, or throwing a body on top of them (sometimes). Terrorizing them with anything will freak them out, wait until they stop being freaked out and quickly finish them off or they'll go back to normal

Level 9
*Kill Karajan without being detected
Watch for Snipers and motion sensors in particular. Karajan, himself, CAN see you and it won't void this
*Pickpocket both keys
For the first guy, dangle from the vent above him, and for the second guy, quickly stealth kill both of his guards and then sneak up on him. Requires pickpocketing is similar to stealth kills, but uses
*Get smelled by all the dogs
Move along a path that leads to the top left part of the map to find all three dogs

Level 10
*Retrieve the keys without using any items
*Recover the sumi without taking any damage
*Get the tattoo needles without being detected

Level 11
*Escape the first stalkers without being seen
Stalkers are the new ninja ladies. They have excellent hearing, they jump around like you, and they have increased line of sight. Wait until they are far away and facing away before you move.
*Bypass all the bandits without taking damage
*Kill 5 enemies using traps
Throwing a dart at a hanging bomb will instantly kill an enemy, as well as dropping one in their walking path. Tripping wires to trigger rock falls, and other stuff also works, as well as stepping on pressure pads to kill enemies standing over a spike trap. Stalkers do not seem to count toward this seal.

Level 12
*Remain undetected until you recover your equipment
Trickiest part is the hallway with lights and two guards, but all you need to do is toss a dart at the first light in the room, jump into the vent and move to the exit while the guards are distracted
*Stealth kill 3 hallucinations in less than 15 seconds
The guards are hallucinations (hence the magical blue smoke that appears when you kill one). Continue until you reach a large outdoor area with loads of guards and trees to grapple to and a stalker smack dab in the middle. The door to this area on the bottom floor of the building you're in has a guard with his back to it, so silence him first. Make your way outside, grapple up to the trees and dangle above the next two guards until the pathing one turns back and walks toward where you came from. Hangman him, and then drop down and kill his friend
*Stealth kill from a hiding spot after moving into it with serenity
As soon as you get your equipment, head to the right and grapple down into the tree and over ---above the right guard. Drop and Serenity into the tree pot behind him and then stealth kill him.

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