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Thanks a lot fo the guide man. Another 1000g in the bank
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Awesome guide, I had no probs. thanks for the easy 1000 GS
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Thanks for the guide sanger.

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Another perfect guide.


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Originally Posted by A 0 E monkey View Post
Rememeber to use the lb button wherever possible and count your autosaves if you think you missed a trigger, lock in (with y) the first 4 or 5 triggers from the first run so the later runs are quicker since you can start from here rather than the start each time
That Tip helped me a lot. I finished in 1h 52m (because I don't understand the game in the beginning). Thanks Sanger and all others that helped to make this guide perfect. Anohter 1k for me xD
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Awesome guide Sangriaz.

Special Thanks to Rajeanero For The Sig
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cant work out how to do the save for auto trigger, the guide is abit hard to follow on that part :/
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Right I've done all the story bits and unlocked all the 8 Cgs or whatever.

I can't follow the mop up as my quick saves keep overwriting the 8/8 bottom right corner. How can I wipe the saves as it keeps overwriting!

I can't follow the mop up!

I'll need to wipe my quick saves and do part 8 again and then follow it from there
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Originally Posted by KellyNUTS View Post
Heres a tip im hoping will help you and anyone else in the same boat!

When u get to a trigger point and have to press or u have to make sure when u press it the screen vibrates and u will see big white/transparent JP writing in the background, this indicates u pressed the trigger! Sometimes when an achievement pops up when u have to enter a trigger the trigger wont indicate so u miss it out.

Also make sure after every playthru u unlock a new "clear ending", which will be a new picture in the "Clear" section of "Extras". I checked everytime and twice a new picture didnt show up so I knew that I did something wrong with that playthru!!

Heres what I did on playthru 8:
01 Played it exactly like above.
02 After 7th trigger has quick saved, go into in game options with
03 Go into "Quickload" and highlight your newest save.
04 Press on new save and it will turn green.
05 Press to exit out, select the left option both times.
06 Keep playing like normal.
07 After 12th trigger has autosaved, go back into options with
08 Press on the 5 trigger saves after the green one.
09 Now quick saves for triggers 7-12 should be highlighted green.
10 Press to exit out, select the left option both times.
11 Keep playing like normal & complete the game.
12 From title screen go into "quickload"
13 Select the 1st green quicksave(trigger 7).
14 Select the left option
15 Now press on trigger seven.
16 Hold down till cheev pops and u get to the next trigger point
17 Let it quicksave(although probably not needed, but doesnt matter)
18 Exit out into the main menu.
19 Repeat steps 13-18 for each next green quicksave
20 Work in the proper order
21 When u get to do the last one(12th trigger quickload) press when u should and then keep playing and complete the rest of the game!
More achievements & a gamerpicture will unlock along the way!!!
One thing I would suggest adding to this post would be to take a picture of with all 5 saves in green before you start doing it as when I backed out it created another save which pushed one of the green saves back a page and it confused me as I didn't realize it did that until I already messed up.

You don't have to do it in order as I didn't and still got 100% on this game.

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Thanks for sanger!! Awsome guide!!
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Originally Posted by neeker75 View Post
Does anyone know how to get Trigger 16 to pop?

I messed up my saves and have no idea what to do now. It's the only secret achievement I'm missing, and I'm thinking getting it to pop will unlock the rest of the achievements.

I have the same problem, did you ever figure this out? I missed Trigger 16 while following this guide, and just need to know what playthrough gets this one to pop. (English translation of the achievements is: "I Sasen is a lady dog".)
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Originally Posted by PeRFeCK View Post : i got this during the cleanup and also unlocked sequence 24 at same can do playthrough 8 and change the last LT on 12 to RT on 12 and it should pop - if not, re-do all the RT mop ups
I was missing this trophy and this solution you mentioned above worked for me. Thanks a ton.
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it only took 1:20 for me
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I'm missing trigger 21 and 23 also missing tip 72 and 84 can anyone help me please.
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Thanks for the guide!
I play on a PS3
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Guide Team
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I can't figure out what I did wrong. I've got 49/50. I'm only missing this achievement:

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Never mind I figured it out. I didn't go far enough on the 11th trigger mop up.

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Originally Posted by A 0 E monkey View Post
The only thing I should add to the guide is that the ネガティブ人間ふたたび achievement didn't unlock straight away for me I just had to pick the 11th trigger autosave from the 8th run and fastforward a little more, I was too anxious to quit out and should have waited for the quick save, my fault.
I did the same, but it didn't unlocked. I tried the 12th trigger autosave and it popped

Here's a pro tip guys, if you are not sure which save file to load after your 8th playthrough/ending, be sure to lock the last 5 quick save files with the 'Y' button, so it doesn't overwrite your files (turns green if you did it correctly)
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Thank you Sangriaz!
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Late to the Japanese games but once again good job Sangriaz!
1st in the world not giving a s**t what your number of completed games is!

Originally Posted by Majinek View Post
For me this game have too many riddiculousness. This game may be great but for me it suck.
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1 hour 56 minutes on the dot thanks for an amazing guide.
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Cousin Jeffrey
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Guide worked perfectly! Thank you!!
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I'm stuck with 3 endings not working, I did have 7 out of 8 but couldn't figure out which one it was so I deleted my save file and I have the ending I couldn't originally get.

I'm getting sick of seeing the same ending regardless what story route I take. Is it just me or are some of the trigger points not working?
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I have the following 5 achievements left and aren't sure which playthrough hasn't worked properly.


I have 7/8 for endings, 98/99 for tips (I need tip number 84) and 91% completion. Any advice would be appreciated. thanks
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I have now finished the game. Thanks for the guide and thanks NekroRocker for the list of endings chart.
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Great guide as usual.

For anyone adventurous, change the game to setting B (4th option set to other option - English character B) RB will skip to the next trigger. Use Left Stick Left for what was LT and Left Stick Right for what was RT. You will see the text in the background when selecting. There is no timer.
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