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Deadsea 18
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Who ah let's stay on topic or let thread die. Someone said cannibal corpse sings about mutilated corpses true but then there's bands like pantera and death that are true emotion metal is. A serious genre depending on the band. On topic its still interesting to me cause I always thought angel of death the song made fun of halocaust victims and fun of God so for there to be 2 Christians in that band surprises me.
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Originally Posted by Gheuh2 View Post
of all thyme.
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Reading this whole thread has just made me laugh my ass off.
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Originally Posted by Opiate42 View Post
Reading this whole thread has just made me laugh my ass off.
This thread drove me to alcoholism.

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Felonious Monk
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I knew there was a reason I was avoiding this thread.

I'm going to guess the same people that take music genres such as Metal supah srs also think that no other music genres should be allowed in Rock Band.

People do realize that things like Metalocalypse exists not as a testament to the influence of Metal music but rather as a satire of the people who take it way too seriously?

I dunno. Music is music and we're allowed our guilty pleasures. It's the only excuse I can seem to find for anyone that still listens to Metallica unironically.

As for the Christianity... it doesn't really matter what someone's personal beliefs are while they're doing something else, it only helps us play armchair commentator afterwards. Jim Jones was a Christian:

And, I'm going crazy with an example here but bear with me, on the other end of the spectrum, you've got a great guy like Mike Krahulik:

Who does what he loves, dumps huge amounts of money into and organizes a charity that helps kids in ways that other charities neglect and is a driving commentator force in an industry we enjoy. His works may be violent, obscene or offensive at times, but he identifies as Christian. Even better is that he doesn't put himself on a pedestal and works alongside Jerry who has strong atheist leanings and they're able to put those life experiences and beliefs into a great, balanced collaboration.

But let's dive right into the music, too. Ever heard of Larry Norman?

He's referred to as the grandfather of Christian rock and most church-going, Bible-beating "Christians" hate him. He had a belief in his religion but also had strong belief in making music that wasn't fucking terrible. He toured with The Who and was idolized by Black Francis and it was because he was a talented musician that wasn't afraid to associate with mainstream creative types that the Christian church as a whole would psychologically excommunicate him.

Then let's talk about my favorite band, Five Iron Frenzy. While people brainwashed by the Christian Music Industrial Complex know them only as "oh right the ones with that praise song that ends with all the band members stopping their instruments and singing in unison" or "hey that one band that did that obnoxious Amy Grant cover", the reality is the rest of their catalog is something many Christian music publishers get all antsy when they hear it because instead of lyrics going on and on about how fucking great God is and how we're all not worthy, they sing about consumerism, the oppression of Native Americans by whitey, the manipulation of the Christian music industry, handling death, the frustration of the Christian church's handling of homosexuality, etc.

Heck, two of the band members recently came out that they're atheist, and one of them is rejoining the other members for a reunion album and tour.

I dunno, it just irritates me when someone makes the kneejerk reaction in regards to someone's faith. Perform well, do good by your fans, don't be an asshole and that should be the end of it.

Not all Christian musicians are Scott Stapp.
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White Wolf
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I've lost so many brain cells reading through this thread...

I was going to voice my opinion on metal music, but too many people in here cannot accept other's opinions and clear sarcasm.

So I'm outtie.

Thanks to Xerofox for the rambunctiously romantic signature.

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Death Metal Jim
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Well, this is quite an amusing thread. As for Slayer and their members, what they do in their personal life has nothing to do with what they do in their band. The band is their main source of income, so of course they're going to continue to sing about satanism and demons, because they know that shit sells. When it's all said and done, they go home to their mansions and probably have a good laugh about the whole thing.
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