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Parking Mania
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Achievement Guide and Roadmap


-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3-4/10
-Estimated time for 200: 20-25 hours
-Minimum playthroughs: 1 (level select)
-Offline: 20 (200)
-Online: 0 (0)
-Missable Achievements: 0 (level select)
-Unobtainable Achievements: 0
-Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty option
-Cheats disable achievements: No cheats
-Glitched achievements: 0 (Recent patch fixed the game)
-Extra equipment needed: Windows Phone 7/8

Parking Mania: Game Mode, Collectibles, and Miscellaneous Achievements
Game mode consists of a total of 220 Levels that get progressively harder. In every level you will need to "drive" a car/vehicle (or a number of cars/vehicles) from their starting point to their particular parking space while avoiding other parked/moving vehicles, obstacles, etc. Each level also has a certain number of collectibles in the form of coins but these are NOT required for getting 3 stars on the levels. You gain 3 stars by finishing the level with zero impacts so you must not lose any of your lives. There are some miscellaneous achievements that will be obtained in these levels as well, such as parking 15 trailers.

This is my first guide on x360a so if you have any constructive comments please post them below.


Licensed 10
Complete 10 levels

See "Parking Pro"

Master 10
Complete 40 levels

See "Parking Pro"

Parking Maniac 10
Complete 90 levels

See "Parking Pro"

Parking Pro 10
Complete 160 levels

For this achievement you only need to complete the required number of levels NOT get 3 stars. Obviously the earlier levels are easiest and so doing levels 1-160 will be the quickest way to get this. Just go slow and take your time as there is no time limit.

As you go along you should still try for 3 stars (no impacts) to help with "Overdrive" and get as many coins as you can in each level to help towards "Jackpot"

First Gear 10
Earn 3 stars on 1 level

This will most probably be your second achievement and will come after you complete level 1. You will need to park in the space without hitting any objects. Collecting the coin isn't necessary to get 3 stars.

Second Gear 10
Earn 3 stars on 5 levels

See "Overdrive"

I got this on level 5 having completed levels 1-5 with 3 stars.

Third Gear 10
Earn 3 stars on 20 levels

See "Overdrive"

I got this on level 20 having completed levels 1-20 with 3 stars.

Fourth Gear 10
Earn 3 stars on 40 levels

See "Overdrive"

I got this on level 40 having completed levels 1-40 with 3 stars.

Overdrive 10
Earn 3 stars on 90 levels

You earn 3 stars by completing a level without hitting any vehicles or obstacle so just take your time and go SLOW as there is NO time limit. ALL levels are unlocked when you start the game so you could try any of the 220 levels but naturally the earlier levels are easier. Collecting coins is not required for getting 3 stars.

Compact 10
Earn $10,000

See "Limousine" and "Top Buyer"

Sedan 10
Earn $25,000

See "Limousine" and "Top Buyer"

Sports 10
Earn $100,000

See "Limousine" and "Top Buyer"

Limousine 10
Earn $500,000

This achievement IS NOT CUMULATIVE. You will need the required amount in your "bank" in order for it to unlock so just keep collecting coins etc and DO NOT buy the extra lives from the store until you get this achievement first or it will take you much longer to unlock.

Obviously doing the later levels will get you more of a $ reward as they are harder to complete.

I have currently done 70 levels (mostly 3 stars) and have just over 320k so getting to 500k may take a while. I have also tried replaying levels but the cash does not seem to go up after a replay. Coins CAN be collected again in replays (thanks Arsenic 17)

No Claims Bonus 10
Complete a HARD level without crashing cars

The first level you can unlock this on is level 101 so go ahead and load it up from the level select menu. The level is straight forward enough and requires you to drive 4 cars from A>>B. You only need to finish the level with zero impacts so ignore coins, especially if they take you off the path indicated. Just go slow and take your time.

Just complete the level with no impacts and it should unlock. This hasn't unlocked for some so just try another level over #101.

BoxClever 10
Park 15 trailers

This will come naturally throught the course of the game but if you want it out of the way earlier just follow the following steps

1. Load up level 21 from the level select menu
2. Drive the truck to the right and hook up to the trailer
3. Drive the trailer to the "repair site". Once in the correct place the trailer will unlock from the truck.
4. Once this happens press PAUSE (top left corner) and then RESTART. It will say you will lose your progress.... IGNORE THIS.
5. Repeat steps 2-4 another 14 times and the achievement will unlock.

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