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Achievement Guide and Roadmap

(Many, many thanks to Reqqu for providing this banner to me! )


+ Estimated difficulty: 5/10
+ Offline: 47/50 - (890)
+ Online: 3/50 (110)
+ Minimum time to 1000: 30-40 Hrs
+ Minimum playthroughs needed: 1
+ Cheats affect achievements: No Cheats
+ Difficulty affects achievements: No
+ Missable achievements: Spreading the Love, This Ain't Your Daddy's Gun, Weapons Collector
+ Glitchy achievements: (Shooting Fish in a Barrel - please send some feedback!)
+ Unobtainable achievements: None

Credits: Thanks to 666priest, BIackBear, yellochip and Reqqu for sending in tips and feedback!


Omerta is a strategy game with turn-based tactical combat and is set in Atlantic City of the 1920's - the time of prohibition. The player takes control over an Italian immigrant with dreams of a Big Life in the United States so he starts establishing a little alcohol distribution and works his way up in the criminal hierarchy become the "Capo di Tutti Capi", the boss of all bosses.

The game contains a singleplayer campaign which covers twenty areas of Atlantic City where the player expands his criminal business and deals with the police and other criminals, a Sandbox mode - which is not necessary for the achievements - and a small multiplayer portion that contains cooperative and competitive modes with two modes each.

The singleplayer campaign will take roughly 30 hours to complete, depending how lucky you are with unlocking the combat achievements. Combat achievements can be unlocked/boosted in multiplayer as well, so expect approximately 10 hours for the multiplayer part.

The achievements based on the strategic layer and the gameplay itself aren't very difficult - difficulty doesn't matter. Just make sure to keep track of the unique weapons as you can't go back to completed areas, so missing one will cause a complete new playthrough.

The combat achievements tend to be a bit luck based, since they often require hitting multiple targets at once which can be become a bit frustrating when missing shots with 85% chance to hit. Anyway, combat missions can be restarted (you can't save during combat though) as often as you want so these achievements shouldn't be too hard either. Also make sure to get the "Spreading the Love"-achievement during campaign combats, as this achievement can't be boosted online.

Campaign walkthrough:

Start your campaign on Easy difficulty.
The campaign areas usually don't have a time limit (except for the last) so you should focus on building up a working economy first, no matter what the tasks tell you, since there is almost always a huge gathering task in any mission.

In the first missions you should establish at least one "Brewery" and one "Distillery" in your premises and one "Speakeasy" so you already earn some money. When there is a strong alcohol competition, try to buyout independent "Speakeasies" and use Drive-By shootings to get rid of independent "Breweries"/"Distilleries". This will help to get some money. When gathered more than 3,000 Dirty Money the best way to earn money is establishing a "Labour Union". When build, focus on getting 100 Feared and Liked Rating so your Labour Union operates at 300% efficency. You can also abandon your "Breweries" and "Speakeasies" at this point as you don't need them any longer - just use them to get started.

Later in the game when you need Clean Money you will want to establish an "Accountant". When your economy prospers it's time to tackle the mission's tasks - things will be pretty easy then.

In combat encounters you will want a good mixed setup. I usually preferred one henchman with a pistol, one with revolvers and one with a Tommy-Gun. The fourth spot depends on the map - in open areas I preferred "Wolf" with rifle and "Romeo" or "Fixit" in warehouses.

(Remember, combat encounters can be restarted as often as you want and you can change your group setup there as well.) I can't recommend melee henchmen, since the AI will focus on them and it happens quite often, that they're already panicked when reaching an oponent so they become pretty much useless.

Multiplayer and Mop Up:

The multiplayer part of Omerta just requires to win one Cooperative and one Competitive map each, as well as 25 wins overall. Get yourself a boosting partner and start with "Gang War" to gain some enemy. You can mop up any missing combat achievements here as well. When you earned some money, be sure to check the "Team Management" tab and equip your preferred henchmen with better weapons. You can also level them up by pressing in the perks tab of each henchman. When you leveled and equipped them it's time to try a coop map, "Bank Heist" is usually a bit easier, since both of you start with all four henchmen. After successfully escaping with the money head back to "Gang War" to finish the 25 wins overall and you're done.


Omerta isn't a difficult game although some, especially combat related, achievements can be a bit frustrating. Since there is no achievement that can't be obtained with a few restarts you just need to fight your way through and you should be fine.

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