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Beyond Good & Evil HD
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Beyond Good & Evil HD Achievement Guide and Road Map.


• Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
• Estimated time to 100%: 10-12 hour
• Offline: 12
• Online: 0
• Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
• Missable achievements: All achievements except Hovercraft, Project apollo and Beyond good & Evil
• Glitched achievements: None
• Cheats: None
• Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty select

Links: Animals, pearls and Physiological Accelerator locations/overview


Beyond Good & Evil was an action-adventure video game released on the Xbox, GameCube, PS2 and the PC in late 2003. It was critically acclaimed by reviewers, but sadly it didn’t sell very well. But now you have the chance to experience it all its HD glory!

I - Play through the game until you must fly the “Beluga” to the moon.
If you wish to obtain all the achievements in a single play through, I strongly recommend following this road map, as all except the story achievements are technical missable . You can of course have more than one play trough, but the collectibles isn’t hard or tedious to collect and it’s simply easier to get all the achievements in one play trough.

During your playthrough, use the Animals, pearls and Physiological Accelerator locations/overview guide. As well check out the Data manager for the Mdisks location. Play through the game until the point where you unlock the Beluga and must travel to the moon. By then, you will have one last animal to photograph. Stop here because once you land on the moon you have passed the point of no return, meaning if you didn’t collect all of the Pearls, collected all Mdisks, collected all the PA1s and took all the photographs on Earth, as well as unlocked Bounty Hunter, Gamble king 1, Gamble king 2 and Racing Champion you must have one more playthrough.

So just play through the game collecting Pearls, PA1s, Mdisks and take photos of animals until you unlock the Beluga and are ready to go to the moon.

II - Clean up.
Before you head to the moon, it’s time to collect all Pearls, PA1s and Mdisks you haven’t already gotten, as well as get any other missabel achievements you’re missing. As well take a photo of all the animals on earth. You cannot finish the game and return, doing so will result in you having to have a second play trough to get all the achievements.

III - Get the last photograph and finish the game.
Once you have all achievements except Beyond Good & Evil, travel to outer space and take the last photograph of the space whale. Once you have taken the last photo, travel to the Moon, beat the final boss and get your last Achievement.

It’s a pretty easy game to 100% and no real difficulties are involved as long as you use this guide. It’s also one of the best games from the last generation so enjoy!

Attachment 7733Racing Champion 20Attachment 7710
Score 1st in all 4 hovercraft races

After your fight with the DomZ Sea Serpent early in the game you'll be able to explore the city of Hyllis. The entrance to the first to races can be found inside the city of Hyllis. After finishing the two first races, continue on with the story, you'll eventually have to purchase the jump kit upgrade for your hovercraft at the Mammago Garage, you can now jump the laser barriers and access the Slaughterhouse Races.

For first place you will be given a price of 1000 credits and a pearl. They get progressively harder as you advance, but ultimately they’re not really difficult, and you can race as many times as you like.
Once you get first place for all four races, you will have your achievement.

Attachment 7734Bounty Hunter 20Attachment 7710
Chase down all 4 looters

After your fight with the DomZ Sea Serpent early in the game you'll be able to explore the city of Hyllis. There you will most likely come across a Looter Cavern. when you enter, a police car-looking vehicle will appear and steal 100 of you credits and attempt to escape further down the cavern. You will have to chase the looter down the cavern avoiding traps, lasers and mines until you come to an open space, where you will finish off the looter and will be awarded with credits and a pearl. If you’re having trouble with this I suggest having a boost capsule or two ready to use in trap free areas to gain ground on the looter. Note that you can fire your weapons during the chase, the looters car will catch on fire, but it doesn’t seem to slow him down. 

Looter Cavern 1: Across from the Mammago Garage you will see a large bank of sand. Travel up the sand bank until you find a half-open door. This is the first cave.

Looter Cavern 2: Near the Black Isle, you will see another sandy bank. Travel up the sand bank until you find a half-open door. This is the second cave.

Looter Cavern 3: After upgrading your hovercraft with the Jump Kit, leave the Mammago Garage, jump the laser fence and turn left. Another sandy bank should be seen, travel up the sand bank. This is the third cave.

Looter Cavern 4: After leaving the third Cavern, you should see an island off in the distance. Go there and enter the final cave. Complete the cave and earn your achievement. 

To help you find the caves, Buy the pearl detector from Ming-Tzu's shop. This adds a little pearl to your map, revealing the location of all the pearls in the game, helping you find the caverns.

Attachment 7845Big Heart 15Attachment 7710
Get 10 hearts for Jade's HP

During the game you will find or buy PA1 Units. This charges your health up by one heart.

Giving these to your partners through the inventory screen adds a heart to their health. It usually makes more sense to hog them for yourself, since you will be doing most of the fighting.

PA1 Locations.

1. Lighthouse bathroom.
2. Entrance to vorhax lair.
3. Inside the Black Isle Mines, in a Vending Machine.
4. Inside the Black Isle Mines, drop down from where you take the photo of Animal 30.
5. Buy from Nouri in the City.
6. Ming Tsu's shop.
7. Nutripills factory, the generator area in the electrical room (Knock a
mech into the electrical field to get to it)
8. Nutripills factory, in a cabinet guarded by two alpha-sections.
9. Nutripills factory, after defeating robot boss.
10. Slaughterhouse, in the North Wing, protected by 2 Alpha Section
11. Slaughterhouse, North Wing, up a mined ramp with an Alpha Section
guarding the door.
12. Slaughterhouse, East Wing, after travelling under the crate
transportation area.
13. Lunar Transmitter, in the Vending Machine.

Locations also found in my Animals, pearls and Physiological Accelerator locations/overview guide.

Attachment 7846Hovercraft 5Attachment 7710
Power up the hovercraft

Story-related. Cannot be missed.
At the start of the game enter Pey'j's workshop and play the Mdisk. Then walk out of the office, and head to the docks. Push the gigantic battery towards the electric wire hanging from the crane, after you start to push it Pey'j will run over and help you. The Hovercraft will cough to life and you will get the achievement.

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