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Old 07-31-2009, 06:15 AM   #1
NataSS Inc
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Easy way to beat Bone Cleaver II

After a ton of frustration and not being able to even get past the first half of the fight I figured, screw it. I am going to try and find a way to beat him without having to get close to him. I tryed throwing things at him and noticed he blocked every time and then followed up with his bollos.

So in the first half of the fight I went over to the ax rack and dual weilded ax'es. I gave myself some distance on him and threw one ax at him and he of course blocked it. Then I hammered the right trigger again and threw the other one. The second ax will beat the bollo throw by just a hair. He will still get the bollo off so you have to dodge it as soon as you throw the second ax. Since the rack is full of ax'es I just grabbed 2 more, rinse and repeat. Once the rack is empty you just have to run around picking them up off the floor.

By the time you hit the second half of the fight you will only have 2 ax'es to work with, so it takes twice as long. This is a true grind and takes patience. Occasionally he will block the first one and the bollo will hit the ax not giving you a hit. Just keep moving and luring him away from the axes on the ground. Roll up to them keeping your distance from him and give them a toss then roll.

I spent 3 hours trying to fight him like the guide says and couldnt even get his health down to half way in the first fight without dying.

After figuring this out I went through the entire fight without taking a single scratch from him. The only damage I took was from the lion at the very beginning.

Like i said, this way takes time but is a sure fire way to get it done the first time through.
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Old 07-31-2009, 06:23 AM   #2
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haha. i just hit him a few times then quickly rolled away. rinse and repeat and just looked out for his counter attacks. and to always be sure to hit him and wear him down quickly once he is done with his attacks. it definitely took some practice and patience, but i know when i fight him again in King mode, i'll know what to do.
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Old 08-30-2009, 07:59 PM   #3
vegetable lasagna
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where did you get that sig of Chunck doing the Shuffle?

Also, he isn't all that hard on hard diff....but he is on King. I thought. So, I just used the fire rain right at his feet....when they fire hits him he doesn't protect himself...go in and get a few shots...then keep on keepin on

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Old 10-22-2009, 09:47 AM   #4
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Wow, this is an amazing strategy. Saved me lots of frustration...I definitely recommend this to anyone having problems
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I tried this, but had better luck with using the 2 handed Uppercut move (X,Y) and rolling out/jumping. Once you get a handle on his attacks he is a cupcake.
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Old 09-05-2010, 08:45 PM   #6
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I thought I'd share my strategy of beating Bone Cleaver II on King - which I just did, after banging my head on the desk for about two hours, so here goes.

I guess I'm much too impatient for throwing axes, and I don't really like twohanders, so I went at him with dual wielding. Start by picking an axe, walk past him on the right side, stone prisoning the lion as he comes out and using two heavy slashes to shatter it. Up to this point, he should not have attacked you.

Now, I just used Black River Rage (X, X, Y, Y) as my favoured combo during the rest of stage 1. Roll towards him, hit X, X (which he will block) and then Y, Y - which he won't block anymore, because he's preparing his countermove, WHICH will usually be his stun kick, so he will eat the most damaging part of Black River Rage, which will take away a huge chunk of his health. Now either roll backwards right after hitting Y,Y if you still can - or, if he stuns you, which will happen most of the time, wait for the blue stars to disappear and IMMEDIATELY roll towards the hand he is NOT holding his weapon in, jump over the shockwave he will inflict, and get a heavy combo in. Roll backwards, rinse and repeat. He will rarely throw his .. whatchamacallit, but if he does, roll to avoid it - or if you're too close, well - hammer B. Doesn't really do much damage anyway. That way, he will go down in a few minutes.

There is no shortcut to skip stage 2 in King difficulty, but I found out that you can actually hurt him by throwing a jar at him while he is picking up his ball & chain. At the point where he is throwing away his sword, pick up the jar and throw it at him while he is juuuust turning around to attack you and his health bar is not even visible. The time frame for this seems to be really narrow, but if you get it right, you will hear him groan and when his health bar finally appears, ONE THIRD of it is already gone! I figured this out by coincidence and was able to repeat it several times. Sometimes, when you don't hit him right (but still a little), there will be still a little of his health bar gone, so experiment with the timing, it will work eventually and save you some work.

Forget the Black River Rage, it won't work as nicely anymore, and since he blocks rarely, we go all out. Go for simple heavy combos (Y, Y and maybe Y if you're lucky) - and repeat about the same tactic as before - roll towards him (always on the side he does NOT hold his weapon in!), get 2-3 heavies in and roll back the moment he does his countermove (usually a small sweep with his ball & chain). Roll, jump towards him, get another Y, Y (+ maybe Y) in, roll back, jump. His shockwave move is nasty, but can be dodged easily once you get the pattern right.

There is some luck involved in fighting him - I think I took about 30 tries before finally bringing him down, and I had really sucky and really good ones. Sometimes he doesn't really give you a break, sometimes you can whack him down with absolute ease.

Don't give up!
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Originally Posted by NataSS Inc View Post
By the time you hit the second half of the fight you will only have 2 ax'es to work with, so it takes twice as long.
3 more tricks to add :

1) Try to arrive to this fight with 2 swords, the ones from the swordsmen you fought just before, so you already have 2.

2) In the room when you save, you have a rack with 5 axes. Takes them all and throw them in the room before entering. When the fight starts, they will all be on the floor, you will see it during the cut-scene. Nice, huh ?

3) The axe trick works great, but you have to be close, I would say 5 meters. If you're too far, he will block the second as well. Too more blocks, and the axe will be destroyed.
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The Ultrafiend
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Cleaver II's second form is easier than taking a leak in a swimming pool. If you stay close & goad him into attacking by rolling in, quick striking and rolling away, he only has two attacks worth mentioning: his quick mace flick and his super duper ground smash.
When he flicks, you're too far away to get hit anyway so wait until the move's finishing, then roll in and give him a quick combo.
When he smashes, he telegraphs it from a mile away. You can easily pull a 2-3 hit heavy combo on him after that. You can pretty much just brutalise him ceaselessly with this.

First part of the fight is still a bitch though. I found that if you press X for the quick strike and hammer the right stick to dodge TOWARDS Cleaver while the animation's still going on, he misses the stun kick by going right over your head. You can scrape a heavy hit off while his back is turned & then just continue to capitalise on his mistakes. It's such a bits & pieces fight, you have to be SO patient.
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Lol, well I'm a little late to the party but I finally got around to trying out this game and this strategy works great. Doesn't take that long and it beats getting your ass kicked repeatedly before figuring this boss out enough to kill him the old fashioned way.

The uppercut method other people suggested works fine too but it's just very frustrating to get the boss's health real low only to slip up and die from one attack.
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Old 04-05-2012, 10:08 AM   #10
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This is how I destroyed him on Hard (and on King) difficulty.

I made sure that I came in, dual-wielding two weapons. I threw the first weapon (which should be an axe or a sword, doesn't matter really), he blocked it. I rolled in and hit Y three times as he was still stuck in his bolas animation. Then I quickly rolled away and either found the weapon I threw on the ground or, if I couldn't find it, I snatched one of the axes from the rack. Rinse, wash, and repeat.

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Lord Forbes
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THANK YOU!!! Finally picked this up and was stuck here. Your technique worked great! Thanks!

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Old 12-23-2012, 08:34 PM   #12
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Dual wield, throw one weapon, roll in, YYY (heavy finisher) and then rollout, collect weapon.

rinse and repeat

after tonnes of attempts (on King) and many frustrating attempt variations, this is the one that worked most reliably.

Note, like the poster above, I used the urn throwing trick at the start of stage 2 to remove 1/3 of his health.

I also found that carrying a vase/box was useful for cheap hits. Walk about and wait for Bonecleaver to start his bolas attack (the blue glow appears) and throw it. He can't block the attack and it also stops his throw (as well as damaging him).

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Indeed it is easy. Agree with you buddy...
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