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Old 02-06-2013, 04:28 AM   #1
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beat it on Legendary...only got achievement for beating it on "normal" :/

What the hell is that about?
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check every mission to see if you really have all of them on legendary.
probably missed the intro video or something.
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Shadow XBL
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I think...... if you were disconnected in the middle of any of them, then it might not count for that level.
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Old 02-10-2013, 10:24 PM   #4
Mr XBob
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Originally Posted by JustinSane View Post
check every mission to see if you really have all of them on legendary.
probably missed the intro video or something.
Where do you check if you've done them on Legendary? I remember on all the Xbox versions it showed the Legendary icon next to each level in the level select screen, but on PC this doesn't happen for me.

I finished all levels on Legendary but only unlocked normal & heroic achievements. Really frustrating
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Old 02-11-2013, 11:39 AM   #5
Tachikoma Shell
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I spent the weekend doing the whole campaign on Legendary and I didn't get a single achievement at the end except for Great Journey for finishing the last level. I didn't even get complete the game on Normal or Heroic. I'm really annoyed cause my laptop can't run this game well, it lags so much and Gravemind on Legendary was not fun at all with it. Anyway I got disconnected during two missions since GFWL was having problems all weekend but I left it on pause and once I re-connected, I carried on then or reloaded checkpoint. I tried doing those two missions last night on just Normal without no disconnecting and I did them but still no achievements... What do I do now? I have watched the intros, also watched the whole ending including Legendary and credits but nothing... Gonna try re-installing the game and recovering my GT, see if that helps somehow.

Update: Managed to get all 3 of the achievements now! Thanks to Mr XBob above messaging me back, telling me that he replayed the first level again and got his achievements, I decided to replay a whole bunch of levels (level select, no new game or profile) on Normal difficulty and still I didn't get anything but then I remembered after finishing the Arbiter level on Legendary, as it was loading the level afterwards, I got disconnected from Live. When I re-connected, it let me continue from the beginning of the level it was loading (after Arbiter) so I didn't think anything was wrong and continued my Legendary playthrough. Just earlier though I thought I'll try doing Arbiter on Normal after remembering that disconnect happening and the Warrior achievement unlocked afterwards!

I then was hoping that that was the only level I was missing for Legendary so I tried it again on Legendary, and then both Heroic and Legendary unlocked once I completed it! So if anyone is wondering if Mission Select counts towards Legendary, well yep it sure does. If this happens to anyone else, replay all the missions again that you got disconnected on, on Normal this time (just to check which one Warrior unlocks on) plus the levels before any loading screens you happened to get disconnected on too. So happy I didn't need to do Gravemind on Legendary again especially with the lag I get on my laptop. I should have made a video of it, the game is almost unplayable for me at times lol Anyway, I hope this helps

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