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Old 02-08-2013, 07:00 PM   #1
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I Love This Club Achievement Question

Hi Guys,

I was wondering what are the best ways to get this achievement, I have read a few posts about people saying but gold shiney but i am not to sure on how the whole value thing works, so if someone could elaborate with as much detail as possible, that would be grateful.

All i know so far is my current club value is 4.4 million or there abouts.

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Read this pal,

This is quite a long achievement (especially if you are new to Ultimate Team) and will require you to have A LOT of players in your club.

Every player has it's own value, which is different to it's discard value. The rough values for each player are listed below.

Bronze - 55k
Shiny Bronze - 130k
Silver - 80k
Shiny Silver - 185k
Gold - 120k
Shiny Gold - 270k

Note that if cards are of the same type, the higher rated one will be worth more. So a rare bronze card rated 64 has a higher value than one rated 63 also rare. Just bear this in mind as it helps to reduce the cost to get the achievement.

There are several methods that can be used to get to the 85 million mark:

1 - Cheapest: Buying Bronze Rare cards at 150 each.
Using this method it would require buying about 654 cards costing 98k coins.
Aim for the 63/64 if possible as they are worth the most and just continuously slap down 150 bids on everyone you see. However, when you get the achievement, you are stuck with 650 odd players that take a fair amount of time to sell.

2 - Quickest: Buying Rare Gold cards at 600/650 each.
Using this method it would require buying about 317 cards costing 190k
This method is intended for the richer people on UT that want their coins back quickly. It has the highest outlay, but you can discard all the gold cards you buy and break even, instead of waiting for them all to sell.
EDIT: As the market stands, you can easily buy rare gold cards for 600, meaning you at least get your money back if you discard them

3 - Buying Bronze packs at 400 each.
Using this method it would require buying about 425 packs costing: 170k minus the extras you can sell on the marketplaces (Healing cards etc).

In conclusion if you don't have that many coins, and don't really enjoy Ultimate Team, I would suggest opening 50 packs first for the achievement, then using method 1. However, if you intend on playing UT a fair amount I would definitely recommend saving up and buying Rare Gold cards so you can get your coins back quicker.

Also you can use the web app if you find it easier.
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Old 02-09-2013, 09:24 AM   #3
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Buy standard gold players rated 76+ for 300, you cannot fail, if you quick sell you make at least 304 coins back, but just list them for 350 start bid 400 buy it now and you will make all your money back and loads more. This way is more time consuming but you will end up with a much bigger profit. Throw in the odd gold shiny too and you will be well away.
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