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Fable: The Journey
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Old 12-29-2012, 03:54 PM   #1
Mr XBob
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EXCELLENT GAME. Ignore the hate. Give it a try.

Just got done with the story and the entire game blew me away.

Especially for Fable fans - this is one you do not want to miss. The story adds so much to the history and depth of Albion's world.

The story is told extremely well, the cutscenes and in-game dialogue are excellent. Although I love Fable 1-3, this makes the stories in those games look like they were put together by a 10 year old. It's just so much more cinematic and atmospheric.

The characters you meet along the way are great, with the perfect mix of serious chat and subtle (sometimes not-so-subtle) English humour. The voice acting is absolutely top of the line, as you should expect from a Fable title. Put that together with some great motion capture (even for the horse) and it's one hell of an experience.

Kinect works wondefully for once. I've owned it since launch and although Kinect sports and a couple of other games are decent fun for half an hour, they always have their problems. Fable: The Journey makes them look amateurish.

Lionhead (together with Rare and Microsoft) worked for months building an entire system to allow Kinect to detect and track seated players. That they put this much effort in proves how much they cared about this project. (And that so many players choose to scoff at this is highly insulting to those who worked on it).

Because you can play while seated, it's a much more comfortable and natural experience than most other Kinect games. Everything just feels right.

Out of the 15~ hours I've played (including the whole story and some arcade attempts), the controls were excellent for around 95% of that time. There were the odd moments were the aiming went a bit wonky for a few seconds but other than that, the tracking works brilliantly.

I really can't explain just how great it feels to be so powerful. To push your left arm forward, grabbing a hobbe and then flicking him off a bridge... throwing a few magic bolts at some stragglers before raising your right arm over your shoulder, throwing a shard into the air and slamming it (and its newly-spawned friends) down onto the helpless souls below. It's just perfect.

Seriously, you get so sucked into this world, you forget that you're playing a Kinect game - the Kinect sensor just disappears into the background. You don't even think about it. It just works. You feel like you are in the game.

Breathtaking, funny, gorgeous, sad, and exciting from start to finish.

I absolutely 100% recommend this to anyone who owns Kinect or loves Fable. And if you don't... well... buy Kinect. And play Fable. Fools!
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Old 01-01-2013, 12:45 PM   #2
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It was better than i thought it would be and they did a good job with the story and i liked all the back info you get. Much better than FIII's which was piss poor and felt like a 2 year old wrote it in 2 seconds.
Shame they took the predictable route towards the end of the game and it should have had a boss fight.
And they should have had more spells to add more variety to the combat sections and the first hour was a bit too slow.

I found the controls hit and miss and found the longer i played the more my shots off in the wrong direction.

But still i expected this to be a dire mess but its not, Has a few cool moments with a few let downs and anyone who has Kinect should give it a go.

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Old 02-11-2013, 11:03 PM   #3
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I've got to agree with you, this game is great! One thing to add for newcomers is to make sure you calibrate your aim when you first gain magical powers instead of using the default settings. The controls work a lot better then. Also, to add to the list of pros, this game is absolutely gorgeous. It's almost a shame that you can't just stop and admire the scenery sometimes when you're controlling your carriage.

I checked out Metacritic before I decided to buy this, and found a lot of the negative reviews to be very nitpicky. They mostly complained about this game not being in the traditional style of Fable, but it's very obviously not supposed to be. It's a Kinect game, and it knows it is and utilizes the hardware to great effect. Nothing about this game does NOT feel like Fable, though. It's still got the charm, humor, and atmosphere Fable fans have come to expect from the franchise. Like the OP, I would highly recommend this game to anyone who is on the fence about it, to all Fable fans, and to anyone who owns a Kinect and is just looking for a unique and fun experience.
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