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No matter what people say here, you CAN ABSOLUTELY get the taunts for the challenge AND the achievement during a fight. I just did my last 45 taunts in a survival mission and the fight afterwards, while they were shooting at me.

I had a chance to kill the best, but then I remebered suicide is a sin.


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Originally Posted by DerHirni View Post
No matter what people say here, you CAN ABSOLUTELY get the taunts for the challenge AND the achievement during a fight. I just did my last 45 taunts in a survival mission and the fight afterwards, while they were shooting at me.

I got the taunts during fire fights as well, weird how it's buggy and doesn't work for others..

Anyway I keep thinking it could be the taunt trait you have (maybe not but the possibility keeps playing in my head) I have the 'Westbound And Up' taunt and basically I walked up to a gang member in a fire fight taunted them getting the taunting respect appear on the right side of the screen. I then killed the guy moved onto another kept doing that.

I checked my progress from time to time to see the number of taunts increase plus the milestone marker appeared on screen as well saying I've got 20/50 or 40/50 taunts.

If it doesn't work on your game well that's too bad but still try it out nevertheless.
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Yep, can confirm indeed that even during a fight, you can taunt rival gang members. It is quite glitchy as pointed out, but it does work.

50/50 taunts even though my game is 100%. Taunted the remaining 30 odd gang members while in a fight.
Originally Posted by BiggD View Post
People are too sensitive on this forum.

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Old 07-29-2012, 04:18 PM   #64
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taunting in a firefight worked for me.... i would suggest just to try it before using the methods listed here as it saved me alot of time,
might not work in everyones games because this game is glitchy as fuck but it worked in mine....
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Old 08-12-2012, 03:56 AM   #65
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After patch, taunting does work while in a firefight. As usual it doesn't register sometimes because of the stupid AI.
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What's wrong with joining someone in co-op who hasn't completed the game yet and still has the gangs roaming the streets?

Damn I'm so depressed.
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You can taunt during firefight, it's not glitchy, here's how


For what it's worth. You CAN taunt during a firefight and there is nothing glitchy about it. The taunt doesn't register while they are shooting you, but if you walk up to them and get them to melee you, and taunt at that time, you get credit for it. It goes super quick once you realize this. Just start up a survival or anything that draws the gangs to you and go crazy.

Hope this helps anyone, I realized this last night and got all 50 taunts in about 2.5 survival missions.
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Old 02-04-2013, 08:28 AM   #68
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Yeah, you can taunt when they are shooting you, but it don't work everytime.

Personally, I just press several times "left" on the D-Pad when they are shooting me and it works (then I kill the guy, so I can do the Human Shield challenge at the same time, and also to avoid keeping alive someone I already taunted).

It seems to only work when the guy don't shoot, so it's often when he reload or after he attacked you (if he's using a melee weapon), that's why the several press of "left" on the D-Pad trick works fine. Just keep pressing "left" on the D-Pad until the taunt text is displayed, then kill the enemy to avoid taunting someone you already taunted (which won't work).

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this was definitely a major pain in the carcass after 100% completion. Fortunately I was able to find several tips on the world wide web to help my cause.
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thanks, still long winded but better than starting again.
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Old 07-20-2014, 08:51 PM   #71
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Many thanks for this tip. Worked out perfectly
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