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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 1/10
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- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheat codes
- Does difficulty affect achievements? No difficulty levels
- Extra equipment needed: Windows Phone 7/8

Collapse! is a title from GameHouse LIVE that is available for Windows Phone 7/8 devices. This color-matching block game features customizable characters, and a huge world. You can use power-ups and purchase powerful upgrades in order to bust the blocks. It features three gameplay variations such as Classic, Puzzle and Relapse mode.

The Achievements:
This is probably the easiest 200 you will ever see on the Windows Phone. All levels are re-playable by clicking on the level from the world map screen, so you can revisit any level you wish to get the achievements. Most of these are very easy and many can be gained on the first level on the world map or the first Jungle level on the world map. The only three ones that take "patience" or require you to plan them out are Buster, Big Buster, and Huge Buster. Other than that none of these really require any thought and can be gained easily even if you aren't trying to get them.

You don't need to complete the game and don't need to even play two of the three game modes that the game has. The achievements, if that is all you care about, can be done in around 20-30 minutes of play, but I called it "<1 hour" just to be safe. Feel free to complete the rest of the game anyways, it is pretty decent besides the easy achievements.

Buster 10
Remove more than 20 blocks with one move.

See "Huge Buster".

Big Buster 20
Remove more than 30 blocks with one move.

See "Huge Buster".

Huge Buster 30
Remove more than 40 blocks with one move.

The three block achievements do NOT stack, so you need to keep track of how many blocks you are going to remove with your moves. The easiest way to get these are to click the bottom center of the screen to fill up the screen with as many blocks as possible. Once you do this, strategically remove the blocks of unwanted colors. You will need to plan ahead, especially for the 40 block achievement, otherwise you won't be able to get it. The remove 40 block one is the "harder" one, but can be gained on many of the "Jungle" type levels. Do as the achievements say and remove MORE than the stated blocks and you should get them easily.

Clean Sweep 30
Remove all the blocks on the screen.

This will come with natural play. Simply clear all the blocks from the screen and it will pop. Take your time to plan out which blocks to remove, but not too long or the blocks will continue to fall.

Rainbow Sweep 30
Remove blocks of every color currently in the game in rapid succession.

This should be the first achievement you earn as you should be able to do this on Level 1. Load up any level, whether it be a Quick Game/Classic mode. Simply let a row or two of blocks build up, then tap a group (3 or more) of the three colors (red, blue, yellow) in quick succession.

Fast Sweep 30
Remove Blocks 5 times within 4 seconds.

Fairly easy to do on any level. Easiest would be loading up a Quick Game/Classic mode on Level 1. Simply tap the very bottom bar which produces several lines of blocks. Keep tapping this until you have 5 groups (3+ blocks of the same color). Once you have that, quickly tap them to remove them all within 4 seconds.

Sniper 10
Every click removes blocks.

This requires a bit of patience and has to be done on a level where the blocks come up from the bottom of the screen automatically. Just make sure that every time you tap the screen it is on a group of 3 or more blocks and you'll get it no problem. Don't tap the screen to make more blocks come or it won't count, each tap to the screen has to remove blocks as it says, not make more blocks arrive.

Close Call 20
Complete a level when blocks are in the topmost row.

This achievement is for finishing a level after the blocks have reached the top. Just load up any level, level 1 preferably and tap the very bottom bar until the entire play field is full. Once a topmost row is populated, quickly take out the big groups, and tap away until you win the level.

Single Handed 10
Complete a level without using any power-ups.

Yet another achievement you can get on the first level. Just don't click any power-ups, including bombs, and you will get this easy.

Puzzle Genius 20
Solve a Puzzle with as few clicks as possible.

The achievement doesn't specify what "as few clicks as possible" really means, but if you solve it in 4 clicks you will get the achievement. The easiest level to complete this on is the first Jungle world. Tap the tower of blocks in the following order (White, Yellow, Purple, Blue) and you will get it.

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