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Season 2 Road Map and Guide

Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 4/10
Offline: 0 (0)
Online: 24 (750)
Approximate amount of time to 1000: 2+ hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
Missable Achievements: None
Do cheats disable achievements: No cheats
Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
Glitchy Achievements: None
Unobtainable Achievements: None
Extra Equipment Needed: Kinect Sensor, Second Person


Kinect National Geographic is back with new episodes and new mini games. The new episodes which act as DLC for the first season include the same altered reality sort of mini games and National Geographic episodes featuring Brady Barr. They are definitely worth watching, but if you just feel like skipping them, you are free to do so without messing up your achievements. While the achievements are all online, that is just because you must stream the episodes, you do not need an online partner. Also, there are 8 episodes in Season 2, though only 6 of them include achievements.

Step One: Play through each episode's mini games.

This is pretty much the only thing you need to do. Every achievement is a one-off affair, and each mini game only takes a minute or so. None of the achievements actually require you to watch the episodes, but they are kind of interesting, so you might want to stick around as you prepare for the next minigame. The only thing is that you will need to play each episode to the end in order to get the achievement for completing the episode with a badge, so don't think you can just quit after getting the achievement you need.

In general, you are going to want to be closer to Kinect when playing this game, since it means that you are going to have to move less, which should allow you to rank up better scores and allow you to get most of the achievements. The only exception is the Close Encounters episode, since Greedy Guts is actually easier to pull off if you are farther away from Kinect. The guide below includes tips for each specific achievement, so if you are having trouble, consult the achievement guide.

Step Two: Mop Up

It's fairly easy to miss a bunch of these achievements. If you do manage to miss anything, whether it be because you needed a break or got disconnected, you can always skip directly to the mini game you need by fast forwarding and then quit out once you have the achievement.


In the end, the mini games do not change that much from episode to episode, just the way they are dressed up. There are a few challenges in the game, but most of them just come down to repetition.


Opposing Sides 15
In an octopus game, catch an object and place it on the opposite side (or watch someone do this).

In the episode "Jumbo Squid," you will have mini games involving catching falling objects and putting them in the appropriate spot (you will see the same item on the floor of the setting). When an object falls on the left side of the screen, instead of putting it on the same side of the screen (like you would do if you were trying to move quickly), move over to the other side of the screen and place it on the opposite side. The achievement will unlock instantly.

Shooting Starfish 30
In an octopus game, catch and match all starfish in a single game (or watch someone do this).

See "Perfect Match"

Perfect Match 50
In an octopus game with all four objects, match all objects in a game (or watch someone do this).

You can only get this achievement during the second or third mini-games of the "Jumbo Squid" episode. In this game, there are four objects, but the premise is identical to the first mini game. It is far easier to do this in the second mini game, since the third mini game features three or four objects falling at a time. In general, you are better off being closer to the Kinect, since you will be able to react faster. Not only can you not put anything in the wrong spot, but you cannot let anything drop to the bottom. Everything that falls must be put into it's proper place, though if time runs out and you have not yet caught the item, it will not count against you.

Hey, that's mine! 15
As a giant salamander, eat a big tadpole released by another player (or watch someone do this).

You will need a second person for this, or at least something that can act as a second person. A coat on a coat rack will work fine, so long as the second person can move their arms. In the second mini game of "Clash of the Giant Salamanders," you will start seeing big tadpoles. Just have one person dig up their rock pile and have the other person eat it.

Super Sally 30
As a giant salamander, eat 10 big tadpoles before roaring (or watch someone do this).

This can be done in either the second or third mini game of "Clash of the Giant Salamanders," though in the third mini game you might run out of time because just about any noise can cause a roar. As you play through the game, just make sure that anytime you see a big tadpole eat it. Once you get ten, it will pop.

Chomp Champ 50
As a giant salamander, eat 25 tadpoles in 15 secs before roaring (or watch someone do this).

This is actually pretty hard. You might get lucky and have an amazing run on the third mini game of "Clash of the Giant Salamanders," but this is actually quite a large number for the amount of time you have. But, you can make it easier. Just start the game with two players, but only have one person actually playing. This eliminates the recharge time for the rock piles and will allow you to just quickly go back to the other side when you are done. That makes it pretty easy on the third mini game. Not only that, but it is harder to build up a roar when you only have one person playing two parts.
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