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Arcadia City not so bad

Originally Posted by IXISHADOW View Post
Mission 1-4 now all done on Legendary including mission 12 which is easy lol. I tried Arcadia City on co-op 3 times in a row no luck, friend was new to the game though so I had to tell him what to do lol. Last 2 tries I did on my own. On the first one the escape shuttle thingys got destroyed with 40 seconds left because of that beam thing. But luckily I had a save and had it at 1 minute left lol. Guess what the beam didn't come and I completed it w00p. Follow the guide on here it works perfectly if your good.
I did arcadia city solo and saved both the shuttles. my strategy was to build marines and air units. clear all the towers and put marines in them, and use the air units to move where help is needed fastest, also repair the shuttles as needed and move your air units into the heals if possible, keeping your first 4 air units alive as long as possible is key in the beginning so you can clear towers and put marines in them easier. also I only had one base as I was building troops faster than I needed them, was probly a bad idea as I only got a silver medal, probably would have gotten a gold if I had did the second base objective.

I also saved adam for the 5 pt acheivement and couldn't find the skull before the shuttles left and ended the level also saved over 500 civies.

P.S. Don't forget to upgrade your marines, I don't think I upgraded the air units but it couldn't hurt lol

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Looking to finish ALL the campaign Achievements(Legendary, Skulls, Black Boxes, Mission Achievements, Par Time, Gold Medals, "OMG BFF FTW"). I'm on quite a a lot and we don't have to finish them all in one sitting.

If interested message/add Zebradamus
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Excellent guide -- worked like a charm to finish all the legendary missions. Thanks.
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Wish I looked at this sooner, i kept using all the buff skulls on Arcadia City (including boomstick) and could not figure out what I was doing wrong. Now I feel a bit dumb. Good guides.
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I'm looking to do co-op on legendary
my gt: Batt1sta

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Message me if you want to play/start a custom games in Halo 3 OR Halo Reach

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Espada Josh
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For the last mission, I fine that if you move 2 ODSTs to the left for supplies, 1 ODST to the right for the other supplies and manage your Spartans well enough, you can use them to kill the flood at the main base open the lock, then move them a little to the right and fly them across take out the flood over there and drop the scarb. Helps speed things up and guards your base from some ground attacks.
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top guide its really going to help me out with completing the halo wars achievements later
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Requiem Kata
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Great Guide, thanks
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Arcadia Outskirts is some bs
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Thank you soo much!
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great work this should rely come in handy

Oakley Sunglasses

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makota niehe
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Save, save, save; that is so key on solo- save after any major upgrade or conflict, health regeneration. OP's guide got me through what I thought was impossible. The only thing I would add that, if you are not under time constraints - take your time. In addition, make sure you are using the D-pad to jump to your bases (left) and to your units away from the bases (down).

On Arcadia City, follow the guide almost to the letter. I wasted time building a field armory though I made a save right after it was completed. After getting the unit count upgraded, recycled the armory, and waiting for the airpad to finish; I got my ass handed to me. So I went back to the save - recycled the armory immediately, built the airpad and started spamming hornets.

There are a couple keys things mentioned before so this only serves as a reminder - keep your focus on Cargo 2 and spend most of your time there, not at your base. Only go back to your base to order more hornets. You should be okay waiting to build turrets until the base is fully upgraded; also, I never leveled them up, just made them air defense turrets and they held anything off.

Last thing to address is the rendezvous point and while most everyone agrees to put it off the left wing of Cargo 2 some place, no one mention exactly where other than the area where all the Covenant air come through and I think I caught it by chance on a restart. There are three flags on the water's edge directly up from the left wing - green, yellow, and red. In all my Google searches, I never saw anyone mention the significance of these flags and their colors. What I found, draw an imaginary line from the left wing to the green flagpole and double-click Left joystick on the grassy area of that "line" to set your rally point.
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I've got a game save on Arcadia City with 45 seconds left on the timer and somewhere between 18-25 seconds I get absolutely pummeled. I've tried it around 50 times and just can't get the timer to expire before they overwhelm and destroy the last carrier.
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mission 4 legendary is SO UNBELIEVABLY UNFAIR its ridiculous, and i even have all the positive skulls on. i wanna throw my controller across the room but I'm trying not to. how are you supposed to defend even 1 transport when you have to wait a while before you can build a base and get more units, and the enemies deal such insane damage to the transports?! like what moron designer was responsible for making this mission fair and playable on legendary (i would say fire him but Ensemble doesnt exist now)? even the last mission is a cakewalk compared to this nightmare. i can't do this myself, I'm gonna need a co-op partner.

MSG me on Live!
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