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Alone in the Dark
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Old 06-25-2012, 09:59 AM   #1
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Exclamation Tips for an easier 1000G

Got this game during the 75% off DotW special, the guide really helped a lot but here are some things I learned that can help you get an easier 1000G.

- Don't bother carrying flares or glowsticks unless going for Handyman Carby, when they are needed they are provided.

- Always cover bullets in alcohol, the added powerful is very useful and alcohol is plentiful in Central Park.

- The static circles on your GPS are the Roots of Evil, you will see them in early chapters but don't worry about them until chapter 7 & 8.

- I conserved bullets many times, if you do too, don't be afraid to attatch bullets to explosives. Make sure to throw this invention far, being close to the explosion can cause a bleeding wound.

- Bandages are very useful, but when I played I had only had 2 bleeding wounds, so carrying them the whole time might not be useful.

- If you have nothing to burn an Evil Root with, you always have a car. Use a knife/screwdriver to create a gas trail or simply shoot the car, the resulting explosion burns roots of all size.

- You have the option to avoid combat when burning roots, when you run away the humanz will stop chasing you after a short distance.

- An easier and alternate spot for Eradicate (for me) is Episode 3 Sequence 2 "Down the Fissure" the third "scene" as I call it. The part with the picture of a humanz running towards the camera. Its an easy 5 kills in about a minute.

Alone in the Dark was a fun game, and I've seen it compared to Condemned: Criminal Origins. I loved Condemned and the similarities are few and far between besides the optional 1st person view. Alone in the Dark was more of a Survival Puzzle game and Condemned a Horror Combat game.

Hope this helped!
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Old 08-14-2012, 07:15 PM   #2
YhoJo Kinson
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Good advice. I'd like to add some advice too:

- Use this walkthrough for an easy, glitch-free playthrough

- Apart from the big Humanz that require explosives to kill, the rest can be killed off with a lighter and spray

- The need to save first aid spray for wounds is pointless, if you die you respawn with what you have anyways

- When you empty a first aid box or locker etc.. if you use the item e.g. first aid spray, or if you are lacking the max amount of that item, run around a bit and reopen the container, the items will have respawned - very useful!!

- Police car glove boxes contain batteries and bullets
- Blue cars contain plastic explolsives
- Yellow cars contain double sided tape
- Taxis contains first aid spray

*The above may vary for the last two cars but this is what you'll find in most of them.*

- when finished the game, reload chapter 8 to polish off the rest of the achievements

- Press RB to cycle through Gun, Lighter and Lens

- Press LB to cycle through Flashlight, Explosives, Bottles, Glowsticks etc...

*Surprisingly I found this out at the end of the game which could have saved me time when rumaging through my coat to get what I need to on many occasions get attacked to then have to repeat the process.*

I was put off from playing this game due to alot of negative feedback but it's actually very good, especially for it's time. Yes I did have some glitchy parts myself but nothing that bad that I wanted to complain about it.

If your reading this and considering getting the game, get it!! and when your done get playing Alan Wake, it's simiiar, although Alan Wake is on a totally different level and way better than this game.

I got all achievements in two days but spent about 9 hours on it.
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Thanks for the guide linke Yhojo! I started this game a couple of years back when I got my 360 and tonight I was bored so decided to start over again, these tips will surely help! Cheers members!

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Old 03-08-2013, 01:07 AM   #4
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I've probabaly got really high hopes posting here in 2013 but here I go:

I came to the forums because I started this game earlier today (440 or something so far) and left off at the fith Chapter (museum). I was reading through the achievements under the achievement guide and realised that I'd missed level 3 and 4's Evil Roots because neither the Achievement Guide nor the Walkthrough mentionned them. But then I read your tips and you're telling me not to worry about the Evil Roots until the 7th level.

Why is that ? Don't the first roots matter for the achievement or can I get them in later levels ?
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Old 05-06-2013, 04:20 PM   #5
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will have to try this...thanx
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Thanks for the guide! I've done this 1k before, but I am going to be doing it again on my newer tag.
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Great advice
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