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Fable: The Journey
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Siphon Filther
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Gamertag: Siphon Filther
Fable: the journey - Complete collectibles list (chests and scarecrows)

Fable: the journey - complete list of collectibles
This will unlock the achievement "for every chest a consequence".
There are more than 15 chests in the game, but only 15 are required to get the achievement. Most of them are not missable and you are automatically prompted to open them but for some of them you have to stop in the glowing circle to find it. When you stop in the glowing circle you値l have some easy tasks to complete (killing enemies or solving puzzles). Every chest will give you a collectible. here is a list of chests and their location.
In the rockmite cavern is on your way. Impossible to miss (Gold Coin)
In the first campsite after rockmite cave (Thornhatch) you are forced to stop there so this one is not missable. (Dog Ball)
As soon as you leave Thornhatch campsite when you'll encounter stingers. Impossible to miss (Gargoyle).
This can be missed because you have to do a choice. Travelling through Thorndeep forest, you'll get to a fork that has a road closed by a palisade on your right, while on the left the road is open. Steer your horse right, destroy the palisade and stop in the optional area afterward. (The Golden Acorn)
In the optional area on your way after you made explode every landmine. (Gnome)
While travelling through Thorndeep, towards Fergus' house you'll see an optional area. Stop by there (black dye)
Just after you secured Fergus' hens in the coop, you'll be automatically directed to it. (Crunchy Chick)
In the campsite after the second Devourer chase. (Chicken)
In an optional area, on your way after you kill the second troops of hobbes on bulls (Puppet Theatre)
In the first lava camp after the troll fight there is an optional area. You have to fight some balverines. (Baron痴 cut out)
Just before entering the forge of fire you値l stop in a camp which is not missable. The chest is there (Meat pie)
Travelling through the Moorland, after you defeated the Devourer, you値l see an optional area on the way. Stop there and you値l find a chest (Silver Key)
This is missable. To get this you have to stop by in three different optional areas along the way and hit a flitswitch three times. The third time it will open you and alternative passage on the way, follow it and stop in the incoming optional area. (Music box)
This is also missable. Again on the same road through the Moorland you値l eventually get to a fork: the road on the right is clear but the road on the left is blocked by a palisade. Go left destroying the palisade and stop at the optional area. (Crucible Trophy)
Just after you see the 鉄tone Henge you値l stop in a rest area called Hammer rest. Here you値l find a chest (Barnum痴 camera)
After you align the stones and you enter Bladebarrow, kill few rockmites. You値l be lead to it (Resurrection Phial)
In Bladebarrow, after few fights with some hollow men you値l be lead to it (The Book Of The Extremely Dead)
Travelling again across the Moorland, just after you cleaned up Honeyholms, there is a side area to explore. Dismount and fight your way to the chest (Chess Set)
In Dunecrest, not far from the previous collectible, the road split in a fork again. Take the road on the right, the one that is closed by a palisade, destroy the palisade and stop in the glowing area in your way. (The Book of Heroes)
After you cross the bridge in Poppywheel farm and you spot some scouting hobbes on bulls, a glowing area appears on your road (Saker痴 flag)
You値l be forced to stop at the Far watch stop. In the campsite there is a chest. (Painting of Theresa)
As soon as you defeat the Temptress you値l resume the game from a campsite. There is a chest in it. (Demon door)
After you witness Katlan痴 death, you値l resume the game in Katlans halt. In the campsite there is a chest. (the guild seal)
Not far from the previous collectible, after you pass the Deepgorge tunnels, you have to stop in a glowing circle. (Recruiting poster)
You値l be automatically directed to the last collectible as you fight your way to remove the blockage in Deepgorge. (a piece of the Colin)
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Siphon Filther
Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Posts: 65

Gamertag: Siphon Filther
Scarecrows location

Once you finish the first Playthrough, Arcade mode will be fully playable. Replay every chapter in Arcade mode and hit the 塗idden scarecrow. Hidden is a big word as most of them are not that difficult to spot but if you have any problem, here is a list of where you can find them.
a) Rockmites cave: on the right wall in the room just after the one in which you have to duck under the narrow passage (1\20)
b) Rockmites cave: In the next hall, in the middle of the screen, head down (2\20)
c) The Thorndeep Hobbes: In the big area where you have the possibility to strafe left and right, it痴 straight ahead of you over a platform. Pay attention because is very easy to miss. (3\20)
d) The Scratchvein Hobbes: at the very beginning, straight ahead in front of you (4\20)
e) The Scratchvein Hobbes: almost at the end of the journey with the mine cart, immediately after you値l see some hobbes shooting at you standing on the railway, is on the left side of the cave (5\20)
f) Woodseed defence: just as soon as you start running towards Seren the scarecrows is on the right side. Is easy to miss because the scene is very fast. Just be ready. (6\20)
g) Thorndeep troll: just in front of you as soon as you start the chapter (7\20)
h) The forge of fire: behind the last pillar at the end of the first hall. His head doesn稚 glow much (8\20)
i) The forge of fire: when you cross the bridge on your left (9\20)
j) The Devourer battle: when you start on the left, is very hidden but if you keep shooting in that direction you値l get it (10\20)
k) Devourer Battle: after you burned the second crystal, is on the right, almost in front of you. (11\20)
l) Miremoor Colosseum: just after you beat the champion hobbe and you値l enter the gate. Is on your right (12\20)
m) Bladebarrow: after you kill the first hollow men who is running towards you you値l spot it at your far left (13\20)
n) Bladebarrow: immediately after you run up the first set of stairs it痴 in front of you, very faaaaaaaaaaaaar away. (14\20)
o) Stonehaven: The first scarecrow is on the top of the wall that stands in front of you during the first battle. Not so easy to spot. (15\20)
p) Stonehaven: The second is even harder to spot. When you are in the internal courtyard full of explosive barrels where you have to fight a lot of hollow men, just aim at the tower on the top just in front of you. The scarecrow is there. (16\20)
q) The Temptress battle: kill the first three hobbes and it will appear in front of you. (17\20)
r) Echo Hills: in the second part of the battle, when you are inside the walls, is in front of you on the far right. (18\20)
s) Deepgorge: at the very end of the battle, just before you open the gate. is on your far left, hanging from a wall (19\20)
t) The last stand: during the first battle against balverines, is on the left side, far away in front of you. (20\20)
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Gamertag: menkaurepl
19/20 - I missed the one at the very beginning of the Stoneheaven location. Just 8 gold medals and I'm done with this game.
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