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Fable: The Journey
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Siphon Filther
Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: Warsaw, Poland
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Gamertag: Siphon Filther
Achievement Guide and Road Map

Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
Estimated time for 1000: 10-12 hours.
Minimum playthroughs: 2 (story mode and arcade mode)
Offline achievements: 50
Online achievements: 0
Missable achievements: None
Glitched achievements: None
Does difficulty affects achievement: No, the difficulty level is standard.
Extra equipment needed: yes, Kinect sensor

Welcome to Fable: the Journey, 6th title of the Fable saga, fully playable with Kinect. Overall the game is pretty easy, still requires 2 playthroughs to be completed. You can easily get most of the achievements just playing through the Story mode but you necessarily have to complete the game also in Arcade mode to get the last 7 achievements and complete the collectible list.
Through the story mode, you’ll acquire new spells and tokens to upgrade your skills. If you purchased the arcade “Fable Heroes” you’ll be also able to transfer gold among those two titles, If you have some gold spare of course. The English version of the game also supports voice command that you can use as a shortcut to select the desired spell. The localized versions don’t support this feature so you’ll be able to call the spells only performing a certain gesture.
The difficulty level is standard and the game supports an auto-save function that rewrites all your progress in a unique game file. Save points are pretty close to each other so if you realize you missed something, quickly quit the game and reload your previous save although, I must say, this game is so open and straightforward that is very unlikely that you’ll miss something without having any possibility to retrieve later what you missed. This also concerns the collectibles; unless you are a perfectionist, be aware that to unlock the collectible related achievement you don’t need to find them all. Just 15 will do.
Here in few words how you should proceed.
Playthrough 1: Story mode. Begin the Story mode as the Arcade mode is locked. Since most of the achievements in the game are about killing enemies in a certain way, I would start reading the achievement guide to have an idea about what you have to do to perform those kills and which is the best segment of the story to get that. Proceeding through the story will grant you to find the chests, the dolls and most of the kill related achievements and will unlock the arcade mode. This playthrough is the longest one and it will take you around 10 hours to be completed.
Playthrough 2: Arcade mode. Now, little by little, play through all the 14 arcade chapters. This will take more or less 4 hours taking in account that you may have to replay some chapters. Arcade chapters are basically the same combat sequences you found in Story mode. Your aim is to get the gold medal in every chapter. To do that, pay attention at the summary at the beginning of the chapter that will tell you how many points you need to achieve that. Keep in mind that your score depends on 4 factors: time needed, stylish kills performed, length of kill-streak and how much life you lost by the end of the chapter. Except for 1 or 2 chapters that might give you problems you should be able to get the gold medal easily in most of the stages. The Arcade mode can be used as a backup solution to clean up the achievements previously missed in the story mode.

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Siphon Filther
Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Posts: 65

Gamertag: Siphon Filther
Pest Control
Kill ten stingers in five seconds.

Stingers are those flying animals that look like bees. They swarm in group and from time to time you’ll be forced to face multiple swarms. Fireball is your friend here because is the easiest way to kill them: wait until they gather together and wipe them out with a single fireball. There are two locations to get this achievement pretty easily: the first one is Honeyholm farm because of the large numbers of hives you’ll find here and the second one is Miremoor coliseum (the arcade chapter): just after the initial hobbes you’ll be attacked by two swarms of stingers that you can destroy simply throwing two fireballs at them.

Hobbe Juggler
Fling a hobbe into the air twice without letting it touch the ground.

This one might be tricky if you are not much familiar with the kinect. But in general this is what you have to do:
· Hit the hobbe with the “push” spell.
· Quickly lift up your arm throwing the hobbe as high as you can;
· While the hobbe is descending from his jump, engage him with the push spell once again and pull it up once more before he touches the ground.

Kill a hobbe bomber by bouncing his own bomb back at him.

Hobbes throw all kinds of things. Just use the counter spell against an enemy that throws a bomb at you and voila, achievement unlocked.

The Whites of Their Eyes
Kill a charging balverine at the last possible moment.

Very easy achievement, you’ll probably get it without even trying. During a balverine fight, target one of them long enough to reduce it in an almost-death state. Wait until it will run towards you to attack you and hit him with a spell just a second before he touches you. He will drop dead and the achievement will pop up.

Return of the Black Knight
Use Drag to completely dismantle a hollow man.

Best location for this is Bladebarrow since almost every enemy you’ll encounter is a hollow man. Once you meet a hollow man hit it with a drag spell and pull left to destroy his right arm, drag again and pull to the right, this will dismantle its left hand. Drag for the third time and move your hand up, this will deprive the hollow man of the head. The achievement will unlock straight away.

Defeat a troll without letting it hit you.

A troll has two kinds of attacks: he can either throw rocks at you or he can cast an earthquake in your direction. Promptly dodge or cast the spell “counter” every time a rock is thrown against you and dodge the earthquakes. The attacks are pretty quick but shouldn’t be a problem for an average player. If you finish the fight with your life bar untouched you’ll get the achievement. You can get this achievement during the story mode against any troll. If for some reasons you miss it, just replay the arcade level “Thorndeep troll”.

Flame-grilled wings, anyone?

In simple words, burn a chicken alive with a fireball. There are three possible locations to get this during the story mode. The first one is in Scratchvein. While on your way to open the gate you’ll eventually fell on the bottom of a pit covered with wooden axis. After that you’ll encounter a clan of hobbes trying to grill a chicken, minding their own business. Before killing them merciless, ruin also their dinner throwing a fireball on their barbecue, burning the chicken on the grill. The second location is in Honeyholms. While fighting the first group of stinger, notice that there is a chicken on your left. Try to hit it with a fireball. The third location is the easiest. After you cross the bridge destroying the gatekeeper’s bar, a group of chicken will close you the way. Fireball them and the achievement will pop up. If for some reasons you miss these occasions you can repeat the arcade level “scratchvein hobbes” and try to hit the chicken on the grill.

Great Balls of Fire
Kill three non-flying enemies with a single Fireball spell.

The best location to get this is the temple with the clock puzzles. Many Rockmites swarm in this area and they show up in groups of 3 or 4 elements. Just cast fireball on an entire group and you’ll get it eventually. Of course the more you upgrade the fireball spell, the easier will be.

Shardly a Problem
Kill three enemies with a single Shard spell.

The third stone allows you to cast shards and, as any other spell, shard can be manipulated. This is better done on stingers since they are very weak. Just cast “shard” in the air and then use aftertouch to hit multiple enemies. You should get it in no time.

Five Billion Candle Power
Burn the Corruption from three creatures with a single Light spell.

When you’ll get the faculty to use the “light” spell, use your tokens to upgrade the push spell till level 2 at least and use it to burn the corruption out of groups of enemies. I personally got this from my cart traveling through Echo Hills; on the way, a lot of flying minions will attack you in group of 3. Wait until they gather together and then burn them with light.
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Siphon Filther
Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Posts: 65

Gamertag: Siphon Filther
Mind Your Manas
Use four different spell types to kill a single creature.

You should get this naturally during the story without even trying, but here are the specifics: is better done on a powerful enemy like a corrupted knight for example. You’ll find some close to the end of the game. A corrupted knights carries a shield with him. Hit him with “light”, and then use “drag” to take away his shield and then cast a “bolt”, a “fireball” and finish him with a “shard”. There are other ways to get this even before learning “light” as long as you have the possibility to cast 4 spells on one enemy.

Kill a creature by throwing it into lava.

Simply drag an enemy inside a pool of lava. I found particularly easy to do this in Deepgorge. On your first arrival you’ll be ambushed by few hobbes. Many of them will come from the bridge in front of you and one of them is on the top of a high structure just above the lava cauldron. Use the drag spell to push one of them into the pool of lava beneath.

Kill ten creatures with explosive barrels.

From time to time you’ll have to fight hobbes close to explosive barrels. Instead of hitting the hobbe, aim at the nearby barrel and enjoy those little rascals exploding in the air. The best location for this is when you cross Deepgorge on the 4th chapter but is also possible in many other early locations, like the Thorndeep mine for example. Kill 10 enemies in this way and you’ll get the achievement.

Kill 500 enemies.

See “Epic flail”

Epic Flail
Kill 1,000 enemies.

Simple as that: pile up a total of 1000 kills. Also the kills you get in arcade mode count, although you should be able to get this in one single playthrough in story mode. From time to time a counter will appear to inform about your current status.

Kill three enemies with thrown objects.

During your playthrough you’ll find a lot of items that can be dragged against an enemy, like boxes, crates, stones and explosive barrels. Just work an enemy in a nearly death status and finally hit him with an object you drag against him. Do this three time. You can also drag an explosive barrel towards a group of enemy and this will result in a multiple kill.

Use Counter or Push to kill 15 enemies with their own attacks.

Hobbes, Stingers and hollow men attack you throwing you many sorts of objects, like bombs, arrows, spears and stings. When they do that, use the spell “counter” to send back the object against them. Hollow men and stingers die on the spot if you reflect their spears. Repeat this 15 times and it’s yours.

Fear of Flying
Kill 20 enemies by launching them into the air and killing them before they land.

This may takes a little practice because you have to coordinate your spell with the left hand with your right hand and also the kinect sensitivity plays a role here. Anyway you have to hit an enemy with the push spell, drag it in the air and kill it before it touches the ground again. There is a sweet spot in which you can get this in no time: on your trip through the rockmites cave you’ll get to an area in which you have to drag down two pillars to prevent the rockmites from spawning. As long as you don't close the holes, the enemies respawn continuously. So just keep the holes open, wait until the mite gets close to you, drag it in the air and kill it while it's still flying. Another way to get this is to drag an enemy out of a ledge. Repeat this 20 times.

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Siphon Filther
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Gamertag: Siphon Filther
Hard Shoulder
Drag a travelling enemy to their death.

During your trip you’ll encounter many hobbes riding bulls. To get the achievement you have to use your drag spell to pull one of them off the road, better if done close to a ravine. The best location seems to be the Moorland, right after you meet Betty. Here the road has a ravine on both sides. Just drag one enemy off the road, down to the gorge.

Kill an enemy by running them over with your cart.

Simply run over an enemy with your cart. This will come naturally during the fleeing sequence In the Rockmites cave since the mites are basically waiting to be run over by your cart in the middle of the road.

Use magic to kill 30 enemies from the comfort of your cart.

Almost half of the combat sequences you’ll encounter in the story mode involve moving enemies that attack you while you are still driving the cart. In these points the game allows you to cast spell without descending. Just Kill 30 of them and you’ll get this.

Pimp My Cart
Hang any Hero Doll from your cart.

There are 12 dolls to collect in the game. The first doll, Theresa, will unlock approximately after you encounter her at the very beginning of chapter 1, the second one, Gabriel, will unlock after you complete the Story mode. The remaining 10 unlock only if you have purchased the spin-off ‘fable heroes” and they will be added automatically to your collectables list. For the achievement you just need one doll, so you’ll unlock it very easily using Theresa’s. As soon as you encounter Theresa, pause the game, go to the collectables section and choose to browse your collectibles. When you’ll get Theresa's doll description, a command will allow you to hang it to the cart. Just do so and the achievement will unlock.

Have some fun while on rails.

Extremely easy. While you are taking a ride on the mine cart in Thorndeep, wave both arms in the sky. If you miss this during the story you can get it playing the “Scratchvein Hobbes” level in arcade mode. Some people seems to have a problem to unlock this and I was one of them. For me the secret was to allign the kinect sensor a little higher, in a way that it can still see your hands when you lift up your arms.

I Used to Be an Adventurer
Remove three arrows from Seren without hurting her.

Check “why the long face?”

Happy Camper
Try out every camp activity.

There are many halts in which you’ll be prompted to stop and relax a little bit. The first one (Thornhatch halt) is just after you escape from Rockmites cave. Here there are the activities you can do.
· Calm down Seren (not needed for the achievement)
· Heal Seren
· Clean up Seren
· Open a chest
· Pick up an apple and feed Seren with it
· Fill the trough with water so your horse can drink.
You can switch among activities just leaning left or right with your body and you can perform them in any order. Once you've done all the activities available in the campsite, your achievement will pop up. If for some reason you miss one of the activities, you’ll find some more camps further in the story where you can repeat the same actions. Also the camp actions are stackable, that means that if for example you do all the activities except one (let’s assume you forgot to give an apple to Seren), in the next camp will be enough to feed her with an apple to unlock the achievement, skipping all the rest.

Why the Long Face?
Heal ten wounds on Seren.

Healing Seren will be one of your major concerns along the journey. Seren can get hurt every time she hits an obstacle in the road, stomp on a landmine or gets hit by an enemy arrow. From time to time you’ll find on your way some safe areas to take care of your horse. Do this periodically to keep your horse healthy and restore her strength. If she is hit by a splinter or an arrow, pull it out gently trying to follow the same inclination to don’t hurt the horse. To heal wounds, just pass your gauntlets over the wounds till they are fully healed.

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Siphon Filther
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Long Sustained Attacks
Fully upgrade a spell.

Any spell can be upgraded up to level three. You can upgrade spells at any time: as soon as you have some upgrade tokens, pause the game and enter the upgrade section. Be aware that upgrades are sometimes given randomly and you may be forced to upgrade other features (for example your health, or your horse) before being able to continue upgrading the spell you’ve chosen. So for example to upgrade the spell “bolt” from level 1 till level 2 you may need 5 upgrade tokens because you’ll may be forced to upgrade your horse or your health before the option to upgrade bolt till level 2 will be available. But you’ll be definitely able to get this in one single playthrough.

Purchase five upgrades.

See “hero”.

Chicken Chaser
Purchase ten upgrades.

See “hero”.

Purchase 15 upgrades.

Every time you collect experience spheres during your journey and\or you kill enemies in a stylish way, you earn experience points that eventually turn into a token. Those tokens can be used to upgrade your spells, your health, your mana, or the strength of your horse. Purchase 15 upgrades to unlock this achievement.

For Every Chest, a Consequence
Open 15 chests.

There are more than 15 chests in the game, but only 15 are required to get the achievement. Most of them are not missable and you are automatically prompted to open them but for some of them you have to stop in the glowing circle to find it. When you stop in the glowing circle you’ll have some easy tasks to complete (killing enemies or solving puzzles). Every chest will give you a collectible. For a list of chests and their location check this list.

Test Your Medal
Earn your first Medal in Arcade Mode.

Simple as that, just play one arcade chapter. Whatever medal you’ll get, unlocks this.

Heavy Medal
Earn a Bronze Medal in every Arcade Mode challenge.

See “Medal gear solid”.

Pedal to the Medal
Earn a Silver Medal in every Arcade Mode challenge.

See “Medal gear solid”.

Medal Gear Solid
Earn a Gold Medal in every Arcade Mode challenge.

This cannot be brighter. Earn a gold medal in every arcade mode challenge. The game is not so challenging from this point of view but few tips might help.
· Arcade challenges are timed. Less time it takes you to reach the end, better will be your score.
· You must be very familiar with the counter spell, since the health you save at the end of the chapter, influence the final score. In other words, try not to be hit.
· Try to perform as many stylish kills you can. Generally “Stylish kills” are those kills performed through a combination of skills, (for example, throw an enemy in the air and hit him while he is flying, or drag an enemy into a pool of lava, etc..)
· Pile up the kill streak as much as you can. If you are hit by an enemy your kill chain will go back to zero and you’ll lose a very important bonus in terms of score.
Medals are stackable so getting a gold medal in every chapter will grant you the achievement for silver and bronze as well.

No Claims Bonus
Complete The Last Stand in Arcade or Story Mode without taking any damage.

I easily got this in story mode. At the very end of the game, just before entering the Cullis gate you’ll be forced to fight some enemies. This is a large battle and you’ll be attacked by many enemies, but as long as you time your defense and you have all your attacks upgraded you shouldn’t have big problems. Finish this battle with your energy bar full and you’ll unlock this. If you fail in story mode, you can repeat the relative arcade chapter.

Off the Chain
Achieve a kill chain of 40 during Arcade Mode.

This is extremely simple to get in the Rockmite cave (first arcade chapter). You’ll encounter more than 40 enemies and their attack is so slow that you’ll kill all of them without giving them time to hurt you.

If I Only Had a Brain
Destroy all 20 Arcade Mode Scarecrows.

Once you finish the first Playthrough, Arcade mode will be fully playable. Replay every chapter in Arcade mode and hit the “hidden” scarecrow. Hidden is a big word as most of them are not that difficult to spot but if you have any problem, here is a list of where you can find them.
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Siphon Filther
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The Open Road
The Open Road

This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed. Unlock after Katlan dismount Gabriel’s cart.

Saved by the Sun

This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed. Unlocks when you are safe after the first Devourer attack.

In the Palm of Your Hand
Take care of an old friend.

This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed. Unlocks after you heal Seren with your brand new gauntlets for the first time

He’s holding out for a Hero.

This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed. Unlocks after you free Fergus.

Come face to face with a monster.

This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed. Unlocks after Seren kills the white balverine in the Woodseed defence

Off the Menu
Turn the tables on an old enemy.

This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed. Unlocks after you defeat the Devourer .

Going Underground
Leave no stone unturned.

This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed. Unlocks as soon as you leave Bladebarrow.

Alas, Poor Nodsy!
I knew him, Mugsworth.

This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed. Unlocks after you lit the Beacon on.

A Job for Life
Destroy a man's livelihood, for the greater good.

During your journey to Echo Hills you’ll meet a weirdo who will ask you to pay an expensive tool to open the barrier that close the bridge. Instead of giving him money just shot a spell at the barrier and this will explode in thousands pieces, opening your road.

Mind over Matter
Wake up.

This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed. Unlocks after the battle against the Temptress.

The Long Road Home
Catch up with the rest of the tribe.

This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed. Unlock after you meet Katlan for the second time.

Don't Stop Believing
How do we succeed? We believe.

This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed. Unlock when you complete the story mode
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I had so much trouble with Hobbe Juggler. No matter what I did, I could not fling the hobbe a second time quick enough.

I finally found a decent place to get it, though.

Not long after you cross the toll bridge (getting A Job For Life), you will have to rescue Benny the Fortune Teller. During the battle, there is a hobbe with a crossbow in a tree (he's all alone onscreen). Use push and fling him upward. Since he's up in the tree, you have plenty of time to grab him again with push and fling him again.
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Just a quick note: The arcade level to replay if you are attempting to get "Wheee!" is actually not Thorndeep Hobbes, but Scratchvein Hobbes.
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Need help with 'Shardly a problem.' Missed my chance with the Bees, and I'm having no luck in Arcade. I really don't want to replay the whole story, so someone, please help.
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Originally Posted by CelticWarriorDB View Post
Need help with 'Shardly a problem.' Missed my chance with the Bees, and I'm having no luck in Arcade. I really don't want to replay the whole story, so someone, please help.
I found a couple of different tips for this achievement over at TrueAchievements...maybe one of them will work for you?

Edit: Should've looked before replying to see you have the achievement now! Oh well, I'll leave it here incase someone else has the same problem.

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overall not a bad kinect game.. but holy fuck some serious bullshit on some of those arcade games.. especially the stonehaven one.. been doing perfect runs in around 9 minutes with no health lost and still can't hit the target score.. wtf. and why would they make the arcade dependent on time when it's a game on rails?

for those having trouble with stonehelm (finally got it) use as many different combos as possible.. most enemies, even while you pull their appendages off, can take many hits, so use bolt, fireball and the spear on each as frequently as you can. After you go up the stairs a few times and then the game dips to 'black' basically to load the next scene you should have around 630k points (I had 635k) once I finished the final section I had 1,135,000 points.. will max multiplier, never getting hit, under 9 minutes and 60+ style kills you should get over the 1.35 million points.

and why did they cast Russell Brand for this game?! =P
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Making Unpossible...

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Arcade mode definitely takes around 4 hours....and there are only 14 chapters.

Swim, bike, run.
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Missable Achievement

Though I appreciate the effort that went into this guide, it also led me to playing the game without regard for a missable achievement : Hard Shoulder

This cannot be done in Arcade. If I am wrong, would someone please clarify.

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This guide/roadmap has been copied over to the Greenbook. This means that it is unfinished/unready to be published, and anybody is welcome to sign up to finish it off!
Each guide will have a brief paragraph describing what is needed to get it done and published.

If you can, please help us get this guide published to the site, and get your name eternally imprinted on the site!

If you are the OP, this doesn't mean you can't finish it off on your own, do that and we will remove it from the Greenbook

More information on Greenbook practices can be found in the Greenbook FAQ, here.

Sign up here! Now!

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