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Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds
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Sophia Hyakato
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So, we got an update today. Here are the details for those curious.

Site Source:

From the article above.
"Once the update comes, however, the game will gain some brand new rules to Battle Ground mode (essentially the “Battle Royale” mode of the game that allows players to use their leveled characters against other players), a few features, most notably "Nightmare+" mode, and some other general fixes to the game. Keep yourselves in the loop with the full list of changes stated below:

//Added Features———
-Added Net. Version change functionality.
-The current “NAT type” is displayed on Xbox LIVE Menus.
-Added a new game mode: “Nightmare+” (Recommended for lvl 50 or higher on cooperative mode):
A lot more challenging than Nightmare mode.
No experience is rewarded in this mode. (Red Gems)
Greater coin drops.
-On the Skill Set screen, added a button func. to clear the learned character skills.

//BUG Fixes—————-
-The silver accounts were not being able to see the leader boards.
-A silver account was not being able to access the “Buy Full Game” button on the main menu.
-Improved network performance.
-Fixed a bug that clears a character’s experience points.
-Fixed a bug after a boss event that caused the game progress to stop.
-Modified the time that the Cancel Armor lasts when there is still no counter burst learned.
-Fixed the color palette combinations of bosses and NPCs.
-Fixed the Enemy A.I.
-Fixed the grabbing moves.
-Fixed an issue with the throw-able bananas of the character Kurisu.
-Modified the character Infinity’s speed attributes and made some changes in order to balance more the character in general.
-Fixed a bug with an Infinity’s special ability cut-in.
-Fixed Kurisu’s “number 4? special ability.
-Fixed a bug in Cocoa’s Special Grabbing cancel ability.
-Cocoa’s Phantom Breaker special cancel has been fixed.
-Itsuki’s EX+down+SP trajectory has been modified.
-Itsuki’s Dash+EX+SP trajectory has been modified.
-Yuzuha’s forward+SP jump modified, and her shuriken’s damage slightly increased.
-Added a invulnerable timing on Nagi’s forward+SP attack.
-Modified the condition on which Waka’s dash+EX+SP attack was executed.

//Changed Battle Ground Mode Rules———–
-Item boxes appear randomly on each stage.
-Items fall in a timely manner.
-When low on HP the Burst gauge will charge more rapidly."
Working on-
  • Borderlands:ThePre-sequel (100% )

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