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Collectibles Guide - All Datapads, Blackboxes, Posters and Nanosuit Upgrade Kits

Welcome to my Collectibles Guide for Crysis 3


Thera are total 92 Collectibles in Crysis 3. 67 Collectibles in 3 Categories (Datapad, Blackboxes and Propaganda Posters) for the Breaking the Lore Achievement.

And 25 Nanosuit Upgrade Kits for unlocked all Nanosuitmodules to maximize this for the Suited-up Achievement.

If you collect one of the 67 Collectibles is automatically saved. The Nanosuit Upgrade Kits will NOT automatically saved, for these you must play until the next Checkpoint.

If you die and start from the latest Checkpoint, the Nanosuit Upgrade Kits from this Point are lost and must be new collected.

I show you all Collectibles Mission by Mission in seperate Videos, in Order to the Missionprogress, if you follow this Video you missed no Collectible.


41 Datapads
25 The Nanosuit Upgrade Kits
20 Blackboxes
06 Propaganda Poster

For all 91 Items you earn direct 1 Achievement and support one other.

Breaking the Lore
Single Player: Retrieve all CELL Intel

Single Player: Upgrade all Nanosuit modules to Maximum level

Video Playlist:

100% Collectibles Guide


All Links open a new Window, Videos in Spoiler because with many Vids the Guide have to long loading Time.

Mission 01 - "Post-Human"

00:06 - Blackbox
00:37 - Datapad
01:12 - Datapad
01:49 - Datapad
02:23 - Datapad
02:57 - Datapad
03:26 - Datapad
04:03 - Datapad
04:51 - Blackbox

Mission 02 - "Welcome to the Jungle"

00:06 - Nanosuit Upgrades
00:23 - Propaganda Poster
01:07 - Datapad
01:48 - Nanosuit Upgrade
02:23 - Datapad
02:36 - Blackbox
03:19 - Blackbox
04:15 - Datapad
04:47 - Nanosuit Upgrade

Mission 03 - "The Root of all Evil"

00:06 - Nanosuit Upgrade
00:37 - Datapad
01:09 - Nanosuit Upgrade
01:36 - Propaganda Poster
02:00 - Blackbox
02:24 - Nanosuit Upgrade
02:42 - Blackbox
03:15 - Nanosuit Upgrade
03:46 - Blackbox
04:27 - Nanosuit Upgrade
05:09 - Nanosuit Upgrade
05:46 - Datapad
06:08 - Datapad
06:21 - Datapad

Mission 04 - "Safeties Off"

00:06 - Nanosuit Upgrade
00:36 - Datapad
01:11 - Datapad
01:21 - Datapad
01:30 - Datapad
01:44 - Datapad
01:54 - Datapad
02:05 - Propaganda Poster
02:34 - Nanosuit Upgrade
03:03 - Datapad
03:12 - Blackbox
03:53 - Nanosuit Upgrade
04:30 - Datapad
05:09 - Nanosuit Upgrade
05:32 - Blackbox
05:50 - Datapad
06:08 - Nanosuit Upgrade
06:50 - Blackbox
07:04 - Blackbox
07:38 - Datapad
08:01 - Nanosuit Upgrade
08:33 - Datapad

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mission 2 video is mission 1s duplicate.

Im only missing 1 nano suit, 2 weapon attachments.

Im missing the bayonet and the tactical shotguns extended mags
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Thanks for the guide and the time your putting into it.
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Originally Posted by DOPE BOI View Post
mission 2 video is mission 1s duplicate.
thx fixed the Mistake in the Spoilervideo

The Guide is now finish, let me know when you find a Mistake. THX!

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JuSt BLaZe
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Originally Posted by H0p3sfalL View Post
Thanks for the guide and the time your putting into it.
Same here. Always reliable when it comes to such guides!

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Thanks for the guide, I followed it completely and it was all correct. Also, thank you very much for including the nanosuit modules!
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You should think about taking the ads off of the video. Everytime I click a link for a certain part I get an ad and it's quite annoying.

I will be the first recognized gamer on x360a with 200G in Tron when it updates.
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Glad you included the module upgrades in this, I've been real stupid and missed nearly of them so will use these videos just for those lol.

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Thanks for this Guide, man. I'm definitely going to utilize it when I play through the Campaign sometime this week.

Thanks to Xerofox for the romantically rambunctious signature!

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basti memphis
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many thanks for this guide.
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Good guide. Thanks!

I got most of everything on my own during my first playthrough. Just missed 1 poster and a couple of datapads.
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Thank u

Thank u this guide helped me alot
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Cheers! I appreciate the work you put into making this excellent guide. I like the way you would pause and look around the area in the video guides so people could orientate themselves on the map in relation to the collectible.
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