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Resident Evil 4 HD
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Old 10-27-2011, 03:04 PM   #61
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Yea, it really works

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Old 01-24-2012, 06:17 AM   #62
Mother Beef
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If its your first time playing or have a bad memory, double swipe (with knife) every small white box that open as there is a snake in a few. This can be important for Professional where you kinda need your health
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Old 02-01-2012, 11:23 AM   #63
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i am in chapter 5-1. When i will get free magnum ???
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Old 02-06-2012, 10:00 AM   #64
Walking Beast
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Also on the part in the castle where the red leader and other ganados run away, once you discover them. Throw a grenade in there, (or rocket launcher if you want to waste it) and kill everyone. Each normal ganado drops a spinel and the red leader drops illuminati pendant

Rocket launcher one hit kills just about any boss. Buy as needed. If a boss has multiple forms then it will usually just kill that form. So then get it to its next form then use rocket. On this current pro run im buying rockets for all bosses and though I sacrifice some upgrades by doing so, I find it worthwhile so far. Depends on the player though since Im not new to this game at all. Usually you will get your money back for a boss kill, plus all the ammo in the boss area you never used, and saving all your own ammo as well.

The rocket launcher you find is also good to use on the dual blind claw enemies that appear in the entrance soon after

For the knights. Just shoot off thier helmets. Expose a few plagas and throw a flash grenade. Makes them very easy.

If you are completely out of ammo, go back to the merchant and try to upgrade capacity on any of your weapons. This will refill that gun

The rifle shoots through multiple targets. Use it to pick off enemies at a distance , when they charge you in a row, line it up and fire through them all

Always shoot dynamite sticks that an enemy is holding. It will detonate and kill whoever is in the area

For PRO use the knife only on krauser. He can eat a MASSIVE amount of standard weaponry. I remember it taking me 6 hours to beat him on gamecube using rocket launcher , magnums, and standard weapons. Then recently saw a video of him being beaten with a knife in seconds. I tried it on normal and it was very easy.

For this version. Make sure to get ashleys armor first, by beating seperate ways. To make pro mode much less frustrating. Since protecting ashley is the most annoying part of the game. By choosing costume 2 for leon, ashley will have the armor when she appears and be invincible. Use her as bait or to shield yourself from hits

About to get bitten or grabbed? Use quick turn immediately so the enemy grabs your back. Then hit the buttons to shake the enemy off and take no damage.

Use the shotguns knockback ability for crowd control, to your advantage.

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Old 02-12-2012, 11:28 PM   #65
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I read the entire threat, interesting tips

I can just confirm some tips (already finished this game a couple of times)
- dont buy new "max ammo" for a weapon unless u have almost zero bullets
- look really carefully for treasures, always buy the treasure maps and just walk to walls and press x (it doesnt hurt)
- save ammo on enemys by using the environment (candles in the air can drop and have the impact like its a grenade etc)
- use grenades wisely, first collect some plagas by shooting at their feets and then grenade them, or shotgun them
- save a lot and reload savepoints if u feel like u lost too much health or that u have used to many bullets

Most important one, just take ur time (on pro), NEVER rush it, use few bullets, scout everything, know the enemy weaknesses etc, exploit levels ( the charging enemys with big knives (that u have to shoot in the back)) they sometimes just turn around if u slowly walk away...

Buy, and sell smart, use the rocket launcher, 30,000 is relitavely cheap cause it saves u alot of ammo and health!!
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Old 02-23-2012, 04:00 PM   #66
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My pro strategy: Knife mastery. Whether you like it or not, this thing is essential to saving ammo and it feels good to kick ass with a knife.

Use of knife and guns on different enemy types: ALWAYS USE THE KNIFE WHEN THEY'RE ON THE GROUND! Unless they're Plagas Stage 1, they'll rape your ass.

Weaponless Ganado - The guys that love to strangle you, they have two approaches. They'll either slowly walk towards you or they'll charge at you. If they slowly walk towards you then you're fine to just stand there and ready your knife for their face, but if they charge towards you you're going to either want to switch to a handgun real fast to slow them down (thus allowing you to run up and knife them in the face) or move out of their charge and try to go in for a quick knife. The problem with this is that they're a lot more aggressive towards grabbing you if you dodge them, so getting close may cause you to get caught anyways.

Ganado carrying Pitchfork - This Ganado has one main attack, he'll wind back the pitchfork and charge towards your direction trying to stab you. Alternatively there's a rarely used move where he'll stand still and poke forward, but this won't typically happen in large open areas. To deal with this Ganado, walk forward until he winds back and then back up consistently through his attack animation. He will miss you every time, once his pitchfork is thrust forward, run towards him and pull out the knife, hitting in the face to blind him. Proceed by kicking him and this will remove the pitchfork from his grasp.

Ganado carrying axe/one-handed scythe/knife/etc. - These Ganados are pains, specifically when trying to run by them. Sometimes they miss and sometimes they'll wind about and smack you from behind. It's possible to use the same strategy as the pitchfork guy but sometimes they move too quickly and will hit you anyways. What I do is I rely on the handgun for this portion, one shot to their head and a kick is all I need to take care of these punks.

For the Ganado that constantly throw weapons at you, focus on shooting them in the face or shooting the weapon out of the air. Sometimes they only get one toss and they'll be defenseless, but others have constantly respawning weapons to throw. Be wary of these guys.

Ganado carrying crossbow - Long distance shooters, they only fire two arrows at a time before reloading. Find cover once they fire and rush towards them. Now they'll either aim at you or start to move away to get some distance. Regardless, once you're next to them knife them (doesn't matter where, just to prevent them running or their aiming animation). Now you can either focus on knifing them to death as they stand or knife them in the face and kick em. A quick note: THESE GANADO HAVE LESS HEALTH THAN OTHERS, WHICH MEANS LESS KNIFE SWINGS TO KILL!

Dr. Salvador and other Chainsaw carrying Ganado - These guys are pains in the ass, a simple knife to the eyes doesn't usually stun them and getting close to them is extremely risky due to the fact that you could lose your head at any moment. So what you need to do is rely on your handgun to blind him for a kick or your shotgun to quickly knock him to the ground. Once he's grounded, knife the hell out of him. He takes awhile to stand up so you can get quite a few knife swings into him. Use the gun of choice again to lead to him being grounded once more, rinse and repeat until dead.

Ganado carrying Dynamite - Handgun, always. These guys are easy to deal with and shooting the dynamite midair is relatively simple to do. Just usually aim for their heads and the dynamite will end up in your gunfire, thus hopefully killing that Ganado and any nearby.

Ganado carrying Mace weapons - I have no idea what they're called...but the spiked ball on the chain, these guys are a pain in the ass. Handgun to the face plus a kick or handgun to the knee-cap and a suplex is all I can tell ya. Trying to dodge their weapon is pretty annoying ~_~

Ganado carrying Scythes - These guys love to toss these things, you can either shoot them in the head before they toss it...or shoot it out of the air before it hits you. If you're lucky you can get it caught up on a wall or you might be able to dodge it...but I typically just shoot them out of the air. Once they throw it, they don't have anything else so have at em.

Las Plagas Stage 1 - These guys and knifes...possible but annoying. That whip attack is a bitch and really painful on Professional, so handgun + kick is usually what I do. If I need to get rid of them fast it's switch to the shotgun or flash grenades, but as far as knifing these guys I'd say avoid it.

Las Plagas Stage 2 - Their instant decap attack is annoying as shit, just do what you did for the last guy. You might try knifing it on the ground however if you wish.

Las Plagas Stage 3 - Same as before, once the Plagas pops off you can knife it if you wish or shoot it with a handgun/shotgun to get rid of it fast. Alternatively you can run around until it dies on its own (I think it's like 30 seconds before that happens).

Dog thingies - ;>_> I can't really remember the name...I just use a sniper rifle or shotgun, here's where I say "fuck it" to knife killing. It's possible, I did it before on my no damage + knife run back on the gamecube but I'm so rusty since then that I'd rather just blow them away with a gun.

Suits of Armor - Can be knifed, specifically when they use the attack where they pull back very slowly and strike into the ground. But to me it's faster to fire one shotgun blast into their helmet a piece, have all the suits wandering around with the Plagas out then throw a flash grenade. Kills them all instantly.

Bug thingies - Nofistadores or whatever...Shotgun these pieces of crap or headshot them with the sniper rifle before they can get to you. Strangely shooting the flying ones while in the air typically results in a one hit kill...

Garrador - Beatable with knife but easy with a sniper rifle. Just walk around, wait for a chance to shoot the spot...and if you're lucky you can get a second and even third shot off if he keeps spinning in the right direction. Doesn't take long to kill them.

Verdugo - Takes a long ass time with the knife, but when I did do it it's pretty much spending 30 minutes killing this effin thing with knife strikes. You get it caught up in an animation where it will always fail's just too lengthy. First time he pops out, freeze his ass and fire a rocket at him...done and done. You get a free rocket launcher earlier in the game (it's in a display case beyond a locked gate, you can raise a bridge in this room...yadda yadda), so use that on him once he's frozen.

JJ - Sniper rifle to the face. Very easy.

Ugly guys with large hammer and armor - Sniper to the face or shotgun to the face, they're pains in the ass if they hit you.

Eh, that's all I have for now. A few other things:

Suit of Armor Ashley - MUST HAVE. She's an instant grounder for any Ganado who wants to try and pick her up, which means you can run up and knife the idiot killing him before he even gets a chance to stand up. Just leave her out in the open, deal with anybody who isn't going after her and then knife the fools that did try and capture her. She works as a great distraction for El Gigante in 2-3 as well, if you go on that path. He'll pick her up and try to squash her with no success. As soon as the fight started, I let him grab her and I ran up and knifed him nonstop until he popped out the Plagas...did the little cut manuever, then ran around avoiding him until he was interested in Ashley again. Rinse-repeat, after the second cut I blinded him with a flash and he was interested in ashley, I slashed him up and then shot the plagas a couple times with the handgun for an easy victory. Jumping up ontop of him to try and cut him a third time led to my death on a previous attempt, he grabbed me from his back and slammed me down. So shoot on the last thing to avoid that.

Rocket Launcher for the following bosses - El Gigante 1, Chief Mendez (weaken him until he splits in half, then shoot him with the rocket), Verdugo (freeze then blast), Salazar (wound the big headed Verdugo until Salazar shows up, then fire the rocket) and MAYBE U3 (only after you and it are in the wide open area). I wouldn't recommend using it on Saddler because all it did for me was down him, so just shoot the eyes and use the special launcher at the end. Of course knife the crap out of Krauser...Dos gigante fight just burn one of them and blast the other with your weapons (you can get a rocket launcher if you want...).

Ladders and doors. Use em...keep knifing the people who climb up the ladders until they all die and doors can be used to sometimes force a guy onto his knees (leading to either a kick or suplex, depending on where you are in the game). Plus...if you wait until they open a door you can run up and knife a guy in the face or use the shotgun on all of them as they stand there.

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Extra post simply for Ashley in the Suit of Armor - she is virtually IMPOSSIBLE TO KILL. Explosions, knifes, any type of can set her beneath a boulder trap and shoot out the stick, she'll simply be pushed to the side with no damage. You can light her on fire, you can leave her in the room with the drill machine and SHE'LL STILL SURVIVE. That armor = God mode for her. Nothing can kill her, you don't even have to do the button mashing in her sequence with the suits of armor that try to kill you. Just let them hit! No damage. You can even put her up on the hill that the truck is driving down on 2-3, shoot the truck and have it crash right into her...she'll be A-okay.

I'm on my Professional run right now, I tested out a lot of methods back on the Wii but with every possible death method I can think of. Last thing I'm going to be able to try is the wrecking ball in chapter 5 but otherwise she's invincible to any possible death. Fun to screw around with trying to kill Ashley =P

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I didn't waste money on the treasure maps. I just searched every room and building. I had enough money to fully upgrade the Red 9, Rifle, Broken Butterfly, and Striker. I didn't upgrade any of the other guns at all. I purchased rocket launchers for every boss fight. I also had enough money for the XL case.
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Mine thrower ammo farming!!

Buy the Mine thrower or and keep in your inventory! Selling its ammo is great way to get easy money! Don't buy treasure maps...waste of money, If you played the game before, then you should remember If not, then nne are really hidden anyways!
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i player wiyout sny tips.

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Warpath Wolf
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Do you actually keep your money and weapons after finishing the story on normal for the hard playthrough?

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Originally Posted by Warpath Wolf View Post
Do you actually keep your money and weapons after finishing the story on normal for the hard playthrough?
Originally Posted by JuSt BLaZe View Post

New Game +:

When you beat the game you are able to keep all of your remaining weapons and items. Start a new game with the "cleared game" feature and buy that Infinite Launcher! You can only use the New Game+ feature on the difficulty that you have completed.

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Old 12-04-2012, 11:21 PM   #73
A Hooded Psycho
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Cheers for the tips. I just bought the game so they will come in handy.
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Nice tips guys thanks. I'm just gonna confirm again that the crow farming does not work, the groups do not respawn.

Nice tip about using Flash Grenades on them though, I did not know those worked.

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Mr Granstaff
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I saw in the earlier posts that starting this game on Easy is not wise due to "missing large sections." Does this affect some of the story-related achievements then? Actually, does this make other achievements missable as well?
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You have to play on Normal to unlock Professional, so it'll take 3 runs to complete the game if you start on Easy.
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Old 09-14-2014, 06:09 AM   #77
FF Summoner Yuna
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Thanks for the nice gallery target practice shooting mini game videos ! I could never do these in the original GameCube version I played a while back. I am sure with these helpful videos and guide my luck and capability on that mini game will change a bit. Maybe now I will be able to finally nail the target points I need to complete every target practice course finally. So I can get the achievement related to it or so.
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