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Fight Night 3
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Thumbs up Tips for an easier time getting achievements

This is my first "guide" so to speak, and rather than focusing on the direct actions it takes to get the end goal of the 1000gs that accompany this game, I came up with this list to help package together a slew of various tips that will make your drudgery through this game a lot more accommodating to your time during this ancient, dated game.

So, if you're here in this forum, good choice picking this game for achievements. It's easy, but fairly monotonous.

If you already read through the various guides and tips online on how to master this game and get all 8 achievements, here are some more that are collected in one place for an easier reference. The game is a little difficult to navigate and can be confusing to try to unlock everything, so that is why I made this "tip guide", so to speak.


Achievement Tips!

The general premise: For all of Fight Night Round 3's achievements, you will need to fight and win all of the corresponding sponsorship fights in the game. There are a total of 8 to do, and once you unlock the first, the rest go by a lot quicker.

This means that you cannot lose during the campaign in order to get invited to these fights. Winning fights is always supremely easy if you spam the dirty moves, particularly the uppercut and headbutts, early on. Later, you'll need to purchase the kick to the groin for about 300 dollars. It does less damage, but is a lot quicker than the other moves.

In short: Only use illegal hits, basically. You'll need to win about 40 fights to complete the game for 8/8 achievements.

Important: Before you go anything, go to the Options menu and change the difficulty to easy, turn off illegal hits, and, last but not least, turn off autosave. For any other options, change the other settings as you see fit. I would recommend putting it on 3 rounds just for time. You could also try control scheme 3 if you have difficulties with the game's default control.

• Start a new career and, again, for time, just select a boxer already in the game. I would suggest picking Hopkins or Ali.
• For starting stats, you don't have much to do here, so just focus on strength, heart, stamina, and speed. Do whatever for the rest.
• Now, you're finally ready to fight. Sign the contracts for fights that add popularity first and foremost. Bonuses like extra money won't matter as much going through as the popularity.
• Sign for contracts against the people with the least impressive win/loss ratio and lowest amount of KOs.
• Each week before a fight you need to train. For most of the game, just use the free trainer and focus directly on strength by lifting weights.
• Fight! And by "fight", I mean, uppercut and headbutt your opponent to total knockout oblivion. It's undeniably easy to get in these illegal hits, and you can use them without fear of being disqualified.
• Once you lower a boxer's health meter, you need to knock him down. While he's on the way down, kick him while he's down. Quite literally, continue pounding on him with illegal hits.
• Eventually you'll knock him down. When you get good at it in a routine, you won't even get past round 1 before you knock him out.
• Most guys get up twice, some guys can get up a third time, but not a lot of the time.
• All and all, you should be able to train, fight, and get through load screens within ~3 minutes per fight. Give or take some minutes there.
• Keep signing up for contracts, and training. After each fight, if you feel worried about how you'll do, go into the Options menu and save your profile. If you turned off autosave, even if you lose an important fight, you can reload your old save and try again.
• About halfway through, you'll notice the boxers getting a bit harder. You will need to start using all of that money you saved up on better gear. Again, focus on power, speed, stamina, and heart as primary bonuses to your boxing equipment.
• If you feel like your uppercuts are taking too long and you're getting beaten pretty good, it's time you buy the illegal kick. This is a very fast maneuver that you can lay into the quickest fighters you'll meet. You'll need to do it a lot more, but you can usually corner them and keep gunning down the dirty hit button.

Follow these tips and you'll get the game beaten without much work at all! Watch a movie, listen to music, or some podcasts while you do this and you'll find it to be really formulaic and very easy, if not just a little bit time-consuming

Final tip: Always illegal hit, corner, save often, train in power, stamina, speed, and heart.

I am not great at this game, not at all, and I was able to get 8/8 within 5 hours of work.

Hopefully this guide helps people who are still unsure about how to do some things in the game, as many guides and posts about this game are still a little illusive and hard to understand.

If this guide helps, I'll surely make more for other games.

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