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Shadows of the Damned Guide and Roadmap

Rights of use:
This guide is for the use of or the sister site for ps3(with credit) and may not otherwise be used without the permission of the Author (h4mm32) or Website Admin.

Shadows Of The Damned

  • xxthegodofwarx
  • Aruwal

Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
Offline: 50 [1000]
Online: 0 [0]
Approximate time: 12-16 hours
Minimum number of play-throughs needed: 3 (Difficulty does not stack, Easy first for "High in Las Vegas")
Missable achievements: 17: See Missable Achievements in roadmap below
Does difficulty affect Achievements?: Yes
Unobtainable/glitched achievements?: No
Extra equipment needed?: No
Is there DLC? No


Another title from Suda 51, The writer/designer of Lollipop Chainsaw as well as No More Heroes And Shinji Mikami of the Resident Evil games.. Warning (or ++): This game has extensive sexual connotations and themes as well as brief scenes of nudity, if that bothers you avoid this game it is very proverbially interactive. Otherwise continue on in playing a mediocre Comedy Shooter title. Much of the jokes are akin to 80's action flicks and cut scenes are not skippable accounting for much of your time played and will start to feel like a grind on your third playthrough if not your second.

Missable Achievements:

I have listed below what achievements you should aim for on the first playthrough, as well as a possible order in which you're likely to get them. The Skullcussioner/shotgun should be used primarily for bosses, when you have completed the Dentist/SMG kills between chapters, or for your second playthrough.
  • Nasty Headache :1 * restart the checkpoint/die if necessary, you have 3 playthroughs to do it
  • Blood on The Dance Floor :1
  • Drunk in Public :1
  • Stingy Bastard :1
  • Fire in the Hole! :1
  • Trash 'em while they're out! :1 (you may or may not get this one your first playthrough depending on luck)
  • The Puppeteer :1 (may also be easier on hard, as demons have more HP)
  • The Talkative One :1
  • That's So Hot! :1
  • Fiesta Callente! :1
  • A Hole in your Head :1 * restart the checkpoint/die if necessary, you have 3 playthroughs to do it
  • The Orthodontist :1
  • Orthodontic Pleasure :1
  • High in Las Vegas :1 You will need to buy 41/42 Red gems from the store (available in 2-3).
  • Meatballs Lover :1/2
  • Skullblaster Master :1/2
  • Now that's a Big Fuckin' Gun :1/2


Follow This Guide through your Lemon hunter/Easy playthrough/Playthrough 1

Start on easy(Lemon Hunter) you will be aiming to get all the playthrough one achievements listed in the list above. Farm white gems, with which to buy red gems, at the 3 spots listed below with severe precedence to the TWO 999 Spots so that you can get High in Las Vegas on your easy playthrough, red gems raise in cost per difficulty (45/75/120), Normal is still obtainable but more difficult requiring heavy stomping farms, and hard is almost impossible.

You will unlock 33 achievements based off the story alone and its three difficulties. Using the Missable achievements list above, and their descriptions below, you will unlock the other 17.

There are 2 good spots to farm white gems where you can get to 999 rather quickly and efficiently and 1 more not so great spot but a good early start.

firstly in chapter 2-1 just after red gem #4 and during #5 getting the strawberry you will be instructed to light shot a goat head to stop demons from spawning, if you don't shoot the head they will crawl over the fence allowing you to just continually shoot off legs and stomp enemies for white gems.

The second spot is at 3-2 Red gem #15 you will follow the story into the lake and will be forced to chase an object in the water, if you forego this and move left from the initial broken bridge towards gem #15 you can farm demons continuously. I found it best to Light shot stun them and perform finishers by hitting which will also allow you to get the Trash 'em while they're out achievement with strong likelihood, as long as you don't continue to the right of the bridge they will continue to spawn.

The third spot would be at 4-3 red gem #22. Right after you cross the bookshelf you will fight a few ground crawlers and then be ambushed by an armored form of the shadow portal monsters you fought in the swamps. Whenever they attack if you just backup or evade roll they will miss and then Jump quickly backwards, if you hit them with the light shot stun WHILE they are jumping backwards you will knock them down. Immediately continue over to them and start stomping them using the as long as you continue to stomp them they will produce white gems allowing you to cap at 999 again. Rarely it won't let you collect gems whilst stomping just stop stomping and knock him down again and it should work. Video can be seen Here in xxthegodofwarx's post

After easy finish up by playing normal and hard, order doesn't matter, while working on the Skull/shotgun kills and any other kill related achievements you may have missed. See Legion Hunter for any hard playthrough tips.

Twelve Feet Under 15
Story Progression in Act 5 - Chapter 1 (any difficulty setting)

Story Related, Can't be missed

Different Perspectives 15
Story Progression in Act 5 - Chapter 2 (any difficulty setting)

Story Related, Can't be missed

The Castle of Hassle 15
Story Progression in Act 5 - Chapter 3 (any difficulty setting)

Story Related, Can't be missed

Great Demon World Forest 15
Story Progression in Act 4 - Chapter 4 (any difficulty setting)

Story Related, Can't be missed

Suburban Nightmares 15
Story Progression in Act 4 - Chapter 5 (any difficulty setting)

Story Related, Can't be missed

Justine For All 15
Story Progression in Act 4 - Chapter 6 (any difficulty setting)

Story Related, Can't be missed
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