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Golden Fantasia X
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Golden Fantasia X Road Map / Achievement Guide

Golden Fantasia X Road Map
-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
-Offline 45 (905)
-Online 5 (95)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 25+ Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs: 26 arcade playthroughs
-Number of missable achievements 0
-Glitched achievements 0
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? N/A
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No

Welcome to the Golden Fantasia X Roadmap! This game is a tag team fighting game spinoff from the wildly popular murder mystery Japanese visual novel, “Umineko no Naku Koro ni.” It is assumed that every special ending takes place in a “What if?” scenario that is non-cannon from the original Umineko storyline. In order to earn all achievements in Golden Fantasia X, it will be required by the player to complete story mode 26 times with specific character pairings to view all endings, fight 51 online battles, and win a match where the player completes a combination attack that deals at least 5000 damage.

Important things to know about the game include:

X is light attack
A is medium attack
B is heavy attack
Y is swap teammates
LB is to activate “Meta-world”

The game’s default difficulty setting is “Normal” and can be changed to “Easy” for achievement purposes.

Basic understanding of fighting stick direction guidance is required to use this roadmap / achievement list.

There are three miscellaneous achievements that unlock when starting arcade and traning mode for the first time, and executing 50 meta-special attacks over all games.

Arcade Mode Achievements:

The Arcade Mode achievements are what will take up a majority of your time and are based on completing the arcade mode with specific pairings of characters. After all endings have been viewed, two additional achievements for viewing all CGs and special endings will unlock along with the final ending. Character order do not matter in regards to achievements. The pairings required for achievements are as follows:

Battler / Kanon
Battler / Rosa
Battler / Beatrice
Battler / Lucifer
Battler / Shannon
Battler / Ange
Battler / Ronove
Beatrice / Virgilia
Beatrice / Rosa
Beatrice / Ronove
Beatrice / Lucifer
Beatrice / Eva Beatrice
Ange / Lucifer
Ange / Eva Beatrice
Ange / Virgilia
Lucifer / Siesta410
Lucifer / Kanon
Jessica /Shannon
Jessica / Kanon
George / Jessica
George / Shannon
Eva Beatrice / Ronove
Eva Beatrice / Siesta410
Virgilia / Ronove
Virgilia / Siesta410
Shannon / Kanon

Meta-Special Achievements:

Meta-Special Moves are the coup de grace special moves that each character has. All Meta- Special moves require at least one full special bar and must be the final attack of the round. This game has a unique twist on the accrual of special gauge; the special gauge is filled for the inactive character when the active character is hit and deals damage, as opposed to traditional fighters in which the active character gains special. Once the desired character has at least one full bar, conduct a partner switch with the Y button, and then activate, “Meta-world mode” by pressing the LB button. The background should to temporarily convert to a darker version of the stage.

During this time frame, the player must finish off the opponent with the Meta-Special. Every character’s (with the exception of Beatrice) Meta-Super is done with a half circle + strong attack, or 6541236+B when facing right. Beatrice requires that the half circle + strong attack be accomplished twice within the meta-world time frame.

With the exception of Eva-Beatrice (which is a grapple attack) and George, (which is a counter-attack) all Meta-Supers are direct damage attacks.

If the opponent KO’s during the attack, the achievement will unlock before the character select screen. If for some reason the opponent does not KO and the background reverts to the standard, the gauge right below the timer will change from dull to bright red when the Meta-world will be available again to activate.

Finish a match with each character’s Meta-Special once to unlock all Meta-Special achievements.

Online Achievements:
There are 5 online achievements that require playing one player match, 50 ranked matches, earning 10 consecutive ranked wins and defeating a person with at least a 10 win streak.

Unfortunately for achievement hunters, the game has a system designed to discourage boosting. Consecutive wins against the same player in ranked do not count towards the player’s win tally, becoming a deterrent to players working towards 50 ranked wins.

There are three ways to combat this. One would be to wait out the system if the player only has one other partner, which times out every 24 hours. The second method would be to find at least 6 players to participate in ranked win boosting. If a player cycles matches after every 5th person, it fools the anti-cheat system and allows proper win tally accumulation. The third and best option also circumvents the anti-cheat system. To execute this final option, it simply requires both players to quit DIRECTLY to the dashboard from the ranked match results screen. (By pressing the guide button, then Y to dashboard.) This prevents the counter from activating and allows the same two players to match up again.

The “Damage over 5000” achievement:
Possibly the most difficult achievement of the list. Skill is required to construct and execute a chain of hits long enough to accumulate 5000 points of damage. This is best if done in a player match against a second controller. More information on this can be found on the achievement guide.

Despite the online anti-boost system and the heavily skill based damage achievement; the achievement list for this game is fairly straightforward. Any player with basic fighting game ability will quickly adapt to the unique system and unlock at least 880 of the maximum 1000 points when playing solo.

Several achievement images and 5k damage achievement references provided by and credited to smrnov.

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